Screen Grab Windows – Program Sharex Version 12

Sharex screen grab windows program is entirely FREE and open source. This software allows you to screen capture what you see displayed on your Microsoft Windows operating system based computer. Version 12 has been released that includes many new features.

Sharex at one time was my primary screen capturing program for my videos I make for my Anet Computers Youtube channel. However, I ran into a problem where this program is not compatible with a 24-bit external sound card I have installed. I still keep this program as a backup, in case my primary screen capturing program has problems.

There are over twenty new features in this screen grab windows program Sharex version 12. There are a few improvements but no bug or security fixes. Sharex is not compatible with Apple Macintosh or Linux operating systems.

This program works on Microsoft Windows 10. Also, there are portable versions of this program in their builds section. Sharex can take screen capture video and audio of your computer desktop. Also, this program screen grab windows program can take screen catpure photographs. In my opinion this program has a lack of documentation and might be cumbersome for beginners.

However, this program works well and when I did use it was quite stable for the most part. This was my primary screen grab windows program for a few years. I would still be using this program if it was compatible with a 24-bit sound card installed on my Microsoft Windows 10 x64 64 bit version desktop computer.

Once you learn how to use this free screen grab windows program, you will be able to make screen capture videos for platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion, Topbuzz, etc.

Radeon HD Graphics – Drivers Adrenaline Edition 17.2.1

Advanced Micro Devices Incorporated released their new AMD video card drivers Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition version 17.12.1. These software drivers are designed for AMD's Radeon video graphics cards. These Radeon graphics drivers fix ten issues.

* overwatch hang
* rainbow six siege application hang
* netflix playback stutter
* recording causes high graphics processing unit clocks and usage
* assassins creed bright lighting
* mass effect hdr10 not enabled
* forza rocks corruption
* halo wars game relaunch crash
* radeon settings resize hang or restart

Advanced Micro Devices Radeon R9 Fury, Radeon Professional Duo, Radeon RX 400 Series, Radeon RX 500 Series and Radeon RX Vega Series are only compatible on Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 x64 64 bit operating systems. You can download Radeon HD graphics drivers for free. This software is not intended for use with Apple Boot Camp.

There are still some known issues even after installing these drivers. You will need administrator rights to install this software. You will need to have Windows 7 service pack one or Windows 10 operating system.

The following desktop video cards are compatible with this software:

* Radeon RX Vega
* Radeon RX 500
* Radeon RX 400
* Radeon Pro Duo
* Radeon R7 300
* Radeon R7 200
* Radeon R9 Fury
* Radeon R5 300
* Radeon R9 Nano
* Radeon R5 200
* Radeon R9 300
* Radeon HD 8500 to HD 8900
* Radeon R9 200
* Radeon HD 7700 to HD 7900

The following laptop video cards are compatible with this software:

* Radeon R9 M300
* Radeon R7 M200
* Radeon R7 M300
* Radeon R5 M200
* Radeon R5 M300
* Radeon HD 8500M to HD 8900M
* Radeon R9 M200
* Radeon HD 7700M to HD 7900M

The following desktop Advanced Micro Devices accelerated processing units are supported:

* A-Series accelerated processing units Radeon R4 R5 R6 or R7
* Pro A-Series accelerated processing units Radeon R5 or R7
* Athlon Series accelerated processing units Radeon R3
* Sempron Series accelerated processing units Radeon R3

The following laptop Advanced Micro Devices accelerated processing units are supported:

* A-Series accelerated processing units Radeon R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 or R8
* Pro A-Series accelerated processing units Radeon R5 R6 or R7
* FX-Series accelerated processing units Radeon R7
* AMD E-Series accelerated processing units Radeon R2
* AMD Radeon HD 8180 to HD 8400

These advanced micro devices video card drivers for Radeon video grapchis cards support Windows 7 x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit with service pack one, and Windows 10 x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operating systems.

Apple Pay Cash – Available on iPad, iPhone, and iWatch

Apple Pay Cash has now been officially released. You can making payments using your Apple iPad, iPhone, and or iWatch. You can send and receive money with your family and friends.

You can even make these payments within your messages. Also, you can use Siri to assist you with making Apple pay cash payments. You will need an Apple pay account.

However, if you already have an Apple pay account, then you can use any debit and credit cards associated with that account. You do NOT need to create another Apple account. Also, you do NOT need to install any other applications.

Not only can you pay your friends and family, but you can also make payments at retail stores, applications, and websites that support Apple pay cash. In order to use Apple pay cash on your iPad or iPhone, you must install iOS 11.2 update. Apple watch OS 4.2 must be installed on your iWatch in order to make Apple pay cash payments on your iWatch.

These two Apple updates are free to download and install. You need to restart your device after these update(s) are installed. If you have not used Apple pay before you will be prompted to accept new terms and agreements.

You will NOT need to install any new applications. You can access your Apple pay cash information from within Apple Wallet. Apple pay cash payments are authenticated with face identification on the iPhone X, touch identification on other iPhone and iPad models, and via a secure passcode on Apple iWatch's.

These are the following compatible Apple pay cash devices:

* iPhone se
* iPhone 6 or later
* Apple watch
* iPad professional
* iPad fifth generation
* iPad air two
* iPad mini three or later

When you send and receive payments, this money is removed or added to your Apple pay cash card which is accessible in Apple wallet. Also, you can transfer this money to your bank account.

How to Upload a Video – to

How to Upload a Video

I just signed up as a content creator on the website I am going to walk you through the process on how to upload a video to First you need to sign up for a free account if you have not done so already.

Once you sign up and get your account created, you just log in into and you will taken to your account dashboard. From here you want to click on "Content". Click on the "Draft" tab and then select "Post Videos".

You can either upload a file directly from your computer or via a Uniform Resource Locator. For example you could upload a video from your YouTube channel. Do NOT upload content that you do NOT own the copyright to.

You can upload video content that is two gigabytes or less. These video files must be 720P or better quality. Click on the "File upload" button to begin uploading a video file from your local computer.

There will be a file upload progress indicator by percentage. You can create a title for your video between 3 and 120 characters in length. You can type in a video description of up to 1000 characters in length.

You can upload a custom thumbnail by clicking on "Cover". Also, you can create a custom thumbnail by clicking on "Cover" and then sliding to a point in your video to create a custom thumbnail. To upload your own custom thumbnail you created, just click on a "Customized Cover" tab.

Then you click on "select a picture" to select a custom thumbnail from your computer that you want to upload. You are limited to 5 megabyte thumbnails. Once your video is finished uploading to then you just click on "Publish".

Depending on length of your video it may take a few seconds or minutes until your video changes from "Pending" to "Published"

Vid me – Shut Down Permanently

Vid me an alternative video platform to YouTube, is shutting down forever. Today, their co-founder Warren Schaeffer released a statement proclaiming that this video site is ending operations. As of December fifteen two thousand seventeen this video platform will cease and desist operating.

Goodbye for now. Vidme came a long way as an independent platform, but we couldn’t find a path to sustainability. We’re building something new.

Warren Schaeffer
Co-founder Vid me

As of this blog post creation, new signups and video uploads will be denied. Also, as of December fifteen two thousand seventeen, all videos will be permenantly deleted from Vid me servers. Vid me was created in two thousand fourteen as an alternative to YouTube.

Outstanding earnings will be paid within sixty days. I did NOT earn a penny from Vid me as I only uploaded fifty eight videos. I was pulling for Vid me to become a viable alternative to YouTube.

However, this video platform only lasted around three years. Actually, in all honesty I preferred the Vid me platform over Youtube, as a video content creator. Vid me surprisingly served six billion views total.

Also, they averaged 200 million visitors to their website annually. In July of two thousand seventeen Vid me had announced monetization via ads, similar to Youtube. Even before this they allowed paid subscriptions and tips.

However, they could not over come their expenses and make a profit. They were originally funded by venture capital. As of today, they only have twelve total employees.

However, they are going to lay off some of these employees. The founders of Vid me plan on creating a new project that will be announced next year. Their official statement about their video platform shutting down, did mention the possibility that outside investors could purchase the current infrastructure and rebrand this video platform.

Data Center Server – First 10 Nanometer Processor by Qualcomm

Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies Incorporated, which is a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated announced the world's first and only to date 10 nanometer data center server processor. A nanometer is a unit of measurement used to measure length. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

Qualcomm has named this microprocessor the Qualcomm Centriq 2400. This is an Advanced RISC Machines processor. This processor was designed for datacenter cloud usage.

“Today’s announcement is an important achievement and the culmination of more than four years of intense design, development and ecosystem enablement effort. We have designed the most advanced Arm-based server processor in the world that delivers high performance coupled with the highest energy efficiency, enabling our customers to realize significant cost savings.”

Anand Chandrasekher
Senior vice president and general manager
Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies Incorporated

There are 18 billion transistors in just 398 millimeters squared space. There are 48 single threaded core processors running up to 2.6 gigahertz. These cores are connected with a two directional bus with 250 gigabytes per second speed.

Every two cores has 512 Kilobytes of shared level 2 cache. There are 6 channels of Dynamic Data Rate memory. Up to 768 gigabytes of dynamic random access memory is supported.

This 10 nanometer microprocessor allegedly only consumes less than 120 watts. This processor retails at $1,995. Qualcomm claims their Centriq 2460 which has 48 single cores, out performs Intel's highest performing Skylake processor by greater than 4 times and up to 45 percent better performance per watt. This comparison was performed against the Intel Xeon Platinum 818.

This Qualcomm Centriq 2400 is designed for cloud based computing. Some large billion dollar corporations participated in testing this processor in their cloud based data centers.

* Alibaba
* LinkedIn
* Cloudflare
* American Megatrends
* Hewlett Packard
* Microsoft
* Red Hat
* Samsung
* Uber

Demonstrations were performed with certain cloud based applications.

* hip hop virtual machine
* mongodb
* apache spark
* openstack platform
* varnish
* scylladb

Microsoft Windows Support – Ends Free Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft Windows support by Microsoft Corporation has officially ended the free upgrade period for Windows 10 operating system. Initially, back in July of two thousand sixteen, Microsoft ended the ability to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. However, endusers with accessibility requirements were allowed to upgrade to Windows 10.

Now Microsoft Corporation has decided to end this free upgrade to Windows 10. Endusers with accessibility needs have until December 31st two thousand seventeen to upgrade to Windows 10. You must have either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to qualify for the free upgrade.

You must install assistive technology in order to qualify for this free upgrade to Windows 10.

“We are not restricting the free upgrade offer to specific assistive technologies. If you use assistive technology on Windows, you are eligible for the free upgrade offer. That said, it is not intended to be a workaround for people who don’t use assistive technology and who missed the deadline for the free offer.”

Microsoft Spokesperson

Microsoft does NOT want you to upgrade to Windows 10 unless you use assistive technologies. There are four categories of assistive technologies.

* vision
* learning
* dexterity and mobility
* language and communication

You must have software installed for one of these four categories in order to upgrade to Windows 10. However, Microsoft does NOT want you to go out and install one of these type(s) of software in order to just get the free upgrade. Basically, this assistive technology software is designed for people with disabilities.

Open Source Broadcaster – OBS Studio 20.1 Released

Open Broadcaster Software

Open source broadcaster software maker Open Broadcaster Software have released version OBS Studio 20.1. I use exclusively Open Broadcaster Software's OBS studio for my Youtube live streams and videos. I successfully installed this update without any issues.

OBS Studio now has an automatic update service. You will get prompted whenever there is a software update. You are given three choices.

* update now
* remind me later
* skip version

In order to update your OBS Studio software, click on "Update Now". This software will check for and download an available update. Eventually, you will see that this process has completed.

You will now be given an option to open Open Broadcaster Software OBS Studio. I have tried selecting the "Remind me Later" option. However, it does not seem to remind me.

I am not sure how long this software waits until you are reminded to install any updates. You can always choose "Help" from the main menu. Now select "Check For Updates". This version of OBS Studio includes six bug fixes and the following changes.

* audio mixer hide/show items
* advanced output mode replay buffer
* monitor stingers audio
* change stingers audio fade mode
* vlc source playback hotkeys
play, pause, restart, stop, next, previous
* linux pulseaudio monitoring
* updated x264 and ffmpeg
* mixer context menu
* milliseconds out of sync
* window dimensions not restoring
* freeze stopping stream during reconnect
* linux program startup crash
* vlc source shuffle problem
* connection time out crash
* decklink device driver
* mac vsync preview disabled

You can always download and install the latest version of Open Broadcaster Software OBS Studio. You can download a full version installer, zip file, and from torrent.

Fastest Laptop CPU – For Ultrathin Notebooks by AMD Ryzen 2700U

Advanced Micro Devices Incorporated released what they consider the fastest laptop CPU for ultrathin notebooks. This company just released their newest Ryzen mobile processors. They have two model of processors.

The Ryzen 7 2700U and Ryzen 5 2500U notebook processors. These mobile Accelerated Processing Units are named Raven Ridge. These micro processors are designed for two in one, convertible and ultrathin computers.

They use fifteen watt Thermal Design Power that is configurable. Both of these mobile Central Processing Units have "Zen" x86 cores. Advanced Micro Devices claims that their Ryzen 7 2700U is currently the fastest ultrathin notebook micro processor.

They claim forty four percent more multi threaded performance. They also claim up to one hundred sixty one percent greater graphics performance.

“We promised to bring innovation and competition back to every segment of the PC market in 2017, and today marks the fulfillment of that promise for consumer notebooks following our successful roll-out across the consumer, commercial and high-end desktop markets earlier this year. Ryzen™ mobile processors offer leadership performance for everyday activities, multi-tasking, and advanced workloads alike, all while enabling amazing battery life. We are pleased to deliver the world’s fastest processor for ultrathin notebooks, offering consumers the opportunity to get the most out of their digital lives through our OEM partners’ notebook designs.”

Jim Anderson
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Computing & Graphics Group
Advanced Micro Devices

These processors include up to four cores and eight threads.

* three times central processing unit
* 2.3 times the graphics processing unit
* fifty eight percent less power consumption

These processors include:

* precision boost two
* mobile extended frequency range

These Ryzen processors support 1080p gaming frame rates. Also, they support 4K video monitors. Acer, Hewlett Packard, and Lenovo are expected to ship new computers with these processors in a few weeks. Dell Computer Corporation and other original equipment manufacturers are scheduled to ship computers with these processors early next year.

Network Perimeter Security – KRACK Patch Deployed by Microsoft

I received a question from a viewer from my Anet Computers YouTube channel. They asked if Knowledge Base 4041681 for Windows 7 service pack one, patched the Key Reinstallation AttaCKs security vulnerability. The short answer is yes.

"is this KB4041681 patch the one which addresses the WPA2 vulnerability (KRACK susceptibility)??"


The longer answer follows below this sentence. A new wireless security vulnerability was discovered by Mathy Vanhoef. He named this network perimeter security risk KRACK or Key Reinstallation AttaCKs. This deals with WiFi Protected Access version two also known as WPA2.

Mathy found a vulnerability in this wireless standard not necessarily just certain original equipment manufacturer's creations. Potentially, you could have sensitive data stolen from you. Even though you thought your data was safely encrypted.

* credit card numbers
* passwords
* chat messages
* emails
* photos

The root cause analysis perhaps is technically convoluted and complex but basically any attacker within distance of a networking device that uses WPA2 could potentially circumvent network perimeter security. Adding insult to injury a perpetrator could install malware or ransomware onto a device. Google Android, Linux, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and OpenBSD operating systems were vulnerable according to Mathy's analysis.

Popular networking equipment manufacturer's like MediaTek and Lynksis has vulnerable products. Any networking device using WPA2 is susceptible until patched. Microsoft released a patch for this vulnerability around six days after this network perimeter security vulnerability was discovered.

A patch for all versions of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 were released. Also, patches were released for Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016. Windows XP and Vista are not supported any longer, except for enterprise customers.

According to some individuals in the technology spectrum, it could take decades to patch all devices that use Wifi Protected Access version two. You are talking about routers, switches, access points, etc. that use this protocal. Some devices may not be able to get patched.

Operating systems like Windows XP and Vista may remain patchless. I'm not fearmongering just pointing out reality.