Android Nougat – Upgrade Released to Oneplus 3 & Oneplus 3T Users

Oneplus has announced they will be upgrading their Oneplus three and Oneplus three T devices to Android Nougat operating system. This company had promised in November of two thousand sixteen, that they would upgrade these devices by end of two thousand sixteen. As promised they began pushing out Android Nougat seven via Oxygen four.

Oxygen is a Chinese customized version of Android operating system. Oneplus decided to only upgrade to Android Nougat 7.0 instead of a most current version of 7.1.1. Also, not all users will get upgraded today.

Over coming days this upgrade will eventually get fully deployed. Here are some of the major changes with Oxygen four for Oneplus three and Oneplus three T:

* Android 7.0 Nougat Upgrade
* Notifications Design
* Settings Menu Design
* Multi Window View
* Notification Direct Reply
* Custom Dots Per Inch Support
* Status Bar Icon Options
* Improved Shelf Customization

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This is an incremental upgrade roll out. Oneplus Chief Executive Officer, Carl Pei, announced this upgrade via Twitter.

“Android N stable OTA for the OP3 and the OP3T. Gradual rollout will begin later tonight.”

Going forward, both Oneplus three and 3T will receive same updates and become synchronized. If your too impatient to wait for this major Oneplus update, you can try to use a Virtual Private Network connection to trick this device so that you receive an upgrade sooner. Choosing Canada, Germany, or Spain has been used by Oneplus users before.

The size of this alleged Android Nougat 7 upgrade is around nine hundred nineteen megabytes in size. You may want to connect to a Wifi device prior to installing this upgrade to possibly save on your metered usage. Finally, hopefully this upgrade to Android Nougat seven does not cause major problems like those seen with Google’s Nexus 5P and 6P.

Mozilla Foundation – Ends Support For Firefox on Vista and XP

Mozilla Foundation officially announced end of support for their Firefox web browser on December twenty third two thousand sixteen. Approximately, in March of two thousand seventeen, Mozilla will move Vista and XP Firefox users to their extended support release. This is designed for large organizations instead of individual users.

Firefox version fifty two will be last web browser that Mozilla will support on Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. This final version will include security updates but no new features. This final version for Vista and XP is scheduled for September of two thousand seventeen.

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Some time next summer Mozilla claims they will announce a final end date. For now, enterprise customers should plan towards September two thousand seventeen being end of support for Mozilla Firefox web browser on Vista and XP platforms. In March of two thousand seventeen Firefox on Vista and XP will automatically update to Mozilla Firefox extended support release.

Mozilla claims that Microsoft Vista and XP are more difficult to maintain their web browser on. Mozilla joins Microsoft and Google who have ended browser support on Vista and XP. Mozilla foundation will still support their Firefox web browser on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10.

SuperAntiSpyware – Instructions so This Software Does Not Expire

SuperAntiSpyware is my second malware spyware removal tool of choice behind MalwareBytes. Sometimes this software will find items that MalwareBytes does not detect. Today, I am going to show you how to install SuperAntiSpyware so that this free software does not expire.

Towards end of installation of this software there is a prompt asking you to enable a trial version. You don’t want to enable a free trial version because this enables a professional trial version that expires. Download a most recent version of SuperAntiSpyware free edition.

Save to your computer and double click this program to begin an installation. Select “Run” at a security warning prompt. Click “Next” on an installation wizard.

Click on “I agree” to agree to a license agreement. You can either select to install this software for “Anyone who uses this computer, all users” or “Only for me, current user”. Click “Next” at installation folder unless you need to change this.

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SuperAntiSpyware setup will now begin. You can click “Next” at prompt where it asks you to “Check for recent definition database updates” and “Submit a system diagnostic…”. You do NOT need to enter an email address where it asks you to, so that important product updates can be emailed to you.

Click “Finished” to exit SuperAntiSpyware installation. A SuperAntiSpyware Professional Trial window will pop up. You want to select “Decline”.

If you select start trial, then this will enable a thirty day trial of their professional version that expires. You would then need to remove this software and install again. Also, there is no guarantee that you could remove and reinstall this software so that you can use a free version that does not expire.

By clicking on “Decline” you are now enabling SuperAntiSpyware free edition that does not expire. Finally, you want to update this programs definition database before you run a spyware scan.

AT&T Wireless – Provides Call Protect to Try to Stop Spam Calls

American Telephone and Telegraph released AT&T Call Protect for high definition wireless phone customers on December twenty two thousand sixteen. This new service is Free for current residential customers. Call Protect is aimed at combating spam voice calls.

This service will automatically try to stop fraud and or scam calls. If you are in an high definition voice call area you will receive suspected spam warnings on incoming calls. You will then be able to accept or deny these calls.

Also, with a downloadable AT&T Call Protect application, you can block calls temporarily for up to thirty days. However, you cannot block unknown numbers. This Free application supports Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

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AT&T Call Protect is available for current wireless customers with Android or iOS smart phones, in high definition voice available areas. Automatic fraud calls blocking may block wanted calls. However, you can turn off this feature or allow specific numbers.

This free service to existing customers can filter out telemarketers, politicians, debt collectors, etc. You might be charged for data transfer usage from free smart phone application depending on your data plan. When you are not in a high definition voice call area, spam calls will still be blocked.

You won’t received suspected spam call warnings and will not be able to manually accept or deny these calls. In order to activate this service, you will need to log into your myAT&T account. You can cancel this service via myAT&T, calling 1-800-331-0500, or 611 from you wireless phone.

International spam calls are possibly blocked. Also, you can view a list of blocked calls via an AT&T application.

Android Nougat – Causing Nexus 6P Battery Issues and Bootloop

There are thousands of Nexus 6P smart phone owners that are complaining of boot loop, battery drain, and device shutdowns. These users noticed these problems occurring after upgrading to Android Nougat which is Android version 7. Even beta versions of Android 7 Nougat are wreaking havoc.

This device Nexus 6p is basically one year old. Unexpected shutdowns are occurring at different battery charge percentages. Google has not officially admitted there is a widespread issue with Android Nougat and Nexus 6P.

A Nexus 6P thread has been created to document this issue. A Google Android issue tracker has been created for Nexus 6P shutdown before battery discharge problem. Google has given this a small priority issue, even though thousands of Nexus 6P owners are complaining of this problem on the Internet.

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People at Google are aware of this issue and have been offering return merchandise authorization replacements for in warranty devices. However, they have not yet publicly admitted that an Android 7 Nougat upgrade is a culprit. Also, some users have claimed that upgrading their Nexus 6P to Android Nougat bricked their device.

These smart devices have been rapidly discharging. Some devices are stuck in a bootloop. Some of these Nexus 6P are powering off anywhere from ten percent battery life to seventy percent battery life.

Many users are forced to keep this device plugged in. Some users claimed that either wiping system cache has cleared up this issue or resetting their device back to factory. This Nexus 6P I think only comes with a one year warranty.

Another possible solution is to contact your credit card company and see if they have extended warranty coverage on new smart devices. You will need to contact your service provider or place of purchase to get this unit return merchandise authorized.

Also, this device will most likely need to still be under warranty to get it replaced.

Mozilla – FireFox 50.1 Released to Fix Thirteen Security Vulnerabilities on December thirteen two thousand sixteen officially released Mozilla web browser version 50.1. This latest version includes thirteen security vulnerabilities fixed. Four security vulnerabilities are listed as critical, six high, and four moderate.

* CVE-2016-9894 SkiaGL Buffer overflow
* CVE-2016-9899 DOM events and audio elements
* CVE-2016-9895 Marquee tag CSP bypass
* CVE-2016-9896 WebVR
* CVE-2016-9897 libGLES Memory corruption
* CVE-2016-9898 DOM subtrees
* CVE-2016-9900 SVG images through data URLs
* CVE-2016-9904 Shared atoms Cross origin information leak
* CVE-2016-9901 Data from Pocket server improperly sanitized
* CVE-2016-9902 Pocket extension not validating events origin
* CVE-2016-9903 SDK XSS injection vulnerability
* CVE-2016-9080 Memory safety bugs
* CVE-2016-9893 Memory safety bugs

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You can install Mozilla FireFox 50.1 manually by selecting “Help” then select “About Firefox”. In about Mozilla Firefox you will either see that your web browser is up to date or click on an “Update to 50.1” button. You can download and install Mozilla FireFox version 50.1.

Another way to upgrade Mozilla FireFox is with automatic updates. Click on “Tools” then select “Options”. Click on “Advanced” tab.

Select an “Update” tab. In update you have three options:

* Automatically install updates
* Check for updates
* Never check for updates

Barnes and Noble’s – Nook 7 Shipping With ADUPS Spyware Program

Barnes and Noble have been selling Nook 7 tablet computers with a spyware program. This program is called ADUPS which is actually a third party company. This company gathers data off this tablet computer quietly.

ADUPS was pre-installed on these devices. These Barnes and Noble Nook 7’s are not manufactured by Samsung, but actually a third party. Chief Barnes and Noble digital officer Fred Argir is aware of this software and claims that Nook 7’s are safe to use.

He stipulated that his company will be creating a future software update to remove this ADUPS spyware program. Nook 7’s run Google’s Android operating system. Google claims that this ADUPS passes their security requirements.

A Linux Journal report addressed an issue where by ADUPS was monitoring how this device was being used without permission. ADUPS claims that they released a newer version of their software that does not report back to any servers. They claim that ADUPS installed on Nook 7’s is an older version.

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You can test to see if your Android has ADUPS spyware with a free program called Debloater. This program works on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. You do NOT need to root your Android device.

Once installed configure your device for “USB Debugging” mode. Connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable. Start Debloater listed as “Gatesjunior developer” and then select “Read device packages”.

If ADUPS is installed then you will see two ADUPS programs listed.You can disable this spyware by selecting ADUPS entries on left with a check and then clicking apply. This should disable this program until Barnes and Noble releases an update to remove this software.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Cameras go Blank and Stop Working

Users of Apple’s iPhone 7 plus are complaining that built in cameras are going blank and no longer working. Apple has yet to confirm this issue. However, Apple customers are able to take their iPhone 7 plus to Apple stores and either get a replacement smart device or camera.

When users try to launch a camera application all they see is a blank screen. Also, they are unable to snap photos and or record video. Since Apple has not yet acknowledged this problem, no one knows with one hundred percent certainty if this is hardware or software related.

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Most likely this is a hardware issue since some posters on Reddit are claiming that either a hardware camera or entire iPhone 7 are being replaced. Also, some users are claiming that this issue surfaced before they upgraded to iOS 10.2. This issue seems to only affect the Apple iPhone 7 plus model.

Since Apple has remained silent pertaining to this issue there is a lack of information as to how many people are being affected. For now affected individuals can visit their local Apple store and get either camera replaced or iPhone 7 plus. After searching the Internet some users have claimed they had rectified this situation by clearing cache or performing factory reset.

Yahoo Email – Account Security Issue Affected 1 Billion Users

I recently received an email message from Yahoo concerning an alleged security issue. I first noticed this message by accessing my Yahoo email account via my HTC 626S Android. When I accessed my Yahoo email account via a web based interface on a desktop computer, I received a “Your account may have been affected by a security issue. You can read about the issue and how to further secure your account here” popup message.

I was reluctant to open a link in this email message on my Android. However, this popup message had a link to a Yahoo security notice dated from December fourteen two thousand sixteen. Yahoo Incorporated claims that one billion Yahoo account email users were affected.

A third party stole data associated with these email accounts. However, Yahoo claims that they have not been able to identify footprints of this intrusion. This incident allegedly took place in August two thousand thirteen.

This is a separate issue that was reported by Yahoo on September twenty second two thousand sixteen. Yahoo required email users to change their passwords after this incident. Security answers and questions that were not encrypted have been invalidated.

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Information that may have been stolen includes:

* Names
* Email addresses
* Telephone numbers
* Birth dates
* Hashed passwords using MD5
* Encrypted or not encrypted security questions and answers

Information that was not stolen includes:

* Clear text passwords
* Payment card data
* Bank account information

Yahoo was given what appeared as data stolen from a third party, by alleged law enforcement. This data was then analyzed by third party forensic experts hired by Yahoo. This is when Yahoo concluded that this data breach occurred in August of two thousand thirteen.

Yahoo recommends changing your password and or security answers and questions. However, if you decide to delete your Yahoo email account, these accounts get recycled. What this means is that after a year or so somebody else will be able to user your old email address.

If you used this email address for password resets, then that other individual may be able to access important user information. You may want to just hang on to your Yahoo email account but not use it for important emails such as password resets.

Dell Vostro 1000 – Keyboard and Touch Pad Re-connection How to

Recently I acquired a recycled Dell Vostro 1000 laptop computer. Apart from having to order a replacement AC power adapter, this laptop was in pretty good condition. However, I noticed when I installed Windows Vista Business, that a touch pad would flake out when this laptop went to sleep.

It could either be the operating system and perhaps this hard drive needs to get scrubbed and Vista reinstalled. I thought I would try a quicker potential solution by just re-connecting this touch pad from a motherboard. I found out this touch pad connection to motherboard is under a keyboard.

In order to remove a keyboard you must remove a plastic covering at top of laptop that includes a power button. Remove this skinny plastic piece and then you will notice two screws holding down this keyboard. Also, I noticed that this keyboard was not screwed down from under neath this laptop like some keyboards are.

Remove two screws right above this keyboard. Pull up and towards the display screen. Try being careful as you do not want to break any keys off.

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Laptop keyboard keys can be a pain in ass to re-connect. These keys can even become impossible to re-connect, which leads you to buying keyboard keys kits, which don’t always work or ordering a replacement keyboard. Once you have dislodged this keyboard be careful to not pull out this keyboard entirely, as it is connected to a motherboard via a cable.

You don’t necessarily have to entirely remove this keyboard by disconnecting it from motherboard to get to touch pad connection. Right above this touch pad and below where keyboard was positioned, you will notice a small cable with a blue marking connected to motherboard. You want to remove this cable and then re-connect.

Once reconnected place keyboard back where you found it. Place two screws you removed right above this keyboard. Place long skinny plastic piece that includes power button above keyboard. Hopefully, this will solve a flaky touch pad problem.