Best Atari 2600 Games – Atari Cartridges Sell For Over $100,000

A small New Mexico town named Alamogordo, went on a recent excavation project. This was not your typical excavation. Their treasure was some old Atari twenty six hundred game cartridges.

These Atari game cartridges were allegedly buried in a local landfill after a nineteen eighty three video game crash. Individuals in this town decided to look for these cartridges last April of two thousand fourteen. They found a plethora of old Atari 2600 video game cartridges.

A total of eight hundred and eighty one were salvaged so to speak. This town sold them on auction site This netted them a grand total of one hundred seven thousand nine hundred thirty dollars.

This averaged out to one hundred twenty two dollars and fifty cents per cartridge. Allegedly, buyers from Australia, France, Brazil and Singapore purchased these cartridges. Shipping costs totaled over twenty six thousand dollars.

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Sixty five thousand thirty seven dollars will be paid to the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Tularosa Basin Historical Society will receive sixteen thousand two hundred fifty nine dollars. Atari 2600 video game titles included E.T., Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pele’s Soccer, Yar’s Revenge, Baseball, Centipede, and Warlords.

One E.T. video game cartridge sold for one thousand five hundred thirty five dollars. This was the most valuable cartridge out of them all.
One hundred of these video game cartridges were given to film makers and twenty three were given to museums.

This city has an additional two hundred ninety seven cartridges they are holding in an archive. These are being held until a possible later sales date.

Vmware Virtual Desktop – Fusion 8 Provides Windows 10 Support

VMware Incorporated announced today, August twenty five two thousand fifteen, their Fusion eight product supports Microsoft Windows ten. Fusion eight has more than fifty new features while Fusion 8 professional has more than sixty new features. Both of these pieces of software support Microsoft Windows ten.

Fusion eight by VMware allows you to run Microsoft Windows ten on a Macintosh computer. You do not need to reboot your Macintosh in order to run programs on Windows ten. Fusion eight was designed specifically for Microsoft Windows ten.

You can add new or upgrade existing virtual machines. DirectX ten and OpenGL 3.3 graphics applications are supported. VMware Fusion professional eight supports Microsoft Windows ten, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems.

You can backup your virtual machines to VMware vCloud Air with built in integration. This professional edition of Fusion eight was designed for developers in mind and supports Windows ten operating system. VMware Fusion eight is priced at $79.99 and Fusion eight professional is priced at $199.99.

These two software applications are available for download and purchase from VMware. Also, you can try VMware Fusion eight or Fusion eight professional before you buy for FREE from this VMware Download VMware Fusion or Fusion Pro Trial page. You can read over VMware’s official news release pertaining to Fusion eight and Fusion eight professional with Windows ten support.

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You will need to install Windows ten in order to use it with VMware Fusion eight. You can either migrate from a computer already running Windows ten or install a fresh copy. Also, you will need a legitimate Microsoft Windows ten license.

Fusion eight supports sixty four bit operating systems. These are system requirements for running VMware Fusion eight:

* Any 64 bit capable Intel or Mac Compatible with Core 2 Duo, Xeon, i3, i5, i7 processors or greater
* A minimum 4 Gigabytes of memory
* 750 megabytes of free disk space for VMware Fusion software and 5 gigabytes for individual virtual machine
* Mac operating system X 10.8.0 or greater
* Operating system installation media or disk image for your virtual machines
* Microsoft Windows operating systems are not included with VMware Fusion
* Recommended graphics hardware for Windows DirectX ten or OpenGL 3.3:
* NVIDIA 8600M or better video card
* ATI 2600 or better video card

You can checkout VMware Fusion and Fusion professional frequently asked questions.

Spotify Problems – Spotify Apoligize Over Confusing Privacy Terms

On August twenty first two thousand fifteen, Spotify Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek, apologized for their confusing privacy and terms policy, that has created recent controversy. He claims his company is in the process of distributing new terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. This Spotify Chief Executive Officer claims that those confusing terms and privacy policy were not intentional.

Daniel Ek is quoted as saying:

“We understand people’s concerns about their personal information and are 100 percent committed to protecting our users’ privacy and ensuring that you have control over the information you share.”

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Going forward you may be asked by Spotify access to types of information including photos, your mobile device location, voice controls, and your contacts. You do NOT have to share any of this information if you do not want to. If you allow access to this information, allegedly spotify will only use it for you to “customize your Spotify experience”.

Your photos, your location, your voice microphone, and your contacts will not be accessible without your explicit permission. Some information is shared on Spotify’s service. However, according to Daniel Ek none of your personal information is shared.

Spotify is going to release their new privacy policy in some weeks ahead. You can contact Spotify at with your privacy concerns. Also, you can check out Spotify Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek’s official SORRY. blog post.

Smart City Networks – Fined $750,000 by FCC For Blocking Wi-Fi

The Federal Communications Commission announced today August eighteen two thousand fifteen that they reached a settlement with Smart City Holdins LLC, for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for blocking consumer Wi-Fi Internet access. Smart City provides Wireless Internet access for conventions, meeting centers, and hotels. They were caught in two thousand fourteen disabling people’s personal hotspots.

These consumers had their own personal Internet access blocked at locations where Smart City provided Internet access, charged on a daily basis. This company was charging in upwards of eighty dollars per day for Wi-Fi Internet access. Adding insult to injury this company then blocked people from using their own data plans on their mobile devices.

Travis LeBlanc, Chief of the Federal Communication Commision’s Enforcement Bureau is quoted as saying:

“It is unacceptable for any company to charge consumers exorbitant fees to access the Internet while at
the same time blocking them from using their own personal Wi-Fi hotspots to access the Internet,”

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“All companies who seek to use technologies
that block FCC-approved Wi-Fi connections are on notice that such practices are patently unlawful.”

about this situation. Their investigation revealed that if visitors and exhibitors did not pay a daily eighty dollar fee, then Smart City, would automatically block Internet access from these individuals data plans on their own devices. Smart City will stop this practice and pay a seven hundred fifty thousand dollar penalty. This company blocked people from using their own mobile Internet access in these cities, Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Orlando, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona.

You can read this FCC Fines Smart City $750K for Blocking Wi-Fi document. Also, you can read a Smart City decree with the Federal Communications Commission document.

TOR Proxy – Just How Anonymous is The Onion Routing Proxy?

Just what exactly is a TOR proxy? TOR is an acronym that stands for The Onion Routing program. TOR is supposed to secure information passed across the Internet from your computer.

I first learned of TOR when looking into an alleged December 16, 2013 Harvard bomb plot, supposedly carried out by Eldo Kim. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also known as the FBI claimed that Eldo Kim had used TOR proxy on his MAC book laptop. TOR is free software that is supposed to protect your identity.

I found this information alarming and a huge red flag. I found out that TOR was created by the United States Department of Defense in 1995. I decided to look into TOR further.

This free software was created by the Center for High Assurance Computer Systems of the United States Naval Research Laboratory. This security software was originally created with the United States Navy in mind. This software is supposed to keep your communications anonymous on ethernet networks up to a point of those data packets leaving Onion Routing.

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Since allegedly Eldo Kim connected his MAC book pro to Harvard’s college wireless network, perhaps it was still possible for his data packets becoming sniffed so to speak. The Onion Router project claims that their software does not include a back door. Also, their software is open sourced.

What that means is that you could potentially look at this software’s code, line by line, to check to see if there is a back door present. Does TOR proxy really protect your identity or is even this software not one hundred percent fool proof? I do not have an answer to this question at this time.

However, I won’t be installing this software on any of my computers anytime soon, because the website actually used The Onion Router, and was still hacked. MIT researchers were able to allegedly identify eighty eight percent of web sites in the TOR Network.

Open Web Analytics – How to Update Open Web Analytics

I received a How do I update OWA? question on my Anet Computers YouTube channel. First, these instructions are for updating Open Web Analytics version 1.3.0 or later. First, you want to backup your WordPress database, if you installed Open Web Analytics in a WordPress plugins folder or backup your Open Web Analytics database, if you installed it standalone, in a directory outside of WordPress.

If you installed this free website analytics software stand alone, then delete your /path/to/owa/owa-data/caches directory. Download latest Open Web Analytics software version tarball in either ZIP or TAR format. Unpack this tarball and replace your current Open Web Anaylitcs files with these new ones.

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If prompted, you want to over write all files. Check to see if any database updates are required by opening a web browser and navigating to your Open Web Analytics dashboard at http://yourdomain/path/to/owa. If any database updates are required, Open Web Analytics will prompt you to apply those updates via a WordPress dashboard in your web browser or tell you to run an update command using Open Web Analytics command line interface.

Are you using Open Web Analytics version 1.2.0 or earlier? Check out these instructions on how to update Open Web Analytics for version 1.2.0 or earlier.

WordPress Update – WordPress Releases 4.3 “Billie” Update

WordPress released update 4.3, code named “Billie”, on August eighteen two thousand and fifteen. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress. It is highly recommended that you install this update as soon as possible.

This update includes new features to WordPress core. These features make it easier to format content and customize your web site. A menu customizer allows you to preview your menu changes and or selections.

This accessible interface is mobile friendly. WordPress 4.3 includes formatting shortcuts. Also, you can upload your site icon through customizer.

Your site icon will not change, even if you change themes. WordPress 4.3 changes way you receive your lost password. Instead of receiving your password via email, a password reset link will be emailed to you.

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Also, when you add new users, WordPress will create a secure password for you. By default, comments will become disabled, on new pages you create. A customize link is located on in toolbar under “Appearance”.

You can update your version of WordPress to 4.3 by clicking on your “Dashboard” if not already there. Then select “Updates”. Finally click on “Update Now”.

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.3. Also, you can download update 4.3 directly from Finally, check out this WordPress 4.3 “Billie” blog post for more details.

Windows Security – Microsoft Releases Critical Update MS15-093

Microsoft Corporation today, August eighteen two thousand fifteen, released critical security update MS15-093. This is a security update for Internet Explorer web browser. This update patches a vulnerability.

This security hole in Internet Explorer could allow a user to execute code remotely by viewing a web page with Microsoft’s web browser. This user could then obtain same user rights as current logged in user. Individuals who user a more restricted user account for example, a limited user account instead of an account with Administrator rights, might become less impacted.

This is a critical security update and affects the following Microsoft web browser versions:

* Internet Explorer 7
* Internet Explorer 8
* Internet Explorer 9
* Internet Explorer 10
* Internet Explorer 11

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This MS15-093 security vulnerability affects both client and server versions of a fore mentioned web browsers. You can obtain this security update via Microsoft Windows Update. Also, you should be able to obtain this update if you have Automatic updates enabled.

If you’re running Windows ten operating system, then downloading this update will include other security fixes. You should install this critical MS15-093 security update as soon as possible. Finally, you can check out this Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-093 – Critical web page for more information about this update.

Top Cell Phone Companies – Sprint Abandons Two Year Contracts

Sprint announced today August seventeen two thousand fifteen, that they will be abandoning their mandatory two year contracts. Instead of two year contracts, they will institute an easy pay pland and lease plan for smart phones. Both of these plans do not require an annual service contract.

Both plans require twenty four months. Sprint’s lease plan does not require an up front payment or payment of taxes. A twenty dollar monthly device payment is required. Also, a monthly service fee is required.

Currently, Sprint has a sixty dollar per month unlimited plan. This would be their cheapest option, costing just eighty dollars per month. However, Sprint still owns your smart phone with this option.

If you want to own your device Sprint has what is called their EasyPay plan. No up front money required, but you pay fifty two dollars in estimated taxes initially. A twenty seven dollar per month device payment plus a monthly service plan.

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Sprint’s sixty dollar unlimited per month option is available for their EasyPay plan. For eight seven dollars per month you can own your device. Also, their is no annual contract required with this plan.

Sprint lease plan is approximately two hundred twenty two dollars cheaper over twenty four months. These are just estimated prices. Sprint will lease you some Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. At end of your lease you are able to then turn in your device and upgrade to a new one.

With EasyPay after twenty four months, you get to keep your device. You can still purchase your device and keep it after end of your lease by paying a purchase option fee. Also, you can continue leasing your device month to month after your initial twenty four month lease expires.

Your twenty four month lease agreement cannot be amended. You can check out Sprint Lease for more information.

NSA Cyber Security – AT&T Helped NSA Spy on Millions of Americans

American Telephone and Telegraph has shown an “extreme willingness” to help out with the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program, according to some recently leaked documents. Telecommunications companies in America have for most part went a long with the United States surveillance efforts constittional or not for decades. However, American Telephone and Telegraph has been eager to assist the National Security Agency.

This was first company to actively forward Internet metadata, for example email participants to the National Security Agency, beginning in two thousand three. In two thousand eleven they began forwarding voice call metadata. American Telephone and Telegraph has now been outed as the company that was sniffing all the Interne traffic at the United Nations New York City, New York headquarters.

Other carriers, like Sprint and Verizon have been involved assisting the National Security Agency. However, documents show that American Telephone and Telegraph headed majority of this activity of intelligence gathering. This telecommunications company claims that they don’t supply information to American authorities:

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“without a court order or other mandatory process,”

Also, American Telephone and Telegraph claims they only make some exceptions when a:

“person’s life is in danger and time is of the essence,”

This company seems to risk turning over their customer’s private information for security purposes. American Telephone and Telegraph have been willing partners with a Fairview spy program dating back to nineteen eighties. As a matter of fact, in two thousand thirteen, some of their engineers were first ones to test out new surveillance technology for the National Security Agency.

That same year this company deployed surveillance equipment on at least seventeen of their Internet hubs. Back in two thousand eleven American Telephone and Telegraph started releasing over one billion cellphone calling records, made domestically by Americans, to the National Spy Agency, I mean National Security Agency.