Brother MFC-J480DW Will Not Print – Troubleshooting

I received another computer printer request. Here is the original initial request:

“My MFC-J480DW printer stopped scanning and printing. I need help. Thanks.

It says “This machine is not connected to your PC. Connect this machine and your PC via USB cable or network.””

Here is my initial original response:

What operating system are you using? For example Apple Macintosh, Windows 7, 8, or 10.
Are you getting that error when trying to use your printer from your computer or the printer itself.

I would test to see if you can scan and print directly from the printer. If it works then the problem is on your computer. You could try powering off your printer.

Shutdown your computer. Power on both your computer and printer and see if you are able to print and scan. Windows 7.

When I hit “Print” on the computer, nothing happens on the printer. I can copy from the printer. I get the error message I submitted when I try to scan from the printer.

Can you fix this remotely like it’s been done in the past? I’m not computer savvy. I was able to remotely connect to this individuals computer and fix this problem.

I tried to fix this problem first by not removing and reinstalling this printer software. Many times it can become a quagmire when trying to remove and reinstall printer software. Also, it can take a long ass fucking time to remove and reinstall the software.

Another reason why I try to fix the problem without software removal is that removing printer software many times requires a reboot. I tried to perform a repair install to no avail. I requested this individual power off and on the printer.

I could not ping this printer. The installed Brother printer software could not detect the printer. A quick tip is to try to figure out whether or not the problem is on your computer or the printer itself.

After trying to troubleshoot and fix the problem, I decided to just cut to the chase and reinstall the Brother MFC-J480DW printer software. This caused a necessary reboot. Fortunately, the remote access software I use will automatically reconnect to my clients.

However, this can be risky because many times people do NOT have a clue how to connect with me again. Anyways, I received one error message after the reboot when trying to reinstall the software. This required a second reboot of this computer.

Finally, after the second reboot I was able to successfully reinstall the Canon MFC-J480DW printer software. Before I reinstalled this software I used my preferred PC optimization tool on this computer. I almost always now use this tool when working on computer’s remotely when I end up removing and reinstalling software.

Many printer installations now a days are long and slow. However, since I use a PC optimization tool after removing the printer software and before reinstalling this software, I have a lot less issues. Printer software many times does not clean up after itself very well, and that includes junk files and junk registry entries.

I had one minor issue after this printer installed. The installation wizard detected the printer wireless. However, for whatever reason when this individual tried to scan a document directly from the scan button on the printer, the same error message was received at the beginning of this blog post.

This individual however was able to scan from the computer using the Brother utilities. I just had to tutor this individual on how to scan from the computer. This was an acceptable work around.

These instructions were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed and connected to a Brother MFC-J480DW printer. You could certainly used these instructions as a basis point for troubleshooting other printer connection problems.

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