Blackberry Keyone – Android Smartphone

Blackberry Limited has released their Keyone android smartphone. This device will become available for purchase May thirty one two thousand seventeen. This device includes android 7.1 operating system.

A 4.5 inch touchscreen and twelve megapixel camera are included. Also, two terabyte microsd cards are supported. You can register now to get notified when this device is ready for pre-order.

This device comes with an aluminum frame. A built in keyboard comes with programmable shortcuts. You can flick words as you type. Touch navigation similar to a touchpad is included.

Android Nougat 7.1 operating system with home screen widgets comes stock. A 3505 mAh battery is built in. Blackberry claims this battery will last all day.

This device is secured with Blackberry security software. This device includes an eight megapixel front facing camera and twelve megapixel main rear facing camera. This device runs off an octa core processor.

The keyone includes three gigabytes of onboard random access memory and thirty two gigabytes of flash memory. WiFi up to 802.11 five gigahertz ac is supported. You can find out more details about the Blackberry Keyone android smartphone.

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