Adobe Form – How to Fill in Vista Compatible Form on Windows 7

You need to fill out and submit an Adobe nine PDF form that is only compatible with Windows Vista and you have installed Windows 7. Can you use, download, or install Windows Vista just long enough to fill out that form without losing any of your Windows 7 files? You need to know if you can opt to use more than one operating system on a same computer or find an alternate solution?

You can try running Adobe Reader nine in Vista compatibility mode. Right click Adobe reader nine desktop icon or your “Start”, “Programs”, then “Adobe Reader nine” menu item. Select “Properties” then click compatibility mode tab.

In a compatibility mode drop down list, choose any Vista choices available. Click OK and then try running Adobe reader. Hopefully, it will let you enter responses into that PDF form now.

Install Net Framework – How to Fix Your .NET Framework 4 Error

You just installed Windows 7 home premium and when it finished you got this message, “To run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the .Net Framework: v4.0.30319”. You don’t know if this is something you might have uninstalled or if this is something you need. Can you help me out?

Well you went to control panel and you found a program Microsoft.Net Framework 4 client profile. You repaired that thinking that might be necessary. You tried to reinstall Windows 7 and you came up with same problem.

Please browse to Microsoft Windows updates site. Download and install all updates available. .Net framework might be included.

If it is not then download and run Microsoft .NET Framework 4 web installer. Click on a “Download” button and then click it to start that download. To start an installation immediately, click “Run”.

Hopefully, this will install .Net framework and clear that error message. No you don’t need to reinstall Windows 7. Please reboot your computer and see if you no longer receive that message.

If you still receive that message after rebooting, then go into control panel and perform a repair on .Net framework if that option is available. If a repair does not fix your issue or that option is unavailable, then please boot your computer into Windows safe mode last known good configuration. After your BIOS splash screen and before Windows 7 tries to boot press your F8 key until an advanced boot options window opens.

Select “Last known good configuration” and see if that clears that .Net error.

Skype Certified – Skype Compatible Webcams For Windows 2000

What web cam is compatible with Windows 2000 and Skype you ask? You have purchased three of them and non seem to work with Skype. You have installed DirectX, but not sure of which version.

The mystery to you is that you can make a camera work, as long as you don’t connect to Skype. You know a camera works. You have Skype 4.2.

You guess you should return this web cam and buy one from Skype, at least you would know that camera is approved. How does this plan sound? You can get a web cam to work without Skype, but when you sign onto Skype, and do a video test, you have gotten two messages.

One is to upgrade your DirectX and another is to update some drivers. You have done both and still Skype won’t recognize it. I think a fact your running Windows 2000 might be a root of your problem.

If you haven’t already, download and install Skype 4.2, which is compatible with Windows 2000. Also, make sure to install Direct X 9.0, which is needed for video calls. That webcam supports MSN and Yahoo video chat for whatever it’s worth.

You can verify your Directx version by going to “Add/Remove programs” in Control Panel. If any other version of Directx besides 9.0 is installed, I suggest removing that version and installing 9.0.

Possibly your webcam will work with Skype, if not purchasing one from them that is certified makes sense.

Mcafee Subscription – How to Verify Your Subscription Renewal

You have already paid for your McAfee Subscription for one year, you renewed it recently. It still reads on your McAfee home screen that your subscription ends today. Did you have automatic renewal enabled?

If you did then Mcafee would have charged your credit card automatically and renewed your subscription for another year. If you manually paid your renewal payment then that might be why it still has an expiration date. Also, I have read on some other Mcafee forums that a day after your old subscription period, then Mcafee’s system auto renews your subscription for another year.

“After talking with Customer Support, we were told that after completing this installation, our subscription would automatically renew after the expiration date. So I guess we’ll find out on 9/30 if this really has been renewed. Our expiration date on the Security Center still indicates expiring on 9/29/2008.

It would have been really helpful if there would have been some type of notification provided that indicates our subscription has been renewed for a year. Instead we have wasted many many hours of our time, other customer support people, and the help of others on this forum. The Customer Support person I just talked with said they have been through this before”

Well I think as long as Mcafee received your renewal payment that tomorrow it will automatically renew your subscription with them and state on your Mcafee Home Screen that it renewed. As long as your antivirus still works tomorrow then it renewed. If your Mcafee virus protection stops working tomorrow because of auto renewal didn’t go through for some reaon, you can contact them via Mcafee chat and email support.

Also, you can contact them via phone at:

To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 866-622-3911. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number. Telephone charges may apply.

Average contact length: 10 minutes Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6AM-6PM Pacific time.

DRM System – How to Fix Your Rhapsody Player DRM Problem

Rhapsody will not work on your Windows 7 64 bit computer and states DRM needs to be installed, but Windows 7 will not install it. Starting Rhapsody as administrator, logging into Rhapsody and then when trying to authorize computer it states DRM needs installation. You hit restart to install and restart Rhapsody automatically.

After doing this, you get same message. You can try running or installing it in compatibility mode. Try running it in any of Vista compatibility modes if possible.

Start Rhapsody with “Run as Administrator” by right clicking a Rhapsody desktop icon. Let it go ahead with DRM install. Rhapsody should close.

Start it again with a “Run as Administrator” option. Test Rhapsody ie. play a song, authorize your computer if necessary, etc. Hopefully, it will work fine going forward, and you won’t need to start it as Administrator again.

Please pause or disable Kapersky anti-virus or any anti-virus software that may block Rhapsody. Start Rhapsody and allow DRM to install. Also, go ahead and activate.

Once successful then enable or stop pausing your antivirus. To re-enable Kaspersky Antivirus, go to ‘SETTINGS’, if Kaspersky is disabled, it will tell you that you have connections open, and ask if you want to close them. A default is “Yes”, change it to “No” and continue.

Make sure your computer is authorized with Rhapsody and test to see if you can play music, etc.

Window XP Freeze – Tips to Resolve Windows XP From Freezing

Your computer will sometimes not respond to a click, opening an email, clicking a new tab in explorer, and it just seems to stall. You have found that by bringing up task manager, Ctrl Alt Delete, it always breaks a stall and an action happens. There is never a CPU hog shown in task manager.

You are running Windows XP with service pack 3. You have a hardware firewall and always up to date on Microsoft updates. You have used many tools, but never discovered a virus or trojan and running Avast anti virus.

Previously you used Microsoft security essentials. Any ideas on what may be causing this? You have run online scans, anti malware tools and none of them found any virus(s) or trojan(s).

If you haven’t already I recommend running a SuperAntiSpyware scan. Also, if you haven’t tried using CCleaner, to run both a PC cleaning and registry scan. Make sure to update both Malwarebytes and CCleaner first before running scans.

I have seen computers improve tremendously running both these applications. If you don’t have any malware on your computer then at least Ccleaner will clean up temp files, cache, and old registry and files and folders from programs uninstalled. Another possibility is your Windows XP profile that you are logged into.

Cleaning out your temp files in your profile as well as Windows operating system temp files might help. If it’s a problem with your Windows profile becoming corrupt, you can create a new Windows test profile and then log in with that profile. Test to see if you see some same performance issues with a test profile.

If you no longer see those problems in a test profile then most likely your older Windows profile has become corrupt or needs some maintenance performed on it. Delete all temp files in both temp and temporary internet files folders in your profile. You can run an ECHO %TEMP% at a command prompt to find out a location of your profile temp folder.

It should be similar to C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp and C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. Remove any unnecessary programs from starting up or running in background when you login. You can go to “Start” then select “All Programs”.

Choose “Startup” and right click on any programs listed and select “Delete” to remove them from starting. Also, you can use MSCONFIG utility to disable any processes or programs from starting up when Windows boots. If you haven’t used MSCONFIG before then you need to use it with caution as you can cause bigger problems if you accidentally disable a service or settings with that utility.

Another utility you can download and install is Microsoft’s user profile hive cleanup service. User profile hive cleanup service can improve Microsoft Windows XP shutdown performance by cleaning up your profile before shutdown.

Compatibility Issues – Do Some Programs Not Run on Windows 7?

You installed Palm desktop version 6.2 on a computer running Windows 7 64 bit. It now opens with media only. It opens with all Palm modules if you open that program with “Run as Administrator”.

Is there any way that you can open it with all modules ie. calendar, contacts, etc. by just clicking an icon and not going to “Run As Administrator” option each time? If you must run a program as an administrator, you may want to set up a program so that you automatically run it as an administrator. To do this, right click an icon that you use to run a program, and then click “Properties”.

On a “Compatibility” tab, click to select a “Run this program as an administrator” check box, and then click OK. Your program should now run as an administrator each time, without you having to manually run it as an administrator. Also, if that program won’t run at all you can select a different operating system in a drop down list.

You can try each different compatible operating system until your program runs correctly if at all.

Automatic Windows Update – Fix Your Windows Update Problem

You get a message that updates are available for your computer. You tried to add them and got a message “Windows Update encountered an error. Code 643 and 646”. You are also getting messages that a script has stopped working when you go to new websites.

What can you do?

Please download and run a Microsoft patch registration cleanup tool. Click a “PatchRegCleanup-x86.exe” download button on this page to start a download. To start an installation immediately, click “Run”.

To save a download to your computer for installation from your desktop, click “Save”. Double click on “PatchRegCleanup-x86.exe” to run it. You may need to enter your Windows Vista product ID.

You can try it again with a correct code. To find your Vista product ID check your paperwork, any CD/DVD that came with your system, look on back or bottom of your computer. Also, you can look for it in control panel.

Click your “Start” button then select “Control Panel”, “Classic”, and then “System”. On bottom of window Product ID is listed, which might take a minute or two before it shows up. You can try this, go to “Control Panel” then select “Windows Updates”.

For each update that will not install, click “Important Updates”, or an “Update” itself. Double click one then click “View More Information”, or click on it then “View” on right side. Those will take you to a page where you can download an update.

You can go to Microsoft Download Center and put in a KBxxxxxx number to download it. Click on “Download” then “Save”. Browse to where you saved a KB then right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.

Then you can right click on an update in Windows updates and choose “Hide”. If you get an installer error install Windows installer 4.5 redistributable. I think that one or more updates might be causing your problem.

I suggest trying to manually install them one at a time. Hopefully, they will all install successfully manually so that Windows updates begins automatically installing them again. If you have problems with one of those updates then you can narrow it down to that specific one and troubleshoot from there.

Also, a problematic update could be causing Windows automatic updates to completely fail.

Safe Web Browsers – Fix Your Crashing Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox crashed according to a pop up. You need help fixing this problem. You do not have virus protection at this time and this is a concern.

You can clear your Firefox cache, cookies, and history. Depending on what version of Firefox your using, at a top of a Firefox window, on a menu bar, click on a “History” menu option, and select “Clear Recent History”. Click a drop down menu next to “Time range to clear” to choose how much of your history Firefox will clear.

Select “Everything” if your fine with loosing all your cache, cookies, and history. Next, click an arrow next to “Details” to select exactly what information will get cleared. Select everything except “Site Preferences”.

Finally, click a “Clear Now” button and a window will close and any items you’ve selected will be cleared. There might be some cached files that is causing Firefox to crash. Clearing all of these files can solve your problem.

Also, you can perform a repair install of Firefox if that option is available. Another possible fix is to remove Mozilla Firefox web browser and then install most recent version available.

Windows Installer Service Cannot be Accessed – Install iTunes

You have downloaded latest iTunes, but when you try to install it, you get an error message: “The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.” You are not running Windows in safe mode.

Log on to your computer as an administrator. Click your “Start” button, and then click “Run”. In an “Open” box, type CMD, and then click OK.

At a command prompt, type “msiexec.exe /unregister” without quotes, and then press ENTER. Type “msiexec /regserver” without quotes, and then press ENTER. Verify that a SYSTEM account has full control access permissions to a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive in a Windows registry.

In some cases, you may also have to add Administrator accounts. Click your “Start” button, then click “Run”, type regedit in an “Open” box, and then click OK. Click a following registry hive: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

On an “Edit” menu, click “Permissions”. If SYSTEM is not listed in a Group or user names list, click “Add”. Make sure that your local computer name appears in a “From this location” box.

Type “system” in an “Enter the object names to select” box, click “Check Names”, and then click OK. Click SYSTEM in a Group or user names list, and then select a “Full Control” check box under “Allow” in a Permissions for SYSTEM box. Click Apply, click OK, and then quit Registry Editor.

Make sure that a SYSTEM account has full control access permissions to a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive in a Windows registry. I have included a sample image of what security permissions for a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive should look like. Click on “SYSTEM” under “Group or user names”: when editing that hive in Windows registry.

“Permissions for SYSTEM” should have check marks under “Allow” for “Full Control” and “Read”. If a “SYSTEM” entry does not exist under “Group or user names:” then please follow instructions below to add it. On an “Edit” menu, click “Permissions”.

If SYSTEM is NOT listed in a “Group or user names list”, click “Add”. Make sure that your local computer name appears in a “From this location” box. Type “system” in an “Enter the object names to select” box, click “Check Names”, and then click OK.

Click SYSTEM in a Group or user names list, and then select a “Full Control” check box under “Allow” in a Permissions for SYSTEM box. Click Apply, click OK, and then quit Registry Editor.