Website X5 Designer – How to Install Website X5 Upgrade Package

You have bought an upgrade package from Website X5 by Incomedia. You have tried many times to try to load version nine, including from a disk they sent you. You keep getting an error message, “Unhandled exception has occurred in application could not load file or assembly System Core, Version= Culture=neutral, Public key token=b77a5c561934e089 or one of its dependancies The system can not fine the file specified.”

You have tried re loading service pack three onto your Windows XP system. You do have version eight of Website five running, and are reluctant to remove it in case you can’t get it back up again. Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

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Also, I know you installed XP service pack 3. You can double check to make sure you have all Windows updates installed. If you install .NET framework 3.5 then try using Website X5.

If you don’t have Windows updates set to automatically download and install, then please visit previous windows updates web site. Missing updates for any windows components that Website X5 uses, might be causing your problem.

Computer Goes Black – Does Your PC Screen go Black After Sign on?

You try to log into your computer, but everytime you sign in, your computer screen goes black and it only works when you restore it to a previous date. When you switch on your computer again it has same symptoms. You restore to previous date it fixes your issue but when you shut down your computer and turn it on again it has same problem.

Please boot your computer into Windows safe mode with networking. Try to download and install MalwareBytes. Update malwarebytes and then run a full scan.

Hopefully, your black screen issue will be resolved. If your able to boot into Windows safe mode, you can run a “chkdsk c: /f /r” without quotes in a windows command prompt window. You will be prompted to answer Y for yes so that chkdsk starts a scan at next reboot.

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Reboot your computer and chkdsk should start a scan. Also, you can try another malware and spyware program called ComboFix. Disable or close all anti spyware, anti malware antivirus real time protection, which may affect ComboFix.

Download a latest official version of ComboFix and save it to your desktop. Close all programs on your computer. Double click ComboFix.exe on your desktop.

When Combofix is finished, it will create logs for you. Both MalwareBytes and ComboFix are free downloads. Right click on either of two download links for ComboFix and save as to your computer.

MalwareBytes should automatically start downloading from previous link. These tips were written for a computer running Windows XP, but can certainly be used for other Microsoft Windows operating systems, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

File Archiver – Looking For a File Compression Tool For Windows?

Compressing your files and folders might be beneficial if your looking to save disk space, email an important attachment, and to archive a group of files. While Windows operating systems have included a built in file compression tool since at least XP, there are some limitations. For one thing, Windows zip tool only works with NTFS volumes and the .zip file type.

There are numerous other Windows file compression types. ZIP, GZ, RAR, and CAB are just a few of them. Unfortunately, if you try to compress or uncompress a file type other then ZIP with Windows built in zip utility, you are out of luck. While, ZIP is a most common file compression extension type, there maybe times when you receive or need to create other file types.

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Also, a file size limit for an individual ZIP file is four gigabytes. Seven zip, Bandizip, and Bitser are freely available file compression utilities for Windows operating systems. If your looking for an industry standard file compression program that will compress and uncompress most file types then you might want to get Seven Zip file archiver.

7 Zip works on following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

* Windows 10
* Windows 8
* Windows 7
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP
* Windows Server 2012
* Windows Server 2008
* Windows Server 2003
* Windows Server 2000
* Windows Server NT

Password Management – Looking For a More Secure Password Manager?

Entering in your username and passwords for each individual program and or website can be time consuming and tedious. Security is still important and possibly a priority for you. There are some free options available, such as newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, which feature built in username and password storage features.

Technically, those two web browsers encrypt your stored passwords. However, it is very low level encryption and can be easily broken by someone with access to your computer. If your looking for a more secure option, then using a dedicated software program to do this job might be what your looking for.

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While password management is a nice conveniance, it is a possible security risk. Get best of both worlds so to speak with a more secure form filler and password management program. Download a free trial of sticky password.

If you do decide to just use your web browsers built in password manager, then it is highly recommended that you set a master password. For example, Mozilla has a master password option available. You will be required to enter your master password each time you start Firefox and after either a saved password or certificate is required.

Email AntiSpam – Save Time Filtering Out Spam From Your Email Box

A constantly increasing amount of spam messages in your inbox can be a real problem. Every day that you spend precious time cleaning your inbox manually, takes away time from other activities. And that problem may only get worse in a future, because sending spam is cheap and simple.

With just one click of a button, a spammer can reach hundreds of thousands of addresses quickly. No matter how low of a response rate, there are always people who will respond to an offer. Most spam filters need training by a user, from marking messages manually as spam over a couple of days.

A filter then learns what words and combination of words are regarded as spam, and which ones are not considered spam. Spammers might know this, and are always trying to get around filters. Spam messages many times include genuine text besides a spam message.

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This increases a ratio of good text to bad text in a message, which lowers a particular score of a message so that individual spam message is identified as genuine. After marking these messages as spam, a filter is then poisoned with harmless genuine text. This can lead to new legitimate genuine messages being identified as spam, or so called false positives.

False positives can be even more annoying to a user than an actual spam message. When a number of false positives gets too high, a user might regard that filter as useles and even turn it off. If you are tired of using precious time filtering out spam from your inbox, you might want to download Caretaker AntiSpam or similar software.