Best Production Software – Unable to Insert Symbols Into X4 File?

Suddenly, you can no longer insert symbols into your Wordperfect documents. Whether you click "insert symbol" or use Control W, no symbol dialogue box opens. Instead, a cursor disappears from that document.

If you click back on that document with your mouse, that cursor reappears. You tried repairing that program. You tried uninstalling and reinstalling that program.

Neither fixed a problem. You are using WordPerfect X4 on a Windows 7 platform. What can you do to remedy this problem?

Close all open programs so you can see an entire desktop. Open WordPerfect, then press Ctrl + W to open a symbols dialog. If it fails to appear, that dialog probably is hidden off screen.

Now, press in sequence, don't hold any keys down while pressing other keys, these three keys:

Alt, Spacebar, m. This should select a hidden dialog, even though it remains hidden. Now, take your hand off your mouse, you need to use keys and press an UpArrow key several times or a LeftArrow key several times. One or an other or both should move that dialog back onscreen where you can see its outline.

Click Enter or click your mouse on a desktop; this should make it completely visible. You can now drag it around and or resize it. If successful, Windows should remember to keep it on screen and not hide it.

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