WordPress Version Latest – 4.9.2 Update

WordPress on January sixteen two thousand eighteen released maintenance and security update 4.9.2. This is an update for all previous versions of WordPress since version 3.7. This update includes one new security vulnerability and twenty one bug fixes.

There was a Cross Site Scripting vulnerability found in the MediaElement files. These files have been removed from this version of WordPress 4.9.2. Here are some of the bug fixes.

* firefox javascript errors prevented saving posts
* get category link and category description restored
* theme restoration will restore previous widgets

You can update your version of WordPress to 4.9.2 by clicking on your "Dashboard" if not already there. Then select "Updates". Finally click on "Update Now".

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.9.2. Also, you can download update 4.9.2 directly from WordPress.org. Finally, check out this WordPress 4.9.2 update blog post for more details.

How to Install OS X – Leopard 10.5.4 on G5 PowerPC

I recently acquired three Macintosh G5 PowerPC's. None of them would boot up properly. I was able to install Random Access Memory correctly in these three computers and they all booted up properly.

I am going to describe to you how to install OS X Leopard which is version 10.5.4. First, you will need either a Digital Optical Disc or Universal Serial Bus flash drive. You can install OS X via USB flash drive but it requires more technical knowlegde beyond this blog post.

Apple allows you to buy and sell used Macintosh operating system discs. You can obtain them from websites similar to Craigslist, Amazon, and Ebay. If your missing a hard drive you can install a new or used one and partition it using Mac OS X install DVD.

If you cannot get the DVD optical tray to open you can power on your Macintosh while pressing and holding your left mouse button. USB mice designed for PC's are supported by Macintosh hardware. Also, standard USB keyboards are supported by Macintosh hardware.

You do not have to use official Apple Macintosh keyboard and mice. The G5 PowerPC will eventually boot off of the DVD disc. After you choose your language, you click the right arrow down below at the initial screen to begin the installation.

You will see a welcome screen where you click "Contine". You will then be presented with a software license agreement screen. Click on "Agree" to continue the installation.

If you have a used, refurbished, or new hard disk then you will need to create a partition. If you do NOT create this partition now, the MAC OS X Leopard 10.5.4 install will fail. However, you will not get notified why the install failed.

Many times it is because you have not created a partition yet. To create a partition click on "Utilities" from the top menu and then choose "Disk Utility". From within disk utility you will be able to create a Macintosh partition.

You will see your hard drive on the left hand side. Click on your hard drive and then click on a "Partition" tab. In partition you will be able to create a new partition.

I recommend you create a MAC OS X journaled partition. Also, if you have an existing hard drive with a MAC partition created, you can go ahead and erase this partition instead for a clean install. There are two types of erase options, a quick simple one where your user data is preserved and not written over until that portion of the hard drive is used.

The longer erase is called "Erase Free Space" and can take an hour or more depending on speed of your Apple G5 PowerPC. Once you create a partition you can now exit out of disk utility. You will be asked to select the destination hard drive for your install.

Select whichever hard drive or partition you want MAC OS X Leopard 10.5.4 to reside on and click "Continue". You will be presented with an "Install Summary" screen. Click on Install to begin the installation.

You will see a "Checking Installation DVD" popup window. You can click on "Skip" to skip this step. I recommend you allow the installation to check your installation DVD if it is the first time you are using this particular DVD disc.

It will add possibly another 15 to 20 minutes to the install time. Finall, you will see an installation progress indicator. It took MAC OS X Leopard 10.5.4 approximately one hour to install on this G5 PowerPC.

The installation will automatically reboot the computer. It will not dismount your DVD but will NOT boot off of it. If you see a blank screen during the installation it is most likely the screen saver, so you do not need to panic.

Your keyboard might not get detected so you just need to press two keys to get the operating system to detect it. Follow the instructions on screen to perform this task and click "Continue". You can choose the default keyboard detection or change it and then click "Continue".

You will see a welcome screen with country or region information. Select the default or change it and then press "Continue". Next a "Do you already own a MAC?" will be presented.

You can transfer data from another Macintosh computer, another disc volume on this computer, or from a Time Machine backup or not transfer any data. Click on "Continue" to move along the installation. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID.

You do NOT have to enter your Apple ID to continue with the installation. Click on "Continue". A "Registration Information" screen is displayed.

You do NOT have to enter any registration information in order to continue the installation. Click on "Continue". You will be presented with a "Create Your Account" screen.

You ONLY have to enter in a name and short name fields. You do NOT have to enter a password. You will automatically be logged into your Macintosh OS X Leopard 10.5.4 desktop.

You can create a password for your account later. Click continue to see the last screen titled "Thank You". Click on "Go" to finalize the installation and be taken to the Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 desktop. I just described how to install OS X on a PowerPC G5.

Ubuntu Update – Started Update UTMP About System Runlevel Changes

I recently installed a Ubuntu Update on a desktop computer running Ubuntu Linux 16.04. I typed in apt-get install dist-upgrade. These updates caused this Ubuntu desktop to no longer be able to browse a local windows network.

I decided to upgrade this version of Ubuntu Linux 16.04 to 17.04. I used the Ubuntu software updater. After the installation completed, this desktop computer kept hanging at "Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes".

Apparently, this upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 17.04 fucked up the video drivers. I have a dual core desktop computer with integrated Intel video. I found an Ask Ubuntu forum post pertaining to this Ubuntu update problem that had my solution.

When this desktop would hang at this "Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes” I pressed Ctrl + Shift + F1 keys. A command prompt login appeared. I logged in with my linux credentials. I elevated to root privileges.

I went ahead and installed Intel video drivers for linux with this command.

# apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel

I rebooted this Ubuntu linux destkop with 17.04 and now X windows loaded properly. The graphical user interface worked normally and I was able to log into my Linux desktop. Also, I was able to successfully access the Windows network computers.

You see I have an old Dell desktop computer with Windows Vista, that I use for a file server. This Ubuntu desktop computer now with 17.04 is my data recovery computer.

How to Install RAM in iMac – G5 With Power Button Blinking Twice

I recently obtained three power pc G5 Apple Macintosh desktop computers. The first one I diagnosed as not posting and booting properly. I noticed that the power button light would flash twice every five to ten seconds or so.

Also, I noticed that this Power PC G5 had only one memory module installed. This computer is compatible with older school DDR 184 pin modules. I am going to describe to you how to install RAM in iMac G5. You must install this memory in pairs.

There are a total of eight random access memory slots in this Power Macintosh computer. There are two sets of memory slots labeld 1-4. You must install at least two memory modules in order to get this machine to boot properly.

Also, you need to use the correct random access memory. PC3200 184 pin double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. Install one memory stick in each numbered one slot. You can install up to 8 gigabytes of total memory.

However, they must be in pairs and the same size. For example I installed two 512 Megabytes DDR SDRAM in this computer using both labeled slots 1. I powered on this computer and I heard the proverbial apple chime sound.

Also, I looked up the flash codes for this Power PC G5 Macinstoh and found out that when the power button flashes twice it is generally a random access memory problem. In order to open this system case there is a latch on the rear. You just pull the latch towards you and that releases the system cover.

You do NOT need to fuck with any screws with this older type of Power PC Macintosh computer. Also, the memory is located under neath two fans. The fans are removed by pulling up towards you on a plastic handle.

I was able to salvage this Apple A1047 EMC 2061 power personal computer.

Hewlett Packard Laptops – Warranty Lookup Instructions

As part of my compute repair business, I often receive Hewlett Packard laptops to fix. I often times lookup the warranty status of these notebook computers. Hewlett Packard has a manual warranty lookup tool on their website.

You will need the serial number from your Hewlett Packard laptops. You can find this serial number, usually on the bottom of the laptop, either on a sticker or imprinted. Sometimes this number rubs off.

In that case you might find it in the computer's basic input output system BIOS. Another place you might find the serial number is on the box when you purchased your laptop. Select your "Country of purchase from a drop down list.

Type in your "Serial Number" and then click on "Check Warranty". After a few seconds you should be taken to a screen that displays your warranty status. You will either see "Expired" in red font or "Active" in green font next to "Warranty status details for your product".

You will also be able to view your serial number and product number below this. The start and end date for your Hewlett Packard laptops warranty is shown. You can also view service type and service level for your warranty.

From this page you can click on links to obtain product information as well as software and drivers information pertaining to your exact model of laptop computer. According to this manual warranty lookup tool, if your warranty expires and you call Hewlett Packard for support you will be charged a fee. At the very least you will be able to view the warranty status for your Hewlett Packard laptops.

If you still want paid support for your out of warranty laptop, click on "Contact a support agent". Then click on "Get Phone Number" on the next page. Just remember that you will most likely be charged a fee.

Hewlett Packard Laptops – 15AC121DX Not Working Troubleshooting

Hewlett Packard Laptops

A computer repair customer brought me a Hewlett Packard laptops model 15-AC121DX that will not work. This is actually one of my repeat customers. She claimed that a Windows 10 update was installing and the next thing she knew the laptop no longer booted.

I was able to get this Hewlett Packard laptops 15-AC121DX working again. I tried the inital taking out the laptop battery, disconnecting the AC adapter, and then holding the power button for 30 seconds routine. I took off the bottom cover of this laptop.

There are twelve screws that you will need to remove. Also, there are two screws under the battery. Once I removed the bottom cover, I removed the Random Access Memory.

This Hewlett Packard laptops model 15-AC121DX still would not start the Power on Self Test. I stripped down this laptop to the bare bones. I took out both memory modules, hard drive, optical drive, and even the wireless card.

This laptop still would not power on successfully. I did notice that I finally got an orange light to turn on with just the AC Adapter plugged in. This tells me the laptop battery was charging.

When I removed the laptop battery a solid white light turned on. This tells me that the AC adapter was good and power to the computer was being received. However, each time I pressed the power button, the case fan would not turn on and no other lights would display.

Finally, I tried installing some spare DD3 memory I had. I finally got this laptop computer to at least attempt to power on. I noticed the power button would blink three times.

Also, I noticed a Caps Lock key would blink three times as well. I performed a quick Google search and found that this led blink code meant that this was a Random Access Memory issue. I decided to install the original memory that came with this 15-AC121DX laptop.

Low and behold I was finally able to get this computer to peform the power on self test. I was able to see a message on the laptop display screen. There was a problem with the board ID being incorrect in the Basic Input Output System.

I tested both memory modules in both slots. I narrowed it down to a bad memory module. Also, I had to enable "legacy support" in the BIOS. You press F10 to get into the BIOS on this particular HP laptop.

I was finally able to get Windows 10 to boot successfully. I attempted to upgrade the BIOS to version F.23 but had to run the flash a second time before it succeeded. Also, I was able to finally get the laptop battery to fully charge.

I have one more additional problem. Windows 10 fall creaters update will not install successfully to Windows 10 1709. Once I fix this problem, I can return this laptop to the customer. I may not be able to clear that BIOS error.

However, my customer now has a working HP laptop with Windows 10 operating system. If the battery is bad or only charges intermittently, then they can order a replacement.

USB Keyboard Not Working – Troubleshooting

USB Keyboard Not Working

A viewer on my Anet Computers YouTube channel had a question pertaining to their USB keyboard not working. I assume they are using a Universal Serial Bus or a Personal System 2 keyboard. They did NOT stipulate it was an integrated laptop keyboard.

"i have tried switching plugs, num lock key, ctrl+alt+shift+del, uninstalling from device manager and restarting. none has work.?"


They tried some initial troubleshooting from a previous YouTube video I had made. They claimed that they tried different ports. You can try booting your computer into windows safe mode.

After your computer turns on and before Windows tries to boot, you want to press F8 until an advanced boot options menu opens. You can choose any of the safe mode options. See if your USB or PS2 style keyboard works.

If your keyboard works in any of the safe modes but not in normal Windows mode, then it could possibly be a drivers issue. They claimed that they already messed around with drivers and could not get this keyboard to work. You can also try booting off of some kind of live CD.

Many linux distributions have live compact discs that you can test to see if your keyboard works. Another test is to try to enter your computer Basic Input Output System. When your computer first turns on you can access a BIOS via an appropriate key.

Many times the F2 key will get you into your BIOS. What I am showing you is how to troubleshoot why your USB Keyboard Not Working. Perhaps, you have a faulty keyboard.

Another possibility is that malware, spyware, or virus(s) might actually have infected your computer. You can always run Microsoft Windows system tools like sfc and or chkdisk.

sfc /scannow
chkdsk /f /r

You can even attempt to reload your operating system and see if that solves your USB Keyboard Not Working.

Laptop Turns on But Screen is Black – Troubleshooting Steps

Laptop Turns on But Screen is Black

A viewer on my Anet Computers Youtube channel is having a problem where his laptop turns on but screen is blankd or black. This ose one of those most common computer problems that occur. He wants to know if it is indeed a problem with this laptop's video or his computer monitor.

"I have a Dell studio 1558 the LCD display when not connected to an external monitor is totally black but when connected it shows weird lines and squares of colours and flickers like anything. Is it my monitor or the video card? Please help....."

Agnivo Mxxxxxxxx

He may have answered his own question. The fact that this laptop exhibits same symptoms with or without an external monitor, may be a clue. He could try connecting this Dell studio 1558 laptop to another external monitor.

However, that would be quite the coincidence of both Liquid Crystal Display and an external monitor failing. Here are some quick tips. Disconnect power cable from both laptop and wall outlet.

Take out the laptop battery. Press the power button for thirty seconds to one minute to clear and potential Electro Static Discharge. Connect power cable to laptop and wall outlet.

Install the battery again. Now try to power on this laptop computer and see if this laptop turns on but screen is black. Obviously, if the laptop's display works then issue is resolved. However, if you are still receiving a blank or black screen, then try to hook up a known good working external computer monitor.

If neither displays work then most likely a video issue. Laptop computers are shipped with Graphics Processing Units that are integrated meaning soldered onto the motherboard. Another tip is try to make certain that this is not an operating system problem.

Make certain whether or not you can see the Basic Input Output System splash screen as soon as you power on this laptop. If you still see a blank screen on both laptop and external monitor then chances are likely that there is a major problem with the integrated video. If you can some how get the BIOS screen to display then perhaps it is a problem with the operating system.

If you are running Microsoft windows then try to boot into advanced boot options menu by pressing the F8 key before windows tries to boot. If your display works when booting into any of the safe mode options but your display does NOT work when booting windows into normal mode, then there is a problem with your Windows installation. This will require further troubleshooting.

Perhaps a driver issue is causing your blank or black screen. These are some quick laptop turns on but screen is black troubleshooting steps.

ESD Electrostatic Discharge – Prevention When Working on PC

Anti Static Wrist Strap Where to Connect

ESD also known as electrostatic discharge can wreak havoc on computer components when servicing a computer. Grounding yourself is what is commonly known amongst computer repair technicians, builders, etc to diffuse ESD electrostatic discharge. One quick way to properly discharge yourself when working with computer components is to just simply touch the computer case on the chassis and or power supply every so often.

You want to make sure that this computer is not plugged into live power. Even if you turn off the computer and turn the power supply switch to off position, this can be dangerous because you are in effect earth ground. You want to make sure that the power cable is not plugged in.

You might also want to press the power button for thirty seconds to one minute to diffuse any ESD electrostatic discharge remaining. Then you just touch either the power supply itself or chassis. If you work on electronics and personal computers quite often, you could purchase an anti-static mat.

They are made out of rubber and will clear ESD electrostatic discharge. These mats come with snap in connections, so that you can connect yourself to them via an anti-static wrist strap. You can also just connect the metal clip on your anti-static wrist strap to these mats.

Another option are to purchase anti-static gloves. They too have a snap in connector to hook to an anti-static mat. Also, you could just connect this anti-static glove to the computer case or power supply just like an anti-static wrist strap.

Holding your components properly can also help. If you have a multimeter you could measure in ohms how much charge you, your computer, and your components have. Then you can measure the difference by using one of the afore mentioned ways to clear ESD electrostatic discharge, and then using your multimeter to measure ohms.

Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working – For Some Keys on Asus

Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working

A viewer of a video on my Anet Computers YouTube channel asked me to troubleshoot why only certain keys on their Asus laptop would not work.

Md. Hasan R*****

"Hi, my some key are don't working,how can I active these are? My laptop ASUS intel core i3 -5010U,2.1 GHz. Inactive keys are N & M & L & , & L & O & word key 9.

please advise how can I active it."

Without knowing an exact Asus laptop model number, I am limited to a certain extent. However, I can give out some quick tips. First thing you could try is to plug in an external keyboard to your laptop.

If you are receiving the same problem then it could be a keyboard configuration setting. You can access "Control Panel" then look for "Region and Language" and make sure everything is set to your country for example United States. Since I do NOT know what operating system they are using I am limited in my troubleshooting ability.

If this does not fix your laptop keyboard stopped working for some keys than you can try removing your laptop keyboard from Microsoft windows device manager. Access "Control Panel" and look for "Device Manager". Once in device manager look for your Asus laptop keyboard under "Keyboards".

You might just see an "HID Keyboard Device". HID stands for Human Interface Device. Right click this keyboard and select "Uninstall device".

You can either reboot your computer so that Microsoft windows detects and loads a driver again or click on a "Scan for hardware changes" icon in device manager. Now test to see if those keys started to work. Another option you can try is to right click your keyboard and select "Update Driver".

Try updating your keyboard driver via either "Search automatically for updated software driver", download, or optical drive via "Browse my computer for driver software". Finally, you can boot your computer into windows safe mode. If all keys work in Windows safe mode, then there your problem is with normal windows mode.

You can always restore your computer back to when all keys on your keyboard worked with Microsoft Windows system restore tool. You may need to reinstall Microsoft windows operating system if all else fails. If some of your keys still do not work, you can try reseating your Asus laptop keyboard connector on the motherboard.

However, this will require you to physically take apart your laptop. There is a possibility that you have faulty keyboard hardware.