Scanning Problems – Troubleshooting Tips For HP Scanners

After physically connecting your HP scanner and installing some software, your computer recognises that scanner in ‘Device Manager’ but an HP software fails to connect to that scanner. Try installing that hardware first before installing that HP Scan software. You can try unplugging that device from a USB port, then uninstalling that software from add or remove programs in control panel.

After that software and device is unplugged go to control panel again and this time select device manager. Once in device manager highlight and right click to delete that scanner from device manager. Plug back in that scanner via USB and Windows should detect that scanner again.

It should prompt you for a driver CD. Insert that CD-ROM and then select a CD-ROM check box. Click on Next and those drivers will install.

Scanning Problems

That HP scanning software installation should begin after those drivers are installed. Go ahead and install that HP scanning software. Hopefully, that scanner will work this time.

Check out these hp document scanners instructions, plus some other troubleshooting steps.

Endpoint Software – How to Install Endpoint JDB Patches

Having problems installing Symantec Endpoint patches? Symantec Endpoint definition patches come in a form of files with the .jdb extension. When using Symantec’s live update feature which will not install those Endpoint updates successfully, then you can try to install them manually.

You can view some instructions that will quickly show you how to manually install those definition patches. In the Symantec Endpoint console, verify that LiveUpdate is configured to download the security patches to your management server. In the “Content Types to Download” dialog box, make sure that “Client” security patches is checked.

You can run a report to find out which release is installed on your client computers. You would run a “Protection Content Versions” report. Verify that the LiveUpdate “Settings” policy is configured to download the patches to your Symantec Endpoint clients.

In the LiveUpdate “Settings” policy, under “Windows Settings”, click on “Advanced Settings”. Make sure that “Download” security patches to fix any vulnerabilities” in the latest version of the Symantec Endpoint Protection client is checked.

When notified by Symantec Endpoint, you will need to restart your client computers.

Hal Dll is Missing or Corrupt – How to Fix Hal.dll Problem

Today, I will be showing you potential solutions to a Microsoft Windows “hal dll is missing or corrupt” error message. Make sure that a boot order in a BIOS is correct meaning that for now make sure not to include any slave hard drive(s) in that BIOS. Only your hard drive that is getting that hal error should be enabled and listed in a BIOS.

If that’s not a solution can you try some following instructions:

1. Start your computer by using your Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 CD-ROM. Press any key to boot from that CD.
2. After those setup files are finished loading press R to repair using Recovery Console.
3. When you are in a recovery console, select an installation to log on to (usually number 1), and then press ENTER.
4. Login to an Administrator account by typing that password for this account, and then press ENTER.
5. At a recovery console command prompt, type a following command without those quotes, and then press ENTER: “expand d:i386ntoskrnl.ex_ c:Windowssystem32ntoskrnl.exe”
6. If you receive a prompt to overwrite that file, press Y.
7. Type exit, and press ENTER at a command prompt.

HAL DLL is Missing or Corrupt

Reboot that computer and see if that fixed your issue. If not, try to start that computer by using a Recovery Console as described above, and then run a chkdsk /r command. Reboot that computer and hopefully that will fix your problem.

IE Window – How to Get Internet Explorer Out of Full Screen Mode

If your using Microsoft Internet Explorer, when all of a sudden your status bar, a title bar, and Windows task bar disappear you may have accidentally enabled Internet Explorer full screen mode. You may have accidentally hit your F11 key on your keyboard. This key will turn on Internet Explorer Full screen mode which turns off a Status Bar, a Title Bar, Windows Task Bar, and then compresses all remaining toolbars into one slim row.

If your having this problem try hitting an F11 key to turn off full screen mode. You can easily toggle on or off Internet Explorer full screen mode by pressing your F11 key.

IE Window

Bios Locked – How to Unlock The BIOS on Your Toshiba Laptop

How to unlock a BIOS on a Toshiba laptop. Right after you hit a power button on your laptop press an F2 key. This should make that computer enter a BIOS.

If not, try pressing an ESC key while powering on that laptop then hit an F1 key. Once in a BIOS look for a menu called “Security” or “Advanced”. In this correct menu look for a “supervisor” or “security” password.

There will be an option to “Disable” that password. If you are prompted for a “BIOS” password after attempting those keystrokes above, then try power cycling that computer and pressing a left “SHIFT” key as that computer is powering on. This should bypass a BIOS password prompt.

BIOS Locked

If you still cannot bypass that first password screen please try entering in “Toshiba” without quotes with a capital T. Please only try entering that password once. If it doesn’t work don’t try it again as some Laptop BIOS’s will lock you out completely after three failed password attempts.

This procedure was originally for a Toshiba model #PSAA5U laptop. These instructions can be applied towards other Toshiba laptops.

Microsoft Address Book – Missing Address Book on Windows 7?

Some users new to Microsoft Windows 7 have noticed that Outlook Express is missing. They might also be having difficulties finding their old Microsoft address book on their new Windows 7 system, after transferring their data. Microsoft replaced Outlook Express with Windows Live Mail and your computer may have come preinstalled with Windows Live Mail, depending on your operating system distribution.

If you cannot find Windows Live Mail you can download and install windows livemail.

You can then import your old Outlook Address Book into Windows Live Mail Address Book by following:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail, then in a lower left corner of that window click on “Contacts”.
  2. Click a “File” menu, select “Import” then click a type of address book that you want to import. If prompted, browse to and choose that file that contains a contact information that you want to import, and then click “Open”.

A short description of Windows Live Mail, tutorial on how to export contacts, and importing mail and address book is available.

Microsoft Address Book

Voice Memo – Technique to Get Voice Memos Off Your iPhone

If you can’t get all of your voice memos off of your iPhone then you might want to try a following technique. You can see them in a playlist called voice memos on your iPhone, but they won’t transfer when you sync.

How to Sync a Voice Memos playlist to an iPhone:

  1. Connect that iPhone to your computer.
  2. In iTunes, select iPhone in a sidebar.
  3. Select a Music tab.
  4. Select “Include voice memos” checkbox and then click “Apply”.

Voice Memo

PC System Recovery – Problems With Windows System Recovery?

If you’re having problems with Windows system recovery try out some following tips. They were useful on a Windows XP computer, but certainly can be tried out on Windows Vista and 7 machines.

You can try booting into windows safe mode by hitting an F8 key after a BIOS screen flashes and before windows tries to boot. In a windows safe mode menu select “Start Windows with Last Known Configuration”.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue try booting into safe mode again only this time select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. Once in safe mode a black window with a command prompt will open up and type “fsutil dirty set c:” without those quotes. Reboot your computer and allow chkdsk to run completely.

PC System Recovery

Another option is to perform a repair installation of windows XP. You shouldn’t lose any data, however some of your windows settings might be changed. Boot from a Windows XP installation CD.

Do not choose an option to repair an XP installation using Recovery Console when prompted, choose an option to set up Windows XP now press ENTER. After more files have been copied, you’ll get another selection screen where you should select a current XP installation and an option to repair selected Windows XP installation, press R. Check out this short Microsoft repair windows xp tutorial, showing you how to perform a windows XP repair installation.

HP Printers Officejet – How to Scan From HP Officejet Printer to PC

How to scan from your HP Officejet printer to your personal computer. If you haven’t done so already, please install HP Officejet Full Feature Software and Driver from your HP installation CD. If your missing that software you can download and install hp officejet software.

Once that software is successfully installed, you can follow instructions to scan documents to your computer. Use some following steps if your device is directly connected to a computer via a USB cable. When that scan is complete, a program that you have selected opens and displays that document that you have scanned.

HP Printers Officejet

To send a scan to a program on a computer from HP photo and imaging software:

On your computer, open HP photo and imaging software.

To send a scan to a program on a computer from your HP Officejet Printer device control panel:

1. Load an original on a scanner glass.
2. Press a “Scan Menu” or “Scan To” button.
3. Press arrow keys to select a program that you want to use, such as HP photo and imaging software, and then press “OK”.
4. Press “START SCAN”.

These instructions were for a Hewlett Packard Officejet J6480 attached to a computer running Windows XP.

Transfer Tunes – Secret to Transferring iTunes Songs Quickly

Secret to transferring iTunes songs quickly. If your about to reload an operating sytem on your computer, be aware that your Apple iTunes songs may not be playable. This may also be true, if you are just transferring your iTunes songs, from one computer to another.

Apple has a five computer authorization limit, on songs bought from their iTunes store. If you think you have passed your quota of five computers then check your iTunes computer authorizations. You can perform this quickly by:

How to deauthorize a computer:

  1. In iTunes, choose “Store” then select “Deauthorize Computer”. Your computer will  need connection to the Internet.
  2. Click on “OK”.

If you have reached your five computer limit, then you have a second option, which is to deauthorize all five computers at once using these steps:

  1. Login and view your Apple account information online.
  2. Click the “Deauthorize All” option.

Transfer Tunes

One other thing, make sure all of your authorized computers are using a latest version of iTunes. One last tip to avoid not being able to play your iTunes songs in future. You can deauthorize any computers you have iTunes installed on that you don’t need.

On iTunes, go to “Advanced” and then “Deauthorize” computer to any computer that you have previously used but don’t need anymore.