How to Get Replacement Surface Pro AC Adapter

Microsoft Corporation officially announced on January twenty one two thousand sixteen their recall program for Surface Pro AC Adapters. This is a voluntary program for all Surface Pro Active Current adapters sold before March fifteen two thousand fifteen in the Canada and the United States. AC Adapters sold in other markets have a cutoff date before July fifteen two thousand fifteen.

According to Microsoft if that power cord is wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time there is a potential risk for that Active Current power cord to overheat. However, this assestion has been disputed by many Microsoft customers on the Internet that claim they have had problems with their Surface Pro Active Current adapter failing and was not due to a tightly wound, twisted, and or pinched power cord.

Microsoft claims some customers have had this issue but no reports of serious injuries. Microsoft is making free replacement Active Current Adapters to eligible customers. You can obtain a free replacement Active Current power cord if you purchased a Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3 during those afore mentioned time frames.

You will not receive a free Active Current adapter but only that power cord that attaches to your current power adapter to a wall outlet. You can check out this Microsoft Surface Pro Active Current power cord replacement page to see if you qualify. Again, if you qualify you will only receive a power cord that connects from a wall outlet to your power supply.

You are not required to show proof of damage to receive a replacement power cord. You will need to sign in to a Microsoft account to begin a service order. Also, you will need to verify some additional information as well as select an eligible Surface Pro product.

Trend Micro – Password Manager Security Vulnerability Found

On January fifth two thousand sixteen a security vunlerability was found in Trend Micro’s password manager by Google security research. Trend Micro Incorporated admitted this security vulnerability on January eleven two thousand sixteen. When endusers install Trend Micro anti-virus software, an additional software application Password Manager is installed, enabled and automatically starts on Windows boot.

Trend Micro’s password manager is mostly written in javascript. This password software opens multiple instances of Hyper Text Transfer Protocal Remote Procedure Call ports using an Advanced Programming Interface. Google security research found a vulnerability within thirty seconds.

This allows any website to run arbitrary code using these opened Hyper Text Transfer Protocal ports. An example code looks like this:

x = new XMLHttpRequest()“GET”, “https://localhost:49155/api/openUrlInDefaultBrowser?url=c:/windows/system32/calc.exe true);
try { x.send(); } catch (e) {};

Trend Micro has now fixed this security vulnerability in their password manager application. Trend Micro released a mandatory update on January eleven two thousand sixteen fixing this security hole. Current Trend Micro customers should have received this update via ActiveUpdate.

This anti-virus software producer is not aware of any current active attacks towards this vulnerability. You can check out Trend Micro’s official blog post concerning this security flaw. Trend Micro endusers should make sure that that mandatory update released on January eleven two thousand sixteen, is installed.

WordPress Releases Security Update 4.4.1 With 52 Bug Fixes

WordPress released a security and maintenance update 4.4.1, on January six two thousand and sixteen. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress. This update includes fifty two bug fixes.

Versions of WordPress including 4.4 and prior are susceptible to a cross site scripting vulnerability. This could allow your website to become compromised. Also, there are some non security related bug fixes in this newest version of WordPress.

* Emoji support updated to include all latest emoji characters
* Some sites with older versions of OpenSSL were not able to communicate with services through some plugins
* If a post Uniform Resource Locator was ever used again, that site could redirect to wrong post

You can update your version of WordPress to 4.4.1 by clicking on your “Dashboard” if not already there. Then select “Updates”. Finally click on “Update Now”.

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.4.1. Also, you can download update 4.4.1 directly from Finally, check out this WordPress 4.4.1 update blog post for more details.

Microsoft Ends Support For Internet Explorer Versions 8, 9, & 10

Microsoft Corporation will end official support for their Internet Explorer web browser on January sixteen two thousand sixteen. This end of life includes Internet Explorer versions eight, nine, and ten. For now, only Internet Explorer eleven will continue to receive technical support and security uptates.

Internet Explorer eleven will continue to receive updates on Microsoft Windows seven, 8.1, and ten. After January sixteen two thousand sixteen, versions prior to Internet Explorer eleven may become susceptible to malware, spyware, security vulnerabilities, etc. Microsoft recommends you upgrade your web browser to Internet Explorer eleven if you don’t already have that version installed.

You can upgrade to Internet Explorer eleven by making sure that Automatic Updates is enabled in Microsoft windows Control Panel. Internet Explorer eleven should then show up as a possible Windows update. Also, Windows ten has Microsoft Edge web browser built in.

However, Microsoft Windows ten will open Internet Exlorer eleven when necessary for backwards compatability. Microsoft claims they will support Internet Explorer eleven on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 as long as those operating systems are still officially supported by them. You can still use older versions of Internet Explorer ie. eight, nine, and ten, however many websites may not function properly as web developers stop coding their websites for backwards browser compatibility.

Finally, you can check out Microsoft’s dedicated web page for their Web Browsers where you can get help for upgrading Internet Explorer and download links. Also, you can check out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer end of support page.