Bios Locked – How to Unlock The BIOS on Your Toshiba Laptop

How to unlock a BIOS on a Toshiba laptop. Right after you hit a power button on your laptop press an F2 key. This should make that computer enter a BIOS.

If not, try pressing an ESC key while powering on that laptop then hit an F1 key. Once in a BIOS look for a menu called “Security” or “Advanced”. In this correct menu look for a “supervisor” or “security” password.

There will be an option to “Disable” that password. If you are prompted for a “BIOS” password after attempting those keystrokes above, then try power cycling that computer and pressing a left “SHIFT” key as that computer is powering on. This should bypass a BIOS password prompt.

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BIOS Locked

If you still cannot bypass that first password screen please try entering in “Toshiba” without quotes with a capital T. Please only try entering that password once. If it doesn’t work don’t try it again as some Laptop BIOS’s will lock you out completely after three failed password attempts.

This procedure was originally for a Toshiba model #PSAA5U laptop. These instructions can be applied towards other Toshiba laptops.

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