ESD Damage – With Computer Components Basics and Overview

I had an individual, try to comment on one of my YouTube videos, claiming that I should never place a computer component on an ant-static bag. I made a YouTube video demonstrating the installation of a TP Link TL-WN881ND wireless card into a computer with Windows 10. I pulled this wireless card out of an anti-static bag, and placed it on the anti-static bag.

His assertion is just flat out wrong and what is ironic is that in this video, I actually was working on carpet. Yet, I was seemingly attacked, questioned, trolled, etc. or whatever you want to label it, for placing this peripheral component interconnect express card on an anti-static bag. You see anti-static bags that computer components are shipped in are generally NOT conductive.

It may depend on materials used. Many of them are not anti-static on the outside. They use what is known as a Faraday Cage. When a computer component is stored in these silver lined bags they are protected.

Carpet is much more of a threat because it acts as an insulator, which can be more conductive. What this commentor failed to mention is ground. Grounding yourself is very important when working with computer components.

From my understanding you do NOT want to earth ground yourself. When working with computer components to avoid ESD damage, you want to unplug a computer from a power source. Disconnect that power cable from a wall outlet.

You can even press the power button thirty seconds to a minute to clear the Electro Static Discharge and avoid any ESD damage. Now you can ground yourself using a wrist guard or just simply touching a larger metal object like a computer case.

Remember, you don’t want to become earth grounded. I have worked with computer components since nineteen ninety four and never had any problems with ESD damage. Also, I once worked for International Business Machines, and was required to pass Electro Static Discharge training.

Placing computer components on their anti-static bags is much better than placing them on carpet. You can even place them on the cardboard box they came in. What is important is making sure that you do not place them on conductive meterials.

Water, many types of metal, and people are electrical conductors. Yes, you and other humans are conductive. Materials like wood, plastic, paper, and cardboard are not conductive.

Carpet is conductive to a certain point, because it is an insulator. You need to understand what ESD or electro static discharge is first. Electro static discharge is the friction between two objects that come into contact with each other.

This friction can cause a charge.

“the rapid, spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge induced by a high electrostatic field. Note: Usually, the charge flows through a spark between two bodies at different electrostatic potentials as they approach one another”

A lightening strike is a large scale electro static discharge. This sudden flow of electricity between two objects can be caused by contact, electrical short, or electrical breakdown. If you are that paranoid or concerned you can measure the amount of ohms in for example an anti-static mat.

Obviously, you can test the amount of ohms in an anti-static bag with a multimeter. Turn on your multimeter and set it to test for highest amount of ohm. My Radio Shack multimeter can test up to two million ohm.

In closing, properly grounding yourself and computer components with anti-static bags, mats, wrist guards, etc. is recommended. Never working with components while a computer is turned on is imperative.

Online Live Video Streaming – on DailyMotion Discontinued

In June of two thousand seventeen video platform website decided to relaunch with more “professional” content. They decided to transition away from user created content to more daily entertainment, music, news, and sports. It fucking sounds like a television network to me.

Anyways, this will greatly impact average online live video streaming creators like myself. As a matter of fact I received an email from on September twenty two thousand seventeen stipulating that I would no longer be able to livestream on their platform. Below is the email that I received quoted verbatim:

“Hi there,

We are writing to inform you that as of September 27, 2017, you will no longer have access to the live streaming functionality, and will no longer be able to live stream videos on Dailymotion.

After this date, you will still have access to all previously recorded live streams.

Thank you for being a valuable Dailymotion partner! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Dailymotion Team”

I actually have more than one DailyMotion account and received the exact same email from them on my second account. I couldn’t find that much information online about DailyMotion’s transition away from user generated content to most likely paid for content. This video platform is now owned by a French company Vivendi.

I emailed DailyMotion about this decision and received a response that was basically a canned message from their June two thousand seventeen transition. I recommended in my email that this company should have at least told content creators, the reason why they were going to have their livestreaming capabilities permanently discontinued. I was asked to give them my DailyMotion account information and uniform resource locator for my Anet Computers channel.

So far I have not heard back from their support department. Perhaps DailyMotion will only allow certain content creators live streaming capabilities. I have very few subscribers so I doubt that I will be allowed to online live video streaming on DailyMotion under their relaunch and new owners.


Dailymotion is going to change to a professionnal / premium platform, for this reason we will stop the Live feature to partner non-verified.
This decision concern all partners of the platform.

What I found interesting is that my DailyMotion account had partner standing, but as of this blog post creation, I have lost my livestreaming capabilities. For now I will still be able to upload videos to this platform. I have only made a grand total of eight cents on this video sharing site.

I still plan on uploading video content to DailyMotion to try to obtain traffic to my website. That is if I will even be able to upload content in the future.

Video Game Streaming Sites – Barred by Nintendo

Nintendo Company Limited has decided to update their Creators Program. For quite some time, Nintendo allowed video game streaming sites to live stream their games. This allowed Nintendo to receive more exposure for their games.

However, more recently Nintendo Company Limited started behaving like other fascist billion dollar corporations. They turned into a control freak. They then required that content creators on video platforms such as, Youtube, etc. to split their ad revenue with Nintendo.

As if this fucking corporation does not make enough money off of their video games, consoles, accessories, etc. As greedy as they were, most gamers went along with this compromise. You see I am also a Youtube partner program content creator.

I receive fifty five percent of the ad revenue on my videos I create for Youtube. Youtube keeps the other forty five percent. This was a potential raw deal for gamers on Youtube, Twitch, etc. since they then had to share their fifty five percent of ad revenue with Nintendo.

In the past few days, Nintendo sent an email to all their creators program members stipulating they are now barred completely from streaming any Nintendo games on Youtube. At one time Nintendo barred any person from keeping ad revenues when streaming their video games. Their creators program was supposed to become a compromise, but perhaps was a way for Nintendo to shut down all video gamers from earning money, I don’t know.

Any account now registered in Nintendo’s creators program that uses video game streaming sites, will not receive the additional ten percent ad revenue that Nintendo Company Limited promised. You will not be able to live stream Nintendo video game content using your Nintendo creators program account.

However, in a strange twist Nintendo claims that you will be allowed to stream their copyright content, but you must not use a Youtube channel, that is registered to Nintendo’s creators program. In essence you are losing ten percent of your ad revenue now. Perhaps this was all by design so that Nintendo as greedy and controlling as they are can recoup that ten percent ad revenue.

“If you plan to broadcast content on YouTube Live, you have a couple of options. First, you can broadcast content on YouTube Live from a channel that is not registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. Or, you can cancel your channel’s registration to the Nintendo Creators Program and instead, register your videos containing Nintendo’s IP to the program separately.

Videos which had previously been registered through your channel would need to be reregistered individually.”

Currently, Youtube channels that were registered in Nintendo’s creators program received seventy percent of ad revenue. Individual videos that were registered in this creators program received sixty percent of ad revenue. In essence this basically bars you from livestreaming Nintendo video game content.

Adding insult to injury, you will lose some of your ad revenue. Also, Nintendo claims that you can still upload individual videos. That takes out the whole purpose of live streaming.

Nintendo Company Limited will NOT allow you to livestream at all, not even content that is NOT monetized. You may be able to upload pre-recorded video content with copyrighted Nintendo video games that you include commentary with. However, I would definately read their updated Creators Program terms.

I would hate to see you get a copyright strike on Youtube, which is one of the largest video game streaming sites.

Microsoft Security Updates – Version KB4040724 Build 15063.632

Microsoft Corporation released cumulative update KB4040724 on September twenty fifth two thousand seventeen. This update includes twenty seven improvements to Windows 10. This update does not include any new features.

* cellular connectivity
* Microsoft edge

If you have been keeping up to date with Microsoft Windows 10 security updates, then this will become only update available for install. However, if you have gotten behind or skipped some updates, those updates will also be installed. You can obtain this update via Microsoft Windows update or Microsoft Update Catalog website.

This update applies to Windows 10 version 1703 operating system. Your build number will be 15063.632 for Windows 10 desktops, laptops, etc. You need to reboot your computer for this update to take effect.

DNS Cache – Proxy by Acrylic Improves Website Response Times

I currently use Comcrapstic otherwise known as Comcast Xfinity. There Domain Name Server services are notoriously bad. One option is to use third party DNS servers like Google or Open DNS.

However, on Linux for many years I have used a caching name server on my local machines to improve website response times. You see each time you browse a website, first your computer waits for a reponse from your Domain Name Server. Once your DNS server responds, then your web browser begins downloading website content.

If you have slow or heavily used DNS servers, this can cost you time. I found a DNS cache proxy called Acrylic. This FREE tool allows you to install a caching name server on your Microsoft Windows computer.

Acrylic supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. There are two versions of Acrylic. A portable version allows you to preview this software without install, hence the word portable.

Also, each time you reboot your computer you will need to start the portable version of Acrylic. The install version of Acrylic starts at Windows boot. Once you download and install this softare, you will need to edit a configuration file.

You really only need to add your Domain Name Servers to this configuration file. Here is an example of a DNS server added to this configuration file:


You can add multiple Domain Name Server addresses. I insert four DNS server addresses in my configuration file. This file will sequentially access your DNS servers.

This is excellent in case your primary and or secondary Domain Name Server’s are down or having problems. This is an example of the four DNS server addresses I have added to my Acrylic configuration file.


I actually added Comcast Xfinity DNS server’s into my configuration file even after complaing about them. They are my second to last and last server’s that this program will try to resolve a domain name address. I used to use Open DNS server addresses until they started blocking some websites.

I am glad I found this FREE DNS cache utility. On Linux I use DNSmasq exclusively. According to Acrylic developers this can potentially you save around an hour of time per couple of weeks of web surfing.

What this program does is cache website Internet protocal addresses and their domain names into a database. Instead of sending a request to your Internet service providers domain name servers, having to wait for a response and then waiting for web pages to download, this program connects to your local DNS cache first. This over time can increase your performance.

Some Internet service providers use domain name service servers that can take multiple seconds to respond. This program tries to reduce your response time to as close to zero as possible.

Display Android Screen on PC – Wireless With ApowerMirror

A viewer on my Anet Computers YouTube channel, requested that I make a video demonstrating ApowerMirror wireless option. I had previously made a video explaining how to install and use ApowerMirror. However, I did not demonstrate the wireless option.

WiFi mode doesn’t let me control from pc. Could you make a video and use WiFi in that?

Adesuwa Dxxxxx

ApowerMirror is a FREE application to display Android screen on PC on your Google Android and Apple iPhone. Your Google Android device must be running Android version 5.0 or newer.

If you have an Apple iPhone then any version with AirPlay is compatible. You will be able to actually control your device from your Android and or iPhone. You can screen capture and record your smart device screen.

Also, you can take screenshot photos. A professional version is available for commercial use that removes an ApowerMirror watermark. In order to be able to control and stream your Android or iPhone screen wireless, you must be connected on the same WiFi network.

Then you download and install ApowerMirror from either Google play store or Apple store. Once this display android screen on PC application is installed, then click on a blue ApowerMirror icon to scan for your computer. Remember both your Android and computer must be on same WiFi network.

Also, you must install ApowerMirror desktop application. Make sure that you select “WiFi Connection” on both your computer and Android device. On your smart device you will see your computer labeled as “Apowersoft[username]”.

If your Microsoft windows username you login with is johndoe than your computer will show up as “Apowersoft[johndoe]”. Tap on Apowersoft[johndoe] and you should be connected via WiFi. Your WiFi connection will dictate how responsive this works.

For example an 802.11 n connection will be better than an 802.11 g connection. You should be able to see your Android screen on your computer now. You can use ApowerMirror in guest mode.

However, most of the FREE version features are disabled. You must register for a FREE account in order for other FREE features to become enabled.

Youtube Video Transcription – Tutorial

Have you ever wanted a transcript from a YouTube video? This video sharing platform actually has a built in transcription service. This service is entirely FREE.

First you need to browse the Youtube video that you want a transcript for. Under the video title and to the right of a “SHARE” link you will see three dots. Click those three … dots and then choose “Open transcript” from a menu.

Your transcript for that video will be displayed either below the video if you are watching it in full screen or theatre mode. If you are watching that video in default mode then that transcript will get displayed on the right hand side. Each line of this transcript includes a time stamp.

You can copy and paste parts or all of this transcript by holding down your left mouse button and scrolling down through this transcript window, until you get to end of transcript. I am not aware that Youtube has an ability for you to export this transcript into a downloaded file. When you are finished highlighting this text then you can either right click and choose “Copy” or hold Ctrl and c key.

Then you can paste this text into a file by either pressing Ctrl key and v or right clicking and choosing “Paste”. I just noticed that YouTube has a toggle timestamps feature that I don’t think they had before. While viewing a transcript, click on three verticle dots.

Then select by clicking on “Toggle timestamps”. This will remove all timestamps from this transcript. I have noticed that this service is not perfect. Some words are not transcribed correctly.

I have seen misspellings too. However, this is a free way to obtain a transcript from a Youtube video. Here is an example transcript from a video from my Anet Computers Youtube channel.

00:00 Ultra video pot of tea.i I want to make
00:03 this quick video showing you how to
00:05 download and obtain a transcript from a
00:09 YouTube video you may not know about it
00:12 you may know about it I’m going to pick
00:13 this video from my youtube channel and
00:18 it’s there and within a computer oops
00:21 sorry about that so all you need to do
00:23 is you need to pick a video that you
00:26 want the transcript from I don’t you
00:29 might have to login to your YouTube
00:31 account you might not have to so you
00:33 select a video then you scroll down and
00:37 look for the more you see where the more
00:39 with the 3 dots click on more and then
00:41 there’s four options as of the time of
00:44 this video creation there’s report
00:47 transcript statistics add translations
00:50 click on the second one transcript click
00:52 it and you’re not done yet for now
00:56 there’s only one option I’m not sure why
00:58 that is maybe in the future YouTube’s
00:59 going to add additional options for
01:00 transcripts I don’t know click on the
01:03 drop down arrow and then select English
01:05 automatic captions again and then now
01:08 now you’ve got your transcript if you
01:10 notice you scroll down a little bit
01:12 there’s your transcript it’s it has
01:15 timestamps so this is now this isn’t
01:19 perfect
01:20 caveat emptor this is not perfect it’s
01:23 voice recognition sometimes it’ll get
01:28 you know three or four sentences
01:30 perfectly and then it’ll fuck up and get
01:33 just start butchering you know like this
01:37 my name is not I’m not a female the last
01:40 time I checked I have male organs but
01:44 you know I’m saying the way you spell my
01:47 name is double aro in but you know it’s
01:49 all good so as you can see every
01:53 sentence is transcribed with a timestamp
01:57 and if you click another neat feature is
02:00 if you click on like this one at the
02:04 15-second mark you click on computer
02:06 problems keyboard locked how to click on
02:09 that and if you scroll up it actually
02:11 takes you to the 15th
02:13 second mark so what you could do is
02:15 let’s say I don’t know let’s say there
02:21 was instead of replaying the video and
02:24 then listening to it and then press
02:26 pause or trying to remember where it was
02:28 at in the video if there’s something
02:30 really important that you’re you’re
02:32 wanting to find in a video and instead
02:35 of downloading it and then using your
02:38 own transcription program what you can
02:41 do is you can use YouTube’s
02:43 transcription and then you can click on
02:46 whichever line you can even search it
02:49 another thing you can do is you can
02:50 right click or what you can well you
02:52 could highlight it all now you can’t
02:55 click control a because it will select
02:58 everything over here but what you could
03:00 do is quickly move your rapido is just
03:04 select left click select and keep
03:07 scrolling down and then scroll back up
03:12 and then everything is selected and then
03:15 right click and then click copy and then
03:17 you could copy it to a word document or
03:20 a notepad and then from there you could
03:23 search through it or whatever but but
03:26 here you can click that line and it’s
03:29 going to take you to the 9 minute 19
03:31 second part of the video so that’s how
03:35 you use YouTube’s transcription that’s
03:39 how you get a transcript of a youtube
03:40 video if you think my information is
03:44 productive you can tip me the super chat
03:46 on a live stream PayPal my contribution
03:49 format my website Annika Pierce calm and
03:51 or become a patron on my patreon page
03:53 and that includes if I helped solve one
03:57 of your most common computer problems uh
03:59 deals
04:04 you

How to Use Craigslist – Saved Searches Email Alert Notification

I use for quite a few reasons. I have sold an automobile on Craigslist. I have even purchased multiple vehicles from Craigslist.

There are certain categories on Craigslist that I like to view each day. However, this can become time consuming and obviously one can get distracted. Craigslist has saved searches email alert notifications available to you.

I am going to show you how to use Craigslist saved searches email alerts. You want to first login to your craigslist account. Browse to a category that you would like to receive email alerts of search terms.

I am going to pick the computers section as an example. In a “search computers” box at top type in what you want to search for. As an example I typed in “laptop computer”.

On the right hand side of this search box you will see “save search” next to a search icon. Click on this hyperlink and you will be taken to your “saved searches”. By default your saved search email alert is turned off.

Click on a check box, under an “alert” box column to turn email alerts on. This check box will turn from “off” to “on” now. You have no turned on email alerts for the search term you typed in.

I will now receive email alerts for that search term laptop computer that I typed in. On right hand side you will see an “edit” and “delete” buttons. Obviously, if you want to delete this email alert than you just click on “delete”.

You can change the name of this alert and or change “Notification” from “Email” to “None”. You will no longer receive alerts everytime a new post is created for your search term in the category you selected. You can always turn this alert back on without having to recreate this alert.

Most Recent MAC OS – High Sierra 10.13 Available

Apple Incorporated has released their newest operating system. This time MACintosh operating system 10.13 will not get a new name. This latest operating system from Apple is called High Sierra.

This operating system is 4.8 gigabytes in size. You will need to have MACintosh operating system 10.7.5 or later in order to upgrade. This most recent MAC OS includes Apple File System.

Apple File System supports flash technology and x64 bit architecture. High Efficiency Video Encoding is included in MAC OS 10.13. This compresses video up to forty percent more than H.264.

This operating system includes Metal two. Developers wil be able to program virtual reality for the first time on a MACintosh operating system. There are some new features in the Photos application.

Apple Safari 11 web browser has some new features as well. By default auto play videos will not load. However, you can allow specific website(s) to auto play in settings.

You can upgrade most MACintosh’s built in two thousand nine or later. You are recommended to back up your data before you upgrade to 10.13. This operating system upgrade is entirely free.

Your MAC will need 14.3 gigabytes of available storage to upgrade. You may need to remove some files if you get any disk space error message(s). You will need an Apple ID to upgrade from within your existing MAC operating system.

In Apple’s official most recent MAC OS information about this operating system upgrade they claim that you need Apple MAC OS Lion 10.7.5 or newer. However, they also stipulate that you need OS 10.8 to perform this upgrade. Not sure why this discrepancy exists.

Also, you can download this upgrade from their Apple Store page for High Sierra. The following Apple MAC’s are compatible with High Sierra 10.13:

* MacBook manufactured late 2009 or later
* MacBook Pro manufactured mid 2010 or later
* MacBook Air manufactured late 2010 or later
* Mac mini manufactured mid 2010 or later
* iMac manufactured late 2009 or later
* Mac Pro manufactured mid 2010 or later

Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working – For Some Keys on Asus

A viewer of a video on my Anet Computers YouTube channel asked me to troubleshoot why only certain keys on their Asus laptop would not work.

Md. Hasan R*****

“Hi, my some key are don’t working,how can I active these are? My laptop ASUS intel core i3 -5010U,2.1 GHz. Inactive keys are N & M & L & , & L & O & word key 9.

please advise how can I active it.”

Without knowing an exact Asus laptop model number, I am limited to a certain extent. However, I can give out some quick tips. First thing you could try is to plug in an external keyboard to your laptop.

If you are receiving the same problem then it could be a keyboard configuration setting. You can access “Control Panel” then look for “Region and Language” and make sure everything is set to your country for example United States. Since I do NOT know what operating system they are using I am limited in my troubleshooting ability.

If this does not fix your laptop keyboard stopped working for some keys than you can try removing your laptop keyboard from Microsoft windows device manager. Access “Control Panel” and look for “Device Manager”. Once in device manager look for your Asus laptop keyboard under “Keyboards”.

You might just see an “HID Keyboard Device”. HID stands for Human Interface Device. Right click this keyboard and select “Uninstall device”.

You can either reboot your computer so that Microsoft windows detects and loads a driver again or click on a “Scan for hardware changes” icon in device manager. Now test to see if those keys started to work. Another option you can try is to right click your keyboard and select “Update Driver”.

Try updating your keyboard driver via either “Search automatically for updated software driver”, download, or optical drive via “Browse my computer for driver software”. Finally, you can boot your computer into windows safe mode. If all keys work in Windows safe mode, then there your problem is with normal windows mode.

You can always restore your computer back to when all keys on your keyboard worked with Microsoft Windows system restore tool. You may need to reinstall Microsoft windows operating system if all else fails. If some of your keys still do not work, you can try reseating your Asus laptop keyboard connector on the motherboard.

However, this will require you to physically take apart your laptop. There is a possibility that you have faulty keyboard hardware.