Firefox Software Updater – Mozilla Firefox Version 57.0.1

Mozilla Corporation on November twenty nine two thousand seventeen officially released Mozilla web browser version 57.0.1 which they have named Quantum. This latest version includes three bug fixes via Firefox software updater. There are no new features or improvements with Mozilla Firefox version 57.0.1.

* video color distortion issue with advanced micro devices
* prefs.js non ascii characters issue
* osx google map crashes with intel hd graphics 3000 card

This version of Mozilla Firefox includes multiple operating system processes, which is supposed to increase speed of this web browser. You can install Mozilla FireFox 57.0.1 manually by selecting “Help” then select “About Firefox”. In about Mozilla Firefox you will either see that your web browser is up to date or click on an “Update to 57.0.1” button.

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You can download and install Mozilla FireFox version 57.0.1 Quantum. Another way to upgrade Mozilla FireFox is with automatic updates. Click on “Tools” then select “Options”.

Click on “Advanced” tab. Select an “Update” tab. In update you have three options:

* Automatically install updates
* Check for updates
* Never check for updates

Ths brand new Mozilla Firefox Quantum web browser was developed for Microsoft Windows, Apple MACintosh, Linux, Google Android, and Apple iOS operating systems.

New Microsoft Browser – Edge Available on Android and iOS

The new Microsoft browser named Edge is now available on Google Android and Apple iOS devices. You will be able to download Microsoft Edge web browser for Apple iOS from the Apple Store. Also, you will be able to download Microsoft Edge web browser for Google Android from the Play Store.

Microsoft is not charging a dime for their Edge web browser mobile application. Your Internet favorites and passwords will sync across devices. You can even look at the same page on your dumb device, I mean smart device on your personal computer.

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If you save a password to a website on your smart device than with roaming passwords, that password will be saved on your desktop or laptop computer version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge web browser is only available in select markets and languages. Microsoft claims they will be rolling out more languages and markets in the future.

* united states english language
* china simplified chinese language
* france french language
* india english language
* united kingdom english language

MAC System Update – For High Sierra 10.13.1

Apple Incorporated released Apple macOS 10.13.1 security update on November twenty nine two thousand seventeen. This update includes one major security fix.

* administrator rights bypass

There is a major security vulnerability with Apple Macintosh operating system high sierra 10.13. This vulnerability does NOT apply to macOS 10.12.6 or earlier. Basically, an intruder could bypass normal administrator authentication without supplying a password.

There was a problem with the validation of credentials on macOS high sierra 10.13. In order to install this update on your MAC operating system Sierra, you open the Application Store then select “Updates”. If this macOs Sierra 10.13.1 update is available, then click on an “Update” button next to it.

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If for some reason you do not have the application store on your MAC, then click on “Apple” menu and then choose “Software Update”. You may need to install other available updates before macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 becomes available on your MACintosh. Finally, you can configure your MACintosh running operating system X El Capitan version 10.11.5 or newer, to automatically download updates.

In Apple Store preferences choose ”Download newly available updates in the background”. Now, your MACintosh will automatically download these updates for you and notify you when they are available to install. The build number on your Macintosh will now be 17B1002 after installing this update.

If after installing this Macintosh operating system high sierra 10.13.1 security update, you still need root access, you will need to enable the root account. Also, you will need to reset this root account password. You may run into issues with file sharing authentication and or connecting to files after installing this 10.13.1 update.

This would require you to repair file sharing on your Macintosh.

WordPress Version Latest – 4.9.1 Update

WordPress on November twenty nine two thousand seventeen released maintenance and security update 4.9.1. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress since version 3.7. This update includes four new security and eleven bug fixes.

These four security issues could become exploited during a multi vector attack on your WordPress website.

* properly created newbloguser key
* html language elements
* really simple syndication and atom feeds
* unfiltered_html capability to upload javascript files
* theme template files caching
* mediaelement javascript error
* editing theme and template files on windows servers

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You can update your version of WordPress to 4.9.1 by clicking on your “Dashboard” if not already there. Then select “Updates”. Finally click on “Update Now”.

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.9.1. Also, you can download update 4.9.1 directly from Finally, check out this WordPress 4.9.1 update blog post for more details.

Youtube Demonetizing Videos – That Are Not Family Friendly

Youtube demonetizing videos that are not family friendly, is another wave of Youtube demonitization practices. Youtube claims that they have a five step process to combat what they consider NOT family friendly content. This Google company has removed thousands of videos and removed fifty Youtube channels.

Youtube has implemented age restriction now. Content that is flagged as age restricted will NOT be viewable if you are NOT logged into your Youtube account, under the age of eighteen, or have restricted mode enabled. Also, Youtube is going to begin using automated tools, including artificial intelligence, to find and escalate the human review of these types of not family friendly videos.

In June of this year, Youtube started removing ads from content that they deem not advertiser friendly. This company claims they have now removed 3 million ads from their platform. These ads were removed because they were showing up on “…inappropriate videos targeting families…”.

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Google’s Youtube claims that they are working on removing ads from an additional 500,000 thousand videos. Another way Youtube is trying to make their platform more family friendly is to block what they deem inappropriate comments on videos featuring children under 18.

In the past Youtube was removing these types of comments via human flagging and automation. Now Youtube claims that they will now disable all comments from these types of videos, where inappropriate comments referring to children under 18 are seen. Youtube created Youtube Kids as a way to perhaps funnel family friendly content.

Youtube now partners with alleged experts, whom have been helping them flag certain non family friendly content. Youtube is now going to allegedly double these so called “trusted flaggers”. I was not able to independently verify this but supposedly Youtube has removed 150,000 videos because of this so called not family friendly content.

Also, allegedly companies like Adidas, Hewlett Packard, and Mars decided to pause ads from displaying on Youtube because of this type of video content.

Thunderbird Email Program – Version 52.5.0 Released

Thunderbird email program version 52.5.0 has been released. This update was released to the public on November twenty third two thousand seventeen. One new feature is included in this Thunderbird email program version 52.5.0

* better charter communications/spectrum internet message access protocal support

Four major issue areas have been fixed.

* internet message access protocal support alerts
* clicking on message marks another message as read
* post office protocol alerts
* three security issues

Two critical and one high security issues have been resolved.

* memory safety bug
* uniform resource locator information leak
* pressshell vulnerability

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You can update Mozilla Thunderbird email program to version 52.5.0 via automatic updates. Also, you can configure your email program to notify you instead. Click on “Tools” from main menu and then choose “Options”.

Then you want to click on an “Advanced” tab. Click on an “Update” tab. Choose “Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them”.

Finally, click on “OK” to save these settings. You must be using Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3 or later, Windows server 2003 or later, Apple Macintosh OS X 10.9 or later, and Linux GTK+ 3.4 or higher. You can always download and manually install Mozilla Thunderbird email program version 52.5.0

Hewlett Packard Laptops – 15AC121DX Memory Replacement

I recently received a Hewlett Packard Laptops model 15AC121DX. I am going to walk you through the memory replacement process. There are 12 total screws that you will need to remove from this bottom cover.

You can place this laptop face down. You need to take out the battery. There are two plastic releases that you need to use in order to remove this battery.

Once this battery is removed, you will notice two small screws under the battery. Remove these screws with a smaller phillips screwdriver. Now you can remove the other 10 larger laptop screws.

You will need a phillips screwdriver for those 10 screws as well. Once you remove those 10 screws you will want to remove the DVD optical drive. Once the optical drive is removed then you can go ahead and remove the bottom cover.

The easiest way to remove this bottom cover, is perhaps to place this laptop facing down. Now just pull up on the bottom cover. This cover should come off pretty easily, as long as you have removed all 12 screws.

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There are two memory slots located in the center of this Hewlett Packard laptops model 15AC121DX right next to the microprocessor heat sink. In order to remove one or both memory modules, you just pull outwards on the two shiny metal releases. These memory modules will move up as long as the releases are pulled out.

Now you can just grab the memory module(s) by the end and pull them out of these slots. When you replace these memory modules make sure to slide them flush and tight so that you cannot really see any of the metal contacts. Then just push down with your fingers on the edges of these random access memory modules until they are in tight.

The two metal releases on each side will hold these memory modules in place. You have successfully replaced the memory on a Hewlett Packard laptops model 15AC121DX.

Hewlett Packard Laptops – Warranty Lookup Instructions

As part of my compute repair business, I often receive Hewlett Packard laptops to fix. I often times lookup the warranty status of these notebook computers. Hewlett Packard has a manual warranty lookup tool on their website.

You will need the serial number from your Hewlett Packard laptops. You can find this serial number, usually on the bottom of the laptop, either on a sticker or imprinted. Sometimes this number rubs off.

In that case you might find it in the computer’s basic input output system BIOS. Another place you might find the serial number is on the box when you purchased your laptop. Select your “Country of purchase from a drop down list.

Type in your “Serial Number” and then click on “Check Warranty”. After a few seconds you should be taken to a screen that displays your warranty status. You will either see “Expired” in red font or “Active” in green font next to “Warranty status details for your product”.

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You will also be able to view your serial number and product number below this. The start and end date for your Hewlett Packard laptops warranty is shown. You can also view service type and service level for your warranty.

From this page you can click on links to obtain product information as well as software and drivers information pertaining to your exact model of laptop computer. According to this manual warranty lookup tool, if your warranty expires and you call Hewlett Packard for support you will be charged a fee. At the very least you will be able to view the warranty status for your Hewlett Packard laptops.

If you still want paid support for your out of warranty laptop, click on “Contact a support agent”. Then click on “Get Phone Number” on the next page. Just remember that you will most likely be charged a fee.

Hewlett Packard Laptops – 15AC121DX Hard Drive Removal

A computer repair customer of mine brought to me a Hewlett Packard Laptops model 15AC121DX. I am going to describe what you need to do to remove the hard drive in this notebook computer. First you will a philips style screw driver.

First you want to remove the laptop battery. There are two releases one on each side of this battery. Once the laptop battery is removed, there are two screws underneath this battery.

Remove those two screws plus another ten screws. Two of the remaining ten screws are hidden under rubber feet on each side of this laptop towards the rear. Once you have all twelve screws removed you can take this bottom cover off by just pulling the cover up towards you while the laptop is face down.

The hard drive is located towards the left front. There are two small screws holding this hard drive in place. Remove those two screws.

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Now you can pull the hard drive out. The hard drive is connected to an adapter that connects to the motherboard. You can just pull this adapter cable off.

It is attached near the SATA and power connectors on the hard drive. There is one metal bracket attached to one side of this laptop. If you are replacing this hard drive you will need to transfer this metal bracket to the new hard drive.

There are two small screws that hold this metal bracket in place. Make sure the metal bracket is attached to the hard drive on the correct side so that the SATA and power connectors face towards you when reattaching the hard drive adapter cable. Remember to screw down the hard drive with those two small screws.

Place the back cover back on. Remember to tighten the two screws under the battery. Insert the laptop battery back in its place.

Slide the optical drive in its slot. Now you just need to tighten the ten remaining screws. You have successfully replaced the hard drive on a Hewlett Packard Laptops model 15AC121DX.

Hewlett Packard Laptops – 15AC121DX Not Working Troubleshooting

A computer repair customer brought me a Hewlett Packard laptops model 15-AC121DX that will not work. This is actually one of my repeat customers. She claimed that a Windows 10 update was installing and the next thing she knew the laptop no longer booted.

I was able to get this Hewlett Packard laptops 15-AC121DX working again. I tried the inital taking out the laptop battery, disconnecting the AC adapter, and then holding the power button for 30 seconds routine. I took off the bottom cover of this laptop.

There are twelve screws that you will need to remove. Also, there are two screws under the battery. Once I removed the bottom cover, I removed the Random Access Memory.

This Hewlett Packard laptops model 15-AC121DX still would not start the Power on Self Test. I stripped down this laptop to the bare bones. I took out both memory modules, hard drive, optical drive, and even the wireless card.

This laptop still would not power on successfully. I did notice that I finally got an orange light to turn on with just the AC Adapter plugged in. This tells me the laptop battery was charging.

When I removed the laptop battery a solid white light turned on. This tells me that the AC adapter was good and power to the computer was being received. However, each time I pressed the power button, the case fan would not turn on and no other lights would display.

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Finally, I tried installing some spare DD3 memory I had. I finally got this laptop computer to at least attempt to power on. I noticed the power button would blink three times.

Also, I noticed a Caps Lock key would blink three times as well. I performed a quick Google search and found that this led blink code meant that this was a Random Access Memory issue. I decided to install the original memory that came with this 15-AC121DX laptop.

Low and behold I was finally able to get this computer to peform the power on self test. I was able to see a message on the laptop display screen. There was a problem with the board ID being incorrect in the Basic Input Output System.

I tested both memory modules in both slots. I narrowed it down to a bad memory module. Also, I had to enable “legacy support” in the BIOS. You press F10 to get into the BIOS on this particular HP laptop.

I was finally able to get Windows 10 to boot successfully. I attempted to upgrade the BIOS to version F.23 but had to run the flash a second time before it succeeded. Also, I was able to finally get the laptop battery to fully charge.

I have one more additional problem. Windows 10 fall creaters update will not install successfully to Windows 10 1709. Once I fix this problem, I can return this laptop to the customer. I may not be able to clear that BIOS error.

However, my customer now has a working HP laptop with Windows 10 operating system. If the battery is bad or only charges intermittently, then they can order a replacement.