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Apple Incorporated will be releasing a new video application along with iOS 10.3. This will become available April of two thousand seventeen. Apple Clips video application is entirely free and incorporated into iOS 10.3

You can make and share videos from your iPhone now. You can customize your videos with effects, graphics, and text. Making a video is quick, by recording on the fly, grabbing a previously recorded video clip, or a photo from your gallery.

Animated captions can be created by talking as you record. These captions are synced with sound of your voice. You can choose different types of filters.

Including emojis, speech and text bubble overlays, and music overlay that is adjustable by size of your video. You can share a video to your contact list by using Messages. Also, you can post your video to FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Apple Clips Clips is compatible with:

* iPhone 5s or newer
* iPad Pro,
* iPad 5th generation
* iPad Air or newer
* iPad mini 2 or newer
* iPod touch 6th generation

This application requires iOS 10.3 or later.

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