Metropcs Android Update – Version 2.17.1550.23

HTC Corporation released maintenance update 2.17.1550.23 on July eighteen two thousand seventeen. This update is specifically for an HTC Desire 626s on Metro PCS network. I actually have one of these androids.

Also, I do not have service with Metro PCS and was still able to download and install this update via WiFi. This is a maintenace update that is supposed to fix some bugs and includes a June 2017 android security update. I was not able to find out how many and what specific bugs.

You should make sure that your device is connected via a wall charger. Also, HTC corporation recommends your battery is at least thirty five percent charged. They claim it can take at least twenty minutes for this update to complete.

Your HTC Desire 626s may reboot multiple times during this upgrade. Also, if your on a metered connection you may want to connect to the Internet via WiFi as this upgrade is 1.37 gigabytes in size. You can basically upgrade your device three different ways.

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In my case I was notified of a software update. I downloaded that update and then installed that update. If you are not notified you can manually check to see if this update is available.

Go to “Settings” then select “About”. Choose “Software Updates” and you will either be prompted with an update to install or a message will state that your device is up to date. You want to look for 2.17.1550.23 update.

If you click on “Software information” in “About” screen you will see your current software number. Obviously, if it is 2.17.1550.23 you do not need to reinstall. If it is older then you want to install a newer update.

Another way to install this update manually is to download this update with HTC Sync Manager. This download is over one gigabytes size. Also, you will end up deleting all information from your HTC 626s.

Here are the manual system update instructions for your HTC Desire 626s.

Download Youtube Video to MP4 – With Youtube DL Tool

I was recently searching for a video download utility for I was concerned with one of my many YouTube channels, that may get terminated due to Youtube censorship. I wanted a quick and easy way to download all of my YouTube videos.

Browser based plugins like Video Download Helper are excellent. However, they really don’t have an easy option to download batches of YouTube videos at a time. I found this free stand alone application called Youtube-DL.

This program works on Apple Macintosh operating systems, Linux operating systems, and Microsoft Windows operating system platforms. A Microsoft  windows operating system version is just a stand alone application. Also, you use a command line to download videos.

Actually you can use this tool to download videos from possibly hundreds of websites. Once you download this stand alone application, then you want to browse where you downloaded this program. Here is an example where youtube-dl.exe is located:


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You want to open up a command prompt window. You do not need to run this with administrative rights. Use a “cd” change directory command until you are in the same directory that you downloaded youtube-dl.exe to.

Then you want to get a Uniform Resource Locator of the video file you want to download. You can right click any YouTube video and then choose “Copy link address”. Now you type in youtube-dl.exe then the Uniform Resource Locator you want to download.


This will download my video I made about YouTube DL. That is all you need to type in. However, this program is much more convoluted and complex.

You can download an entire playlist by specifying a YouTube playlist Uniform Resource Locator. Also, you can download all videos from a YouTube channel by specifying this type of Uniform Resource Locator:


Replace “channelname” with that particular Youtube channel’s name that you want to download videos from. You can check out all the variables and program switches for YouTube-DL.

Create a Bootable USB – Flash Drive With Rufus

Rufus is my preferred application to create bootable Universal Serial Bus flash drives. This program is free and open source. This is a stand alone program that supports Windows XP and newer operating systems.

You can run this program on both thirty two and sixty four bit operating systems. Rufus will create bootable flash drives for both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. For example you can create a bootable Ubuntu installation Universal Serial Bus flash drive.

All you have to do is download an ISO image and then burn it to a flash drive. Mount a Universal Serial Bus flash drive. I always just use default settings with Rufus.

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Select your ISO image using a “Click to select” icon next to “Create a bootable disk image using”. All of your data on your flash drive will become deleted. Then you just click on “Start”.

Burning large ISO’s to bootable image can take awhile. Developers of Rufus claim that this application is faster than unetbootin. Also, there are updates available with this program.

I think automatic updates are disabled by default. Click on “About” in bottom left of Rufus. Select “Updates”. If a newer version of Rufus is available you will be able to download it.

Remember, Rufus is a stand alone executable. This program does not get installed into Programs and Features. You can even change the language that this programs uses in upper right hand corner.

You can choose a blank volume label for your bootable flash drives or enter your own.

Cisco IP Phone System – 7960 Configuration For Voip.MS

My current VOIP service providor is This type of VOIP service is not for an average user. You will need to know how to configure a Session Initiation Protocal phone.

Also, it helps to know basics of VOIP and session initiation protocal. I recently acquired three Cisco 7960 Internet Protocal phones. Luckily, they were already configured for use with sessition initiation protocal.

I did not have to reinstall a firmware in order to convert into using session initiation protocal. I am going to walk you through configuring your Cisco 7960 for use with You need to unlock a phone configuration by pressing a “settings” button.

Scroll down and highlight “Unlock Config”. A “Configuration Password” option opens up. Enter cisco for a password.

Click “Accept” after you enter in cicsco. You have now just unlocked your Cisco 7960 ip phone’s configuration. You can now edit settings.

Click on “Network Configuration” and press “Select”. You want to scroll down and make sure DHCP is enabled if you have a DHCP server on your network. If you chose to set a static network configuration, make sure to configure it for your local network.

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If you have a local Trivial File Transfer Protocal server scroll down and change that server address. You do NOT need a Trivial File Transfer Protocal and it is optional. After making any necessary changes in “Network Configuration”, click on “Back” button.

Now you want to select “SIP Configuration”. Choose “Line 1” and click on select. As long as you unlocked this phone’s configuration successfully, you should see an “Edit” option.

Click on “Edit” to edit Line 1. You want to enter in your account number in “Authentication Name” field. Enter your password in “Authentication Password field.

Scroll down and highlight “Proxy Address”. Enter your appropriate proxy address ie. Click “Save” after making any edits.

Scroll down and look for “Preferred Codec”. recommends choosing g711ulaw. Look for “Register Expires”. Edit this and change to 180, which is what recommends.

Finally, look for and make sure that “Register With Proxy” is set to YES. Press “Save” anytime you make any changes in these menus. Press back until you get to Cisco phone display.

Attempt to make an outgoing call. If you are not able to make a successful call, you may need to adjust the “Proxy Port” in “SIP Configuration” then “Line 1”.

Youtube to MP3 Audio – Converter With Avconv in Linux

I want to write this blog post, showing you how you can archive MP3s from MP4s. So as an example, my live streams are
recorded via a screen capturing program that saves them in MP4 format, which is a video file format. Well I want to take these live streams and then extrapolate the audio from that video file.

Here is what I use to perform that task. I use what is called Bash on Ubuntu. It is a free tool that you can install on Windows 10.

I would recommend that you use Linux. It will be much faster. You need some type of Linux distribution, ie. Mint, Debian, Suse, etc.

Ubuntu is my preferred distrobution of Linux that’s easy to use. So here is the command:

avconv -i example.mp4 -ac 1 -b:a 32k -ar 11025 example.mp3

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What I want to do is I want to take the audio out of that mp4 video and then convert it into an mp3 podcast. This command will convert your mp4 video file into an mp3 file. It will extrapolate the audio track from this mp4 file.

You can use this avconv Linux tool for other video formats such as wmv, avi, flv, etc. The above example will create an mp3 file with one channel mono sound, 32 kilobits per second, and 11025 sample rate. You can adjust these parameters to your liking.

Since I mostly just talk on my livestreams, I don’t necessarily need stereo sound and a higher sample rate. Also, I can keep my mp3 file sizes to a minimum. This avconv media converter runs much faster on a dedicated linux machine.

For stereo sound you would replace the number one above with a two, for two channels. Also, for stereo sound you would want to record at 128k instead of 32k. Finally, you can change the above sampling rate to 22050, 44100, 48000 or to whatever you would like.

Microsoft Security Updates – Version KB4025342 1703 Build 15063.483

Microsoft Corporation released cumulative update KB4025342 on July eleven two thousand seventeen. This update includes eleven improvements to Windows 10. This update does not include any new features.

* internet explorer 11 closes unexpectedly
* mediacreationTool.exe improved
* coremessaging.dll crashes
* visual studio application closes unexpectedly
* system crash after usb devices unplugged
* screen orientation stops working
* .jpx and .jbig2 stop rendering
* administrator user account control elevation
* korean handwriting
* profile roaming service
* security updates

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If you have been keeping up to date with Microsoft Windows 10 security updates, then this will become only update available for install. However, if you have gotten behind or skipped some updates, those updates will also be installed. You can obtain this update via Microsoft Windows update or Microsoft Update Catalog website.

This update applies to Windows 10 version 1703 operating system. Your build number will be 15063.483 for Windows 10 desktops, laptops, etc. You need to reboot your computer for this update to take effect.

Older versions of Comodo internet security will block this windows update. Install most recent version of Comodo to obtain this update.

Alternative Web Browsers – Mozilla Firefox Version 54.01 Released on June twenty nine two thousand seventeen officially released Mozilla web browser version 54.01. This latest version includes six bug fixes.

* tab title display
* opening new tab
* opening multiple tabs
* downloading files tab
* PDF printing
* Linux netflix

This version of Mozilla Firefox includes mulitple operating system processes, which is supposed to increase speed of this web browser. You can install Mozilla FireFox 54.01 manually by selecting “Help” then select “About Firefox”. In about Mozilla Firefox you will either see that your web browser is up to date or click on an “Update to 54.01” button.

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You can download and install Mozilla FireFox version 54.01. Another way to upgrade Mozilla FireFox is with automatic updates. Click on “Tools” then select “Options”.

Click on “Advanced” tab. Select an “Update” tab. In update you have three options:

* Automatically install updates
* Check for updates
* Never check for updates