Windows Update – Version KB4016240 1703 Build 15063.250

Microsoft Corporation released cumulative update KB4016240 on April nineteen two thousand seventeen. This update includes eleven improvements and fixes to Windows 10. This update does not include any new features.

* Virtual Machines network connectivity
* RemoteRing Configuration Service Provider
* Internet Explorer memory issue
* Internet Explorer 11 javascript
* Web applications logout
* Dim internal monitor
* Win32 Direct3D applications and games
* Upgrading Windows 10
* Lock screen
* Windows forms antivirus
* Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge compatability

If you have been keeping up to date with Microsoft Windows 10 security updates then this will become only update available for install. However, if you have gotten behind or skipped some updates, those updates will also be installed. You can obtain this update via Microsoft Windows update or Microsoft Update Catalog website.

This update applies to Windows 10 operating system. You need to reboot your computer for this update to take effect.

Mozilla FireFox – Web Browser Version 53 Released on April nineteen two thousand seventeen officially released Mozilla web browser version 53. This latest version includes thirty nine bug fixes.

Nine of them are critical. Twenty of them are high priority. Seven of them are moderate.

Four of them are low priority. You can install Mozilla FireFox 53 manually by selecting “Help” then select “About Firefox”. In about Mozilla Firefox you will either see that your web browser is up to date or click on an “Update to 53” button.

You can download and install Mozilla FireFox version 53. Another way to upgrade Mozilla FireFox is with automatic updates. Click on “Tools” then select “Options”.

Click on “Advanced” tab. Select an “Update” tab. In update you have three options:

* Automatically install updates
* Check for updates
* Never check for updates

Verizon Wireless – FIOS is $70 For New Customers

Verizon Wireless Incorporated released Fios gigabit Internet for $70. However, as has many other websites pointed out, this offer is available for new customers. Also, you won’t really get gigabit access speeds.

Download bandwidth is limited to 940 Mbps, while upload bandwidth is limited to 880 Mbps. As far as the advertised $70 price goes, you will pay more than this when you include modem rental and other fees. This price is limited to new customers only.

Previous customers that upgrade will most likely pay more than what they are paying for now. Fios gigabit connection is available in New York City New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Richmond Virginia, Hampton Roads Virginia, Boston Massachusetts, Providence Rhode Island and Washington, District of Columbia. This service will not be available in all homes in these markets yet.

Around eight million people will have access to Verizon’s Fios gigabit Internet. You must order online to get this price.

Google Chrome Support – Release Version 58.0.3029.81

Google on April nineteen two thousand seventeen officially released Chrome web browser version 58.0.3029.81. This latest version includes twenty nine security related fixes. Three of these security vulnerabilities are listed as high importance.

Eight are listed as medium importance and one are listed as low importance.

These security issues affect Google Chrome web browser on Linux, MAC, and Microsoft Windows platforms. By default Chrome is supposed to automatically update. You can install Google Chrome version 58.0.3029.81 manually by selecting “Help” then select “About Google Chrome”.

In about Google Chrome, if an update is available, that update will begin downloading. You will need to relaunch Chrome for that update to install. You can download instead and install Google Chrome version 58.0.3029.81.

WordPress – 4.7.4 Maintenance Release Available

WordPress on April twenty two thousand seventeen released a maintenance update 4.7.4. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress. This update includes forty seven enhancements and security fixes.

Enhacements and security fixes in WordPress 4.7.4 include:

* Incompatibility between upcoming Chrom and visual editor
* Media handling inconsistencies
* REST API improvements

You can update your version of WordPress to 4.7.4 by clicking on your “Dashboard” if not already there. Then select “Updates”. Finally click on “Update Now”.

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.7.4. Also, you can download update 4.7.4 directly from Finally, check out this WordPress 4.7.2 update blog post for more details.

Earth Day – April 22nd

Earth Day is a world wide day recognizing the Earth’s environment. The first Earth day occurred on April twenty second nineteen seventy. This annual day of recognition occurs on April twenty second.

This organization works with over fifty thousand groups and one hundred ninety five countries across the globe. Earth Day is heavily involved in clean air, clean water, and endangered species. Laws in each niche were created due to Earth Day efforts.

The fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day is fast approaching coming in two thousand twenty. Earth Day is involved with other campaigns besides clean air, clean water, and endangered species. Gaylord Nelson, a former United States Senator founded Earth Day.

Moto X – G4 Play to Receive Android Nougat

Motorola is going to roll out Android Nougat for the Moto G4 Play in June of 2017. Previously other Moto G4 smart devices received nougat except for the G4 Play. A Lenovo company spokes person validated that in June the Moto G4 Play would received the latest Android operating system nougat.

“Consumers will start to see Android Nougat on Moto G4 Play in June.”

You can check out an Android Nougat upgrade schedule for motoral devices. You will need to choose from following manufacturers. Not all manufacturers may roll out Android Nougat on same schedule.

* AT&T
* Boost
* Consumer Cellular
* Republic Wireless
* Sprint
* T-Mobile
* Tracfonze
* US Cellular
* Verizon
* Virgin Mobile

Finally, you can search using same tool above if you have a different carrier or a retail Moto G4 Play.

Earth – to Get Asteroid 2014 JO25 Flyby

National Aeronautics and Space Administration detected Asteroid 2014 JO25 recently. This peanut shaped Asteroid will pass by Earth on Wednesday at a little over a million miles away. This will be this Asteroid’s closest approach in four hundred years.

This Asteroid was first discovered in two thousand fourteen. Astronomers claim this will be closest to Earth that this Asteroid 2014 JO25 will pass in next five hundred years. This Asteroid is around two thousand feet wide.

This celestial object does not pose any danger or threat to Earth. Radar at the California Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, detected this Asteroid.

“The asteroid has a contact binary structure – two lobes connected by a neck-like region. The images show flat facets, concavities and angular topography.”

Shantanu Naidu
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, California

Google Earth – Android and Chrome Upgrade

Google Incorporated has begun rolling out a major upgrade to their Google Earth product. This upgrade is two years in the making. For now Google Earth for Google Chrome has been upgraded with new features.

Google Earth for Google’s Android operating system will begin rolling out this week. Google Earth now includes Voyager which is a guided tour of specific destinations on Earth. I’m Feeling Lucky will take you to a random place on Earth.

Google Earth for Android and Chrome now includes a 3D button so that you can see a place from any angle. This is Home will literally show you different homes from different cultures around the Earth. Google Earth for iOS and other web browsers will roll out in future.

In order to use Google Earth for Chrome web browser make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled. It will not work without this enabled. Browse to chrome://settings/ in a new tab.

Scroll down to bottom and click on “Show Advanced Settings”. Under “System” click on a “Use hardware acceleration when available” check box. You will need to restart chrome if your turning this feature on for first time.

You can check to make sure that WebGL is enable by browsing to chrome://gpu in a seperate tab. Look to make sure that WebGL and or WebGL2 are “Hardware Accelerated”. Now you can browse to and use Google Earth.

HTC Desire 626s – Metro PCS Maintenance Update 2.17.1550.13

HTC Corporation released maintenance update 2.17.1550.13 on April five two thousand seventeen. This update is specifically for an HTC Desire 626s on Metro PCS network. I actually have one of these androids.

Also, I do not have service with Metro PCS and was still able to download and install this update via WiFi. This is a maintenace update that is supposed to fix some bugs. I was not able to find out how many and what specific bugs.

You should make sure that your device is connected via a wall chargers. Also, HTC corporation recommends your battery is at least thirty five percent charged. They claim it can take at least twenty minutes for this update to complete.

Your HTC Desire 626s may reboot multiple times during this upgrade. Also, if your on a metered connection you may want to connect to the Internet via WiFi as this upgrade is 112.7 megabytes in size. You can basically upgrade your device three different ways.

In my case I was notified of a software update. I downloaded that update and then installed that update. If you are not notified you can manually check to see if this update is available.

Go to “Settings” then select “About”. Choose “Software Updates” and you will either be prompted with an update to install or a message will state that your device is up to date. You want to look for 2.17.1550.13 update.

If you click on “Software information” in “About” screen you will see your current software number. Obviously, if it is 2.17.1550.13 you do not need to reinstall. If it is older then you want to install a newer update.

Another way to install this update manually is to download this update with HTC Sync Manager. This download is over one gigabytes size. Also, you will end up deleting all information from your HTC 626s.

Here are the manual system update instructions for your HTC Desire 626s.