Adobe go Live – Quick Tips For Publishing to Your Web Server

You have Adobe GoLive CS. Your hard drive on your previous computer crashed. Is there a way of accessing your website for alterations etc. on your new computer? You set up your site again with images as well as pages as before and tried to connect with no luck.

With a "Select Publish Server", you have tried filling in a server directory and your not sure what to put. You have filled in your username & password without a problem. Your web hosting providor has sent you an email with nameserver information that may be an answer.

Are you trying to administer your web site with Adobe Go Live on You can try to access your site using Cpanel. If you forgot your Cpanel and Billing logins you can click on "Forgotten Your Password?" link. You have done that, but a problem seems connecting using a Select Publish Server in GO Live.

You want to publish files to a public_html folder. With Cpanel JustHost support states you can connect with just your domain name Chapter sixteen of this Adobe GoLive manual covers publishing to a web server.

Try using as your ftp server. Correct format for ftp should look like this:

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