Arvada Computer Repair – Get Your Computer Running Like New

Is your computer running slow or strange? There’s no reason for you to struggle with your computer problems, so you might want to have it fixed. We serve residential, small business, and medium sized business customers.

  • Malware, Spyware, & Virus Removal
  • Hardware Repair, Upgrades, & Installs
  • Operating System Reload
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Operating System & Software Troubleshooting

Just a low labor charge to fix whatever is wrong with your computer!

If your computer is running slow or strange, then you might want to have it serviced. Call 720-488-1900. We charge flat rates for any work done at our location, or hourly for offsite service calls.

Hours: 10AM-6PM Monday – Friday
12PM-6PM Saturday and Sunday

Service Calls: 10AM-4PM Monday – Friday
12PM-4PM Saturday and Sunday

Phone Number : 720-488-1900

1100 West Littleton Boulevard
Suite 460
Littleton, Colorado, 80120

Looking for used and refurbished computers? Check out some of our currently available computers. We carry desktop, laptop, and LCD monitors.

Please call us in advance as our inventory changes often.

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Computer Tune up – Is Your Computer in Need of a Tune up?

Is your computer running slow? A tune up is just what your computer might need. Get your computer running smoothly again with these service options.

Optimize startup and shutdown, install Windows updates. Removal of unnecessary programs and trialware. Test then verify PC hardware and software functionality.

Diagnose performance problems and recommend some best options. Remove dust from inside of your computer including fans and components. Installation of recommended free anti-virus.

Computer Tune Up

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician Now and Solve Your Computer Problem.

There are many reasons why your computer might be running slow or sluggish. Don’t have time to try and diagnoze these reasons yourself? Get a computer tune up which includes each service below.

Each tune up comes with these services:

* Dust removal
* Full hardware diagnostic
* Removal of unneccessary files and registry items
* Full operating system scans
* Malware, spyware, virus, etc. scans
* Operating system optimization

If your computer is running like a snail, you might want to have it tuned up. Don’t have time for a tortoise versus hare race? Get it running like new again!

Data Backup – Get Your Data Backed up Before it is Too Late

Is your computer hard drive making noise? You just never know when your computer hard drive might fail. Get your data backed up safe and securely.

Transfer of all your data from your old computer to your new computer. Make a backup of your data onto another drive. Perform a backup of your data to an external hard drive or other storage media.

You don’t want to lose your photos, music, videos and documents. Backups make sure that your memories are not lost forever. Regular backup of your computer data may save you grief, headaches, hair pulling, and a roof over your head.

Lost Data

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician Now and Solve Your Computer Problem.

Perhaps losing your valuable data is not near as catastrophic an event for you. However, it can possibly save you time, if something does go awry. Get your data backed up today for peace of mind tomorrow.

Our data backup service includes:

* Hard drive diagnostic if applicable
* Personal inventory of types of data you want archived
* Archive to your USB, external drive, online, etc.
* Verification of data backed up
* Redundant backup in case of missing data
* Final analysis of data backed up

Is your hard drive failing or making noise? Are you in need of precautionary data archival? Back up your data today, so that tomorrow you’re not left empty handed!

Data Recovery – Do You Need Files Recovered From Your Device?

If your hard drive kicks the bucket then you might be able to get your data salvaged. We will attempt to recover lost files from your working hard drive, flash drive, memory card or about any other device that stores data. Your data is important to you, so only a small diagnostic fee is charged if we aren’t able to recover any of your files.

A small diagnostic fee is included in your total cost on working drives. Recover deleted files from a drive that is still working. Drives that require advanced recovery methods and or a customized recovery solution, such as a failing drive or is formatted, are serviced by ADR Data recovery labs.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician Now and Solve Your Computer Problem.

Data Recovery

Drives that are physically damaged or require non standard recovery procedures, are serviced by ADR data recovery labs. They will try to save any and all data, including music, photos, files and more. We will need your physical computer or they will need your storage device, so just bring it into our location.

Anet Computers is an authorized partner location for ADR Data Recovery. ADR does not charge a fee if they cannot get any data off of your hard drive. If you need your data recovered, then you might want to call us today or fill in a contact form.


Virus and Spyware Removal – Is Your Computer Running Weird or Slow?

A virus laden computer can be cured. Get your computer up and running again by having viruses and spyware removed. There may be signs your computer is infected with a virus, slow performance, unable to launch programs, etc.

An only way to know for sure is to have your computer virus scanned. Get access to a free online virus scanner or download free Avast Internet security and antivirus software. If that test and or software says you have viruses or spyware on your PC, a best course of action is to have any infection(s) removed as soon as possible.

Virus Removal

Delaying could possibly lead to slower performance, computer data security issues and, in some extreme cases, data loss. Don’t fret just yet. When you have a virus or spyware problem, help is not that far away.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician Now and Solve Your Computer Problem.

Malware, spyware, and virus removal service includes:

* Complete virus scan
* Complete spyware scan
* Full malware scan
* Use of latest malware, spyware, and virus removal tools
* Comprehensive file system scans

Anet Computers is an Avast affiliate and authorized AVG Reseller. Get your computer running like new again by having a complete virus, malware, and spyware service performed.

AVG Reseller

VOIP – Are You Looking For Inexpensive VOIP Phone Service?

Are you looking for inexpensive business and or residential VOIP phone service? VOIP which stands for voice over internet protocol, is a fast growing telephone technology. Basically, you dial and receive telephone calls over your existing internet connection.

This can be an excellent alternative to expensive analog mobile and land line telephone services. While there are many VOIP service providers available, many require contracts and might be as expensive as cell phone or plain old telephone services. With our pay as you go billing, there is no monthly fee.

Rates are currently as low as just .012 per minute for the lower 48 United States. You read that correctly, just over one cent per minute. You can keep your existing phone number as well.

Calls to Canada are even lower. Amazingly, you can call between the lower 48 Unite States and Canada for less then one cent per minute. Does .006 cent per minute sound like a deal?

There are no setup fees and long term commitments with a pay as you go plan. Basically, you can make calls with any device that allows IAX2 or SIP connections. Androids, PC’S, Asterik boxes, etc. just to name a few possibilities.

Need Online Computer Technical Support? Ask a Computer Technician Now and Solve Your Computer Problem.

What is a VOIP

Also, we provide a monthly plan that has same features and per minute rates. However, you receive 100 total free incoming and outgoing minutes per month for a low $9.95 fee. No long term commitments, contracts, overage charges and setup fees.

If you go over your 100 Free monthly minutes, you get charged our low pay as you go per minute call rates. Keep your existing phone number with a month to month plan. What are you waiting for, with such low rates available and a free account signup to test drive our service?

*Anet Computers VOIP service is a bring your own device service. Some technical understanding of VOIP and SIP will be neccessary. Keeping your existing phone number will depend on number portability for your current phone number.

This service is not designed for outbound services for telemarketers such as automated dialers, call centers and collection agencies.