EchoAudio – How to Get Sound in Ubuntu With Echo Audio Layla 20

Your running Ubuntu studio 10.04 on a Dell 8200. Your problem is with your Echoaudio Layla20 audio card. It seems totally undetected.

If you run lshw in a terminal it is not mentioned by name, just “unclaimed multimedia”. Your Linux knowledge is small and you just moved over from XP. Ideally, you are looking for a script that you can run to do a whole setup in case you have to reinstall an operating system again.

You have spent ages going through forums, but you dont know Linux, MS DOS is ok and general PC knowledge. Please verify what version of ALSA sound driver you have installed on your Ubuntu studio 10.04. Type this command cat /proc/asound/version into a terminal window. An output should look similar to:

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.21.

If you have version 1.0.23 then you don’t need to upgrade your version of ALSA. If it is 1.0.22 or below you should uprade it. Upgrading to 1.0.23 and then rebooting your computer might fix your issue.

Here is instructions on running an Alsa upgrade script. Download Alsa upgrade script and save it. You will need to create an account on in order to access that script.

tar xvf AlsaUpgrade-1.0.23-2.tar
sudo ./ -d
sudo ./ -c
sudo ./ -i
sudo shutdown -r 0

After reboot you can type:

$ cat /proc/asound/version

This will let you know if you’re running new version. Make sure that all your channels are unmuted and volume is up. Type in a terminal:

$ aplay -l

If you still have no sound then type in a terminal:

$ aplay -l

Then type a following command to see if your soundcard was detected:

$ cat /proc/asound/cards

If you see your soundcard, you’re almost finished. To test your soundcard, type for example (where X is your soundcard):

$ aplay -Dplughw:X,0 -fcd /”your-music-directory”/”replace-this-with-your-soundfile”.wav

or for example:

$ speaker-test -Dplughw:X,0 -c2

Replace an X with an index of your soundcard index , which you find out by typing “aplay -l” and look for your soundcard “X”.

You can test a multichannel soundcard a following way, type:

$aplay -L to find out about your pcm device ie. “surround51”. That is a upper case L.

$speaker-test -D surround51 -c6


Note: If a channel mapping should be wrong you need to adjust it in .asoundrc

Check if your alsamixer channels are activated and unmuted in “Gnome Mixer” then “Volume Control” then “Preferences”. Very often there are headphone jack, SPDIF, or microphone issues reported. Usually this has something to do with wrong alsamixer settings or more seldom with a wrong model id assigned to your sound driver in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf.

If you’re lacking certain controls in alsamixer or your driver is not even being loaded, you should check out your model id in attached HD-Audio-Models.txt file. I strongly recommend to try similar model id’s matching your codec to checkout if your faulty function gets working.

Edit your alsa-base.conf file:

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

Look for “options snd-hda-intel index=-2”. Lookup your model in HD-Audio-Models.txt and change entry accordingly:

options snd-hda-intel index=-2 model=XXXXX

Save, exit, and reboot your computer.

If tt seems to have found your sound card. In a sound mixer panel go to “Playback, Internal Audio Analog Stereo (PulseAudio Mixer)” add a master control to that panel and then un-mute it. Test to see if you have audio.

Also, if you still have no sound, try starting pulseaudio by typing:


Test to see if you have sound now. If you do then pulse audio is not configured to start on bootup. Another thing to try is to adjust alsamixer volume.


$ alsamixer

Check if it says “MM” under any of some playback devices such as Master, Speaker, etc. “MM” means a left+right stereo channels are muted. You can toggle muting on or off by pressing a “m” key, use arrow keys to navigate and change it to “OO”. Also, if still no sound you can try removing and reinstalling pulse audio.

$ sudo apt-get remove –purge alsa-base

$ sudo apt-get remove –purge pulseaudio

$ sudo get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove

$ sudo apt-get install alsa-base

$ sudo apt-get install pulseaudio

If your system has two audio devices, you may need to disable your onboard audio device in your BIOS. Ubuntu should find both devices, but it might be worth disabling your onboard audio to get your echoaudio card working. It looks as if card 1 is your onboard audtio and card 0 would be your echoaudio card.

card 1: I82801BAICH2 [Intel 82801BA-ICH2], device 0: Intel ICH [Intel 82801BA-ICH2]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

Please run:

$ aplay -L

That is a capital “L”, which will search for a multichannel sound card. Using aplay with a lower case “l” looks for single channel cards. To install alsa mixer if its not already installed run:

$ sudo apt-get install alsa-mixer

YahooMessenger.exe – How to Get Yahoo Messenger 10 Working

Why will your computer not run Yahoo 10 with Windows 7? An instant I click on someone, Yahoo instantly crashes. You get same results with Yahoo 9.

Yahoo 8.1 works for messaging, but with video on a webcam you get an error message about incorrect character in program, frozen pictures, eventually your entire system crashes and requires a reboot. You have reinstalled your Yahoo messenger software.

Please download and install latest version of Adobe flash player. Also, download and install latest Java software. Hopefully, that will resolve your issue.

Make sure your only trying to install one version of messenger at a time on your system. Yahoo messenger 10 won’t work without Adobe flash player or Java. Upgrading both flash player and Java is recommended to current versions if have both those installed already.


Handheld Book – Fix Your Sony E-reader Software Problem Quickly

You are trying to reinstate your Sony eBook library e-reader version 2.3 set up from a CD-ROM, but a message keeps coming up that a wizard was interrupted. You tried re-inserting and re-running an installation CD-ROM. This software worked on your home machine before, that is before you had to reboot it.

A message coming up is “Wizard was interrupted in attempting to load this software, your system has remained unchanged”. You can perform a Windows 7 system restore. Basically, you pick a date before you started having problems with your software to restore Windows to.

Open System Restore by clicking your “Start” button. In a search box, type “System Restore”, and then, in a list of results, click System Restore.? If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type that password or provide confirmation.

Hopefully, this will fix your issue. It won’t affect your personal files and folders, but will revert back any software you installed from a restore point you pick. You could try a repair reinstall instead.

Handheld Book

Click on “Start” then choose “Control Panel. Select “Programs” and highlight Sony eBook Library 2.3. Click on a add/remove button.

Look to see if there is a repair option. Run a repair on that software and hopefully, it will fix your problem.

Facebook Business Page – Can You Rename Your Page Afterwards?

How do you change your Facebook business page’s name, you ask?

If less than two hundred people like that page, you must be an administrator or editor to change that page’s name. To change that page’s name:

* Click “About” below that page’s cover photo.
* Click “Page Info” in a left hand column.
* Hover over that “Name” section and click Edit.
* Enter a new name and click “Save Changes”.

If two hundred or more people like your Facebook business page, you must be an admininstrator to submit a request to change that page’s name. If your request is approved, you won’t be able to change that page’s name again. You can only change that page’s name one time.

Facebook Business Page

To submit a request:

* Click “About” below that page’s cover photo.
* Click “Page Info” in that left column.
* Hover over “Name” section and click “Edit”.
* Click “Request Change”.
* Fill out that form and then click on “Send”.

If you don’t see an option to submit a request, it might mean:

* You are not an administrator. Learn how to see your page role.
* You or another administrator recently submitted a request.
* This option is not yet currently available in your location.

Premiere Video Editing – Stop Adobe Elements 8 From Freezing

You have Windows 7 and Adobe Photoshop elements 8. You are having trouble when you open photoshop. You always get this tutorial which you can not delete and then when you finally get to an organize area it freezes.

You reboot and it does same thing. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe photoshop elements 8. I recommend trying to repair your software first if there is a repair option available.

Click your “Start” button then select “Control Panel”. Select “Programs” and click “Uninstall a program”. Select Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0.

Choose “Repair” instead first if it’s available. Other wise click “Uninstall”. Follow onscreen instructions to remove Photoshop Elements.

Premiere Video Editng

When an uninstaller has finished, navigate in Windows Explorer to a C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Elements 8.0 and Elements Organizer 8.0 folders (or your custom installation location). Delete any files and folders that remain inside these folders. Unfortunately, yes your tags will be removed.

Please try to perform a repair instead. Another option is to perform a Windows 7 system restore. Basically, you pick a date before you started having this problem and then restore Windows.

It won’t affect your personal data, but will roll back your programs and some settings to a date you pick. Open System Restore by clicking your “Start” button. In a search box, type System Restore, and then, in a list of results, click System Restore.?

If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or provide confirmation.

Best Internet Speed – Fix Your Internet Speed Tweeks in Windows

You were working on finding how to speed up your Internet connection that was very fast in startup. You clicked on control panel, all control panel items, performance information then you believe you selected advanced tools. A window came up with little boxes marked.

Their was a box that said enable all or disable all. Well you hit disable all and said to apply. You figured that you could come back and hit enable all if nothing worked. Your computer is not responding to many commands.

It will not even connect to the Internet now. You are running Windows 7 64 bit home premium, it is an upgrade from Vista. You have tried finding a window under advance tools but cannot find a window with all of those little boxes to check or to re-enable.

I recommend you reboot your computer first to see if you can get into that same advanced window. If your still not able to access specific menu to reverse your changes, then you can try to perform a Windows 7 system restore. Basically, you pick a date before you made these changes for Windows 7 to be restored to.

Best Internet Speed

Open system restore by clicking your “Start” button. In a search box, type “System Restore”, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore.? If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type that password or provide confirmation.

You can try booting your computer into Windows safe mode to try to reverse your changes. Reboot your computer and press your F8 key after your system powers on. An advanced options window will open.

Choose “Safe mode” in some menu options. Try to change your settings back. Also, you can boot your computer into safe mode last known good configuration.

Follow previous instructions to get into advanced options menu. This time choose “Last known good configuration” from a menu.

Interactive Droid – How to Sync Gmail on Your Motorola Droid

You recently exchanged your Blackberry Tour for a Droid Incredible. You can’t get your calendar from Yahoo to sync with your Droid. Both have Verizon Wireless service.

You have tried moving your Yahoo calendar to Google. You can’t even get a Google calendar to sync with your Droid. When you get an Android phone, first thing you have to do is sign into your Gmail account with your phone.

When you’ve signed in, it begins a process of syncing your Gmail, Gcal calendar, and contacts to your phone for first time. It takes about 5 minutes depending on how many messages, calendar items, and contacts you have. If you have more than one google account, you’ll have to decide which account you want directly connected to your phone.

Please use your Android’s Gmail application to access your Gmail account. If you use an HTC mail application, it won’t let you sign in without some additional configuration. That HTC mail application I think is designed for accessing other POP email accounts ie. Hotmail, Yahoo, or mail on an exchange server.

Interactive Droid

Iomega External CD – Troubleshoot Your Problematic CD Burner

You have an iOmega cd burner and it hasn’t worked in a while. Not sure why, but now when you go to try to burn a CD from iTunes to your burner nothing happens. You get an error called, “disc burner or software not found”.

Never had this problem before. When you checked a burner a power supply cord is very loose in back, it doesn’t open, etc. You don’t know what to do.

There looks like a light should flash on a power pack that it is on, it did for a minute then stopped. When you put a power pack in an outlet, a green light on a pack lights up. When you go to place a cord in a back of burner, a green light goes off.

Try disconnecting your Iomega drive from your computer. I assume you have it connected via a USB cable. Try just plugging its power adapter to it.

Make sure you don’t have a CD-ROM that is stuck. There is a small pin sized hole to manually eject a stuck CD-ROM. Also, test with just power plugged in whether or not you can get your CD-RW drive bay to open and close repeatdly.

I would also try plugging in a power pack into a different wall outlet. Even if it’s light goes off after plugging in power adapter into burner, still try to get your external drive bay to open and close. Check your USB cable for damage.

Iomega External CD

Disconect a USB cable from your CD-RW drive and your computer. Check both ends of that cable for visible damage. Check power supply for damage.

Disconnect a power supply from your CD-RW drive and your computer. Check cable for visible damage. Check your external drive for damage.

Is there any visible hardware damage to your drive, such as a broken case, faceplate or button? Make sure all cables are unplugged from back of your external burner including any hooked from burner to computer. If your external burner still does not receive power then I’m afraid it might be failing.

If you think your device is failing and your drive might be still under warrant you can go to North America Returns and Warranty page for Iomega. Choose “Media players” from a drop down list. You can then view details of product warranty.

You might be able to get FREE live chat support as long as your drive is still under warranty.

Hotmail Access – How to Gain Access to Your Hotmail Account

You cannot log into your hotmail account. It says that you (or someone) has tried to log in too many times with a wrong address or password. You have tried resetting your password and still keep getting blocked out, even with a newly reset password.

How can you get help and do what ever you need to do to get into your Hotmail account? You have reset your password numerous times. Also, you have changed your settings to allowed cookies.

You can contact a support agent via this account password recovery Windows live page. If you have been unable to recover your account by answering your secret question and or via an alternate email address then click a “Continue” button. You will be asked for a current email address that you can be contacted at and answers to some questions about your account.

A support agent then will contact you directly and will help you try to recover your account.

Hotmail Access

Mac Bootcamp – How to Get Windows XP Installed on Your Mac

You just bought a new iMac planning to load Windows XP Home with service pack two onto it using Bootcamp. A copy of Windows you bought through Amazon turned out being an OEM version that failed to install on two attempts. You want to load Windows XP as all of your software you want to continue using is written for it.

You partitioned a hard drive and restarted your iMac with a disk in place. In two attempts, you reached a point where Windows was starting to install when it stopped that installation. Please follow instructions from a how to install Windows Xp on Macbook or Mac using Boot Camp.

Make sure you partition your hard drive for use with Windows XP before you try to install it or it will fail. A default value of Boot Camp partition size for XP is 5 Gigabytes, but you can change that. Also, you will need to select a correct partition you made for your Windows XP install.

MAC Bootcamp

It is recommended to perform a full format on your XP patition using a FAT file system. I think what you need then is a full retail version of Windows XP or if you have an older version of Windows ie. Windows 2000 then you could buy just a retail upgrade version of XP. A retail version won’t be hardware manufacture specific.

It is up to you what retail version of XP you get ie. home, professional, media centre edition, etc. Coincidentally, some one bought a Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Full Version with SP2 from Amazon and was able to successfully install it on an Apple machine using Boot Camp. You can obtain Windows XP retail versions from Ebay.

Also, many online retailers still carry Windows XP retail verson.