Restore Windows Default – How to Restore Windows on Your Emachine

Your computer will not download updates or allow some programs that work on Windows 7 to load on that computer. Your Turbo Tax program will not load and comes back and says needs service pack 3 for XP. This program loaded on your Laptop with windows 7 without a problem.

You are having these kind of problems all a time. You think you need to reload an operating system, but its most likely same on your recovery partition. You think that you need a copy of this operating system so that you can reload a good copy.

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You have taken it to a repair shop and they said this was an only way they could most likely fix that problem but at that time you had a lot on that computer that you did not want to lose. You have since made copies of these files and would not mind reloading an operating system and losing what is on that computer but it would cost you additional money to take it back and have them load an operating system. You can create recovery discs to restore that computer to factory settings.

If so then you click “Start” then choose “All programs” then select “eMachines recovery managment” to open recovery program. Click create factory default disc and just follow onscreen instructions. It will load a new copy of Windows 7 like it was when you bought it, not how it is now.

Make sure you choose an option to create a factory restore disc. You don’t want to make a copy of your current version of Windows.

Microsoft Security Patch – Problems Installing Windows Updates?

You are having a problem installing updates to Microsoft windows that came in January, starting with KB2628259. Those updates start to load and you get a message “Some updates could not be installed” and a list of ones that could not be installed, last being KB2619340. How do you solve this problem you ask?

Please download KB2619340 manually from this Microsoft download center web page. Click on a red “Download” link. You can either run or save that security update to your computer and then double click it to install it.

If it installs successfully, then please try installing remaining updates by browsing to You may need to install them manually one at a time until you can install them in a group. Don’t use windows update wizard.

You need to download that actual file to your desktop and then run it. Make sure your logged in with an account with administrator rights. If not right click an update file and select “Run as administrator” from a pop up menu.

Another thing you can try is to close all programs, including your web browser and then try running those updates. You can try disabling any antivirus and then try to install that update. You can reset Windows update components automatically by clicking this Fix it link.

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Click “Run” in a “File Download” dialog box, and then follow some steps in that Fix it wizard. You should run that Fix it solution in Default mode and determine whether it resolves your problem with Windows Update before you run it in Aggressive mode. Please reboot that computer and then install those updates.

You can try going to to try downloading any remaining updates. If any remaining updates fail to install then click “Start” then select “Run” and type in “regedit” without quotes. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then SOFTWARE then Microsoft then Updates then Windows XP then SP3.

Right click on SP3 and if there is no key then select “New” then “Key”. Give it a name for example KB2628259. Try installing those any remaining updates.

If they still won’t install then go into same registry path and add new ones ie. KB2646524 and KB890830 keys. You can reboot your computer after adding windows update keys to a registry. You may need to manually download and install any remaining windows updates like these real world Microsoft updates KB2628259, KB2646524, and KB890830.

Product Activation Call Center – What if You Lost Your Corel Key?

Your old personal computer crashed and you bought a reconditioned one at a computer repair shop. A repair technician downloaded everything from your old personal computer, but your WordPerfect software. Now you have your original disc, but it asks for your indetification number.

You remember seeing your name and number when you used it, but you never wrote it down. You did register so you hope you have that information. A number on that installation disc is 980385.

You insert that disc and it starts an installer which asks you to check “I agree”. Then it asks for your name and an identification number. If you created an account with Corel, you can try to log in to retrieve your serial number.

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Did you buy that version of Wordperfect from a retail store, online store, or from Corel’s website? Also, do you still have a receipt for it? Please use this Corel link to try to login with a username and password.

If you don’t remember your username and password or forgot them, click on a “Forgot password?” link. Type in an email address you think you would have used. Also, Corel has a 1-877-582-6735 number you can call them at, from 9AM-7PM Eastern time.

Laptop Water Damage – What to do if Liquid is Spilled on a Laptop

You have a Dell laptop, Vostro 1000. Water accidentally spilled on it. Even though a lid was shut, it will not now start.

You have tried leaving it unplugged for a day and then plugging it in, without success. What do you do now? You’re going to want to let that machine dry for a while.

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Take out any major components ie. hard drive, random access memory, battery, etc. and let it air dry for as long as possible. Check it carefully for corrosion after that. You will want to check battery terminals, random access memory contacts, etc. very carefully, as they will be easy places to spot corrosion.

After that machine is thoroughly dried, it may power back on.

Microsoft Support Call – How to Handle Counterfeit Microsoft Call

You received a call from a supposed Microsoft technician saying that they received a notification, that your computer contained viruses, malware, etc. and that had infected your computer. These attacks caused your computer to run slow and they need to advise you as to how to remove those infections. A man said that they were from PCOptimizers.

He advised you to log onto a website with a remote access service. You did this and a window came up where they wanted you to list a security number that they gave you, into a box in that window. You hung up a phone and logged off without a listed number that was given to you on another line.

That call does not sound like it was legit. Microsoft does not have technical support call people in a whim like that, that I am aware of. Is your computer still having issues?

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If anybody calls you like that again, I recommend not talking to them. I recommend you download and run a free Malwarebytes scan. Make sure Malwarebytes is updated before you begin that scan.

You may need to boot your computer into Windows safe mode with networking. Also, please download and install free CCleaner after running Malwarebytes. Use CCleaner for cleaning your PC and registry cleaning.

You may need to run both clean and registry scans more then once.

Print Shop in – How to Install Multiple Versions of Print Shop

You found you had Print Shop Premier Edition 5.0 in an upgrade box sent to you in 1997. Since then you have upgraded to Print Shop 23.2 Deluxe. You don’t believe you ever used it.

Could you add it now. You prefer a Print Shop to Print Master which you also use. You don’t like a new way of creating your own projects with Master.

You still like Shop. Can you use a 5.0 upgrade? You tried downloading a CD.

You believe you should delete your 23.1 version, but don’t have an installation disc. You can try installing that older 5.0 version in a seperate folder. So if Print Shop 23.2 is in C:\Program Files\PrintShop you could change that installation folder to C:\Program Files\printshop5.0 or whatever you want to name it.

As long as you name that install folder to something different then version 23.2 so that you don’t overwrite program files. Once a program is installed you can’t just move it. You are able to do a custom install with 5.0.

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You can use windows explorer or double click “My Computer” to browse that installation CD. Look for a install.exe or setup.exe program and double click it to start an install. Just install print shop premeir edition 5.0 into a different folder than 23.0 is installed.

Also, you can try to take out that print shop 5.0 CD out of your CD-ROM drive and then re insert it to see if it will auto load an installation menu for you. Here are some different instructions to install print shop 5.0. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

Double click Add or Remove Programs, and then click Add New Programs. Click CD. A CD-ROM Wizard prompts you to insert first installation CD-ROM of that product.

Insert that CD-ROM, and then click Next. When Setup starts, you must follow those prompts. When Setup is complete, click Close to close an Add or Remove Programs window.

Asus M70V – Is Your Laptop Failing to Boot After Windows Updates?

Last week Microsoft released automatic updates. When you rebooted, updates one and two configured but it gets stuck on thirty percent complete and starts rebooting again. You can’t get out of that loop.

You have tried getting in from a BIOS, then installing a different operating system, all to no avail. This is something Microsoft did, not you, by sending out a faulty update. Can you help please you ask.

You can power on that other computer and immediately keep tapping an F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens. Choose “Last known good configuration”. Hopefully, it will boot normally.

Also, you can try running a Windows system restore. Choose a date before these Microsoft Windows updates caused your boot problem. Restore your computer back to when it was functioning properly.

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If that does not fix your issue, you can perform a factory restore then. There might be an option to perform a Windows system restore either on a recovery CD or using a recovery partition on a hard drive. Power on that laptop and immediately start tapping an Esc key.

A boot menu should open up then select to boot off your DVD-ROM drive. Make sure your Recovery DVD is loaded into your DVD-ROM drive first. Do you have data on that hard drive that you want to keep?

If you choose that option, “All files on the hard disk’s partitions will be lost while using the recovery CD”, will reinstall Vista and restore your computer to when you purchased it. That wizard should reinstall a fresh version of Vista then.

Invalid Serial Number – How to Get Your Corel Product Installed

You are trying to install WordPerfect on your new computer. It keeps telling you that your serial number is invalid. In order to install a Corel product that says there is an invalid serial number, you must either call or email Corel technical support for instructions.

You can check out this Corel Support for invalid serial numbers. Depending on where you are in the world there are numbers listed for immediate support and an email tab at top of that page as well. Also, you can contact Corel Customer Service.

Make certain that you are using capital letters. Letters are case sensitive with Corel serial numbers. Also, if you copied and pasted your serial number, to make certain there is not any white space before or after your serial number.

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White space in computing terms relates to a character space. When you press your space bar one time, you created a blank character space. If you are still having trouble entering in your serial number, then try entering it in manually.

If you ordered Corel products from their website, you should have received your Corel serial number in the order email. Also, if you have a Corel account, you can login and find serial number(s) for any software you purchased. If you purchased boxed software, there should be a sticker on the CD-ROM case with your serial number.

Also, make sure you are entering the serial number for the correct Corel software you are attempting to install. You want to make certain that you are entering in or typing the zero key 0 for the number 0. Make certain you are entering correct letters or numbers. Sometimes the number 8 may look like the letter B and vice versa.

If you are certain that you are entering in your Corel serial number correctly, then you can always contact customer service support. You will need to provide proof of ownership or purchase in order to receive support.

Computer Wont Turn on at All – Troubleshoot Your Problematic PC

You cannot turn on your PC. You could not open a CD ROM drive and kept pushing a blue button to turn it off but it would not. Then you unplugged a power cable and replugged it into a wall socket.

Still after pushing a power button it would not come on. You can unplug a power cable from wall socket and that computer. Press that computer’s power button for a minute.

Plug back power cord into wall socket and computer and see if it will power on. You can try using a different wall outlet. If your up for it, I can walk you through reseating some cables and performing some troubleshooting steps.

This would require you opening that computer case. When you plug it into the wall outlet and press a power button do any lights at all turn on, even lights on the back of it? Please follow these instructions for opening the PC case of your HP computer.

You need to only remove the right side panel. Once you remove that right side panel, you wan’t to disconnect the large power cable from the power supply from the motherboard. Disconnect a power cable from a wall socket too.

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Press the blue power button on front of that computer for a minute. Plug power cable from power supply back into motherboard, then plug power cable back into wall outlet and try to power on that computer. You might have to press a blue power button for a minute to drain any electricity.

Press blue power button for a minute to drain any electricity. Plug power cable from power supply back into motherboard, then plug power cable back into wall outlet and try to power on that computer.? I think most likely that computer has a bad power supply.

You could try unplugging as many devices as possible, ie hard drive, cd-rom drive, floppy, memory, etc. to see if it is a failing component. Do any fans turn on or does that computer beep at all? You don’t have to wait a minute if you unplug any of those hardware device power cables.

Yes, you can test one at a time to try to narrow down what device might be failing. You can try unpluggin all those white power cables except motherboard one and see if it will power on. Unplug all the smaller white power cables from their devices ie hard drive, cd-rom, floppy drive.

Those would be ide cables. You can unplug it as well. Well it is possible it is a bad motherboard or power supply.

The memory is located right next to that large white power motherboard cable. I recommend taking it to a computer repair shop so that they can diagnose it fully. Some might diagnose it for free.

Toshiba Data Recovery – What to do if Your Hard Drive Fails

When you turn your Toshiba Satellite laptop on, all that comes up is a screen that displays “In touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA” and at a bottom of that screen it gives an option to press F2 or F12 with a status bar that does not move. If you select F12 nothing happens, then if you select F2 it brings up some words “Please Wait…”. You have tried removing a battery, power plug and waited, then put that battery back and turned power back on with no luck.

You have inserted a back up disk and this will not fire up. If that laptop is bad, can I retrieve all the information from it you ask? Please disconnect an AC Adapter, take out battery, and press that laptop’s power button for a minute to drain any remaining power.

Reseat that laptop hard drive, by taking it out and then putting it back in. Power on and see if it will boot normally. Remove that HDD hard disk drive according to some following procedures.

Release one HDD cover screw securing a HDD cover. Remove a HDD cover. Pull out that HDD strap. Please reinsert that hard drive and then try powering it on with just an AC Adapter.

Please don’t plug that battery in yet. Power off that laptop. Turn that computer upside down.

Release one optional memory cover securing that screw. Remove a memory cover. Spread out two memory lock latches so that a memory module pops up.

Pull that memory module up and out at an angle, using care to avoid touching any connectors. That memory cover should be in middle of underside of laptop. Reseat any memory.

Try to power on that laptop. If it still doesn’t boot Windows properly, then if there are two memory sticks try testing one at a time.

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Also, there might be a bad memory slot, so you can try testing a memory slot one at a time. Can you try booting it up without a hard drive. Also, are there any beep codes or flashing led codes?

If there was more than one stick of RAM, make sure to try to boot it with just one at a time to narrow down if it is a bad memory stick. See if it will boot off a hard drive. If you think your hard drive might be failing, you can try inserting your hard drive back into that laptop and booting off a recovery disc.

You can try selecting “System Recovery Options” on that recovery disc. Please choose startup repair. If a startup repair option does not work, boot off that recovery disc again, and this time choose “System Restore”.

Choose a date before you began having problems with Windows not booting to restore Windows to. If no hard drive is detected, see if that BIOS detects your hard drive and or if there is a hard drive diagnostic test you can run. If your BIOS is set to automatically detect your hard drive and your BIOS does not detect a hard drive, then that is a sign your hard drive is failing.

You can take that hard drive to a computer repair shop and see if they can get data off of it. Another option is to place that hard drive in a ziplock bag and freezing it for at least an hour. See if it will then boot off of it long enough to get your data off of it.

Only try this if your not worred about potentially damaging your hard drive further. If you can afford it, you can take your drive to a data recovery service. Otherwise you will need to buy another hard drive and reinstall Windows using an installation disc or recovery disc.