Logitech C920 Webcam – Windows 10 Installation Tutorial

Logitech C920 Webcam

The Logitech C920 webcam was NOT officially compatible with Windows 10, when I first obtained it. However, I was able to get it to work quite easily. I am using a desktop computer with Windows 10 professional x64 bit operating system.

I hooked up this Logitech C920 webcam via Universal Serial Bus and Windows 10 immediately detected this device. You can test this device by using Microsoft Windows 10 "Camera" application. Click a Windows 10 start menu button and choose "Camera".

This Logitech C920 webcam is limited with just Microsoft drivers. However, you can use this webcam with the version of Skype that is installed in Windows 10. You can either attempt a Skype video call or go to "Tools" then select "Options".

In "Options" select a "Video settings" tab. You should be able to see video from your Logitech C920 webcam in a window on the right hand side. If not, click on "Select webcam" and choose this webcam from a drop down list.

Your webcam settings will be quite limited without any Logitech software. You can download Logitech webcam software for your Logitech C920 webcam. This software allows you to adjust webcam settings.

* take pictures and record videos
* webcam gallery
* motion detection
* webcam control
* zoom in and out
* adjust contrast
* adjust exposure
* adjust gain
* adjust brightness
* adjust color intensity
* adjust white balance

I have not had any issues with this Logitech C920 webcam on Windows 10 Professional x64 since I installed it back in April of two thousand seventeen. Logitech provides gaming software for this webcam as well. Although I have not installed and tested this software.

The Logitech webcam software supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and now 10. This webcam will record video in both 720p or 1080p quality. I have used it to livestream on DailyMotion, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope.TV, without any problems.

WiFi Analyser Windows – Homedale Application Scans Signal Rate

Wifi Analyser Windows

A viewer on my Anet Computers channel asked how the range was on my TP Link TL-WN881ND wifi card. Out of the box with no accessories the range is pretty good. However, that can be considered a subject opinion.

"hows the range on this thing??"

I decided to look for some WiFi analyser Windows applications. I stumbled across one called Homedale WiFi WLAN monitor. This is a FREE Microsoft windows and Macintosh operatin system application.

What made me decide to test with this application, is the fact that it is portable. You do NOT need to install this on your computer. It comes in a downloadable zip file.

You can scan for WiFi and WLAN networks for their signal strengths. You can even scan hotspots on smart devices. Depending on your wireless card hardware this software supports 802.11 a, b, g, n, & ac wireless networks.

This WiFi analyser Windows application will scan on both 2.4 Gigahertz and 5 gigahertz frequency bands. 20, 40, 80, and 120 Megahertz channels are supported. I did NOT alter my TL-WN881ND wifi card. Also, I did NOT connect any alternative atennas.

I have only used the 3.5 inch antennas that were supplied. My business office is located in a commercial building made out of brick on exterior. However, interior walls are not sound proof.

Microsoft Windows wireless network connection status claims I have an excellent signal with five bars. I connect to a local wifi router at 144.4 Megabits per second. Another wifi management tool I use, NetSetMan claims I am receiving a ninety percent signal.

I have noticed that this fluctuates between eighty to even close to one hundred percent signal strength at times. NetSetMan reports signal rates in decibals anywhere from high forties to high fifties. Homedale wifi monitor reports similar decibal signal strength ratings.

However, Homedale detects way more routers than the built in Windows wifi and NetSetMan tools. Windows wifi tool detected twenty nine routers. NetSetMan detected forty five routers.

Finally, Homedale detected eighty six routers.

Youtube ad Monetization – Not Suitable For Most Advertisers

Youtube ad Monetization

I recently uploaded two Youtube videos to my Anet Computers channel about Coffee Lake Intel core i7 processors and PS4 Can t Connect to Internet Fix CE-33992-6 Error Nobunaga 5. These two videos Youtube ad Monetization is disabled. Both videos received a "Not suitable for most advertisers" message.

However, Youtube has a policy where if your video does not reach one thousand views within a week they will not review it. Also, Youtube claims they are back logged with videos to review, so they won't review your video until seven calendar days. This past May I noticed a video that was not monetized with this same message.

That was my first ever video that was not monetized. Now I have a total of six videos that are not suitable for most advertisers. Obviously, Youtube's algorithm is going back and flagging some of my older videos.

I went ahead and requested manual reviews for all six of these videos. However, unless these videos receive a thousand views or more within a week, then they may never get reviewed. You see I run a smaller Youtube channel.

Some of my videos have received over two hundred thousand views a piece. However, many of my videos do NOT receive one thousand views. Youtube claims that these not suitable for most advertisers may receive some revenue if not no revenue.

These videos may still receive revenue from Youtube red subscribers. However, I think I have made less than twenty dollars over my channel's life time in Youtube red revenue. The video about Intel core i7 processors made a whopping two cents before it must have been demonitized.

The other coffee lake video was made too soon. It generally takes Youtube two to three days for their analytics data to show up for newly created videos. My solution as of now is to just delete those videos that were not suitable for most advertisers and see if they get monetized this time.

As far as those older videos that were demonitized, since they didn't receive that many views to begin with I might just leave them demonetized. You see I use search engine optimization for all my videos.

I do NOT rely on my subscribers for view counts. Since two of these videos were created in the past two days, I will remake them and hopefully they get monetized. That way if they go more viral and receive thousands of views, then I get compensated for my creations.

I am not the only Youtube content creator that has noticed Youtube ad monetization not suitable for most advertisers messages. Another solution I have is that I have started using other video platforms. Currently, I have DailyMotion and Vid.me channels.

They don't pay out anywhere near what Youtube does. However, I can possibly supplement some of my income I am losing from Youtube's constant shannigans. A third solution is to start getting support via other video platforms that offer monetization and Patreon.

PS4 Can t Connect to Internet – Fix CE339926 Error Nobunaga 5.00


Sony Interactive Entertainment Limited Liability Company released Playstation 4 system software update version 5.00 yesterday. However, some playstation users have been complaining their PS4 Can t Connect to Internet since this update was installed. There are basically, two possible quick ways to fix this problem.

You can logout of your Playstation network account. Now you want to try to log back in. This time you will be prompted to accept a new terms of service agreement.

You want to accept the new terms of service agreement. Now try to see if you can connect to the Playstation network. Another possible solution is to restart your Playstation 4 console. Go into "Settings" and then choose "Account Management".

Once in account management, you want to choose "Accept Terms and Conditions". Possibly, thousands of users have seen this ce-33992-6 error code, since yesterdays release of PS4 system software update version 5.00. Hopefully, now you have fixed your PS4 Can t Connect to Internet problem.

This PS4 system software update version 5.00 actually has a name, NOBUNAGA. New features have been rolled out in this update.

* team tournaments
* follow anyone
* messages update
* app updates

You will be able to play in team tournaments beginning October fifth, two thousand seventeen. You can follow anyone now on the Playstation 4 network. Before you could only follow verified accounts.

This is not the first time this ce-33992-6 system error has occurred, on the PS4 network. A quick Google search reveals this error message associated with PS4 Can t Connect to Internet. Even websites like DownDetector.com had quite a few frantic users since this PS4 system software update version 5.00.

A few users complained on Playstation's official blog. Some users complained that their controllers would not connect properly after this system update. You may want to check out my afore mentioned links to playstation.com for some possible fixes.

AMD Video Card Drivers – Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.3

Advanced Micro Devices Incorporated released their new AMD video card drivers Radeon Software Crimson ReLive version 17.9.3. These software drivers are designed for AMD's Radeon video graphics cards. These Radeon graphics drivers fix three issues.

* enhanced sync drop down
* relive higher idle clocks
* negative scaling

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition includes support for Total War WARHAMMER II and Forza Motorsport 7. You can download AMD Video Card Drivers for free. This software is not intended for use with Apple Boot Camp.

If you have a compatible 4K video graphics card, Advanced Micro Devices claims that you may receive up to sixty or ninety frames per second video quality. If you have a compatible 1080P video graphics card, you may receive sixty three to ninety five frames per second video quality. There are still some known issues even after installing these drivers.

* radeon wattman profiles not stable
* adjusted voltage values not applied
* game profiles not populating
* overwatch hangs
* directx 11 gpu scaling fails
* secondary display corruption
* bezel compensation
* high cpu clocks and usage when recording

You will need administrator rights to install this software. You will need to have Windows 7 service pack one or Windows 10 operating system. The following desktop video cards are compatible with this software:

* Radeon RX Vega
* Radeon RX 500
* Radeon RX 400
* AMD Radeon Pro Duo
* AMD Radeon R7 300
* AMD Radeon R7 200
* AMD Radeon R9 Fury
* AMD Radeon R5 300
* AMD Radeon R9 Nano
* AMD Radeon R5 200
* AMD Radeon R9 300
* AMD Radeon HD 8500 & HD 8900
* AMD Radeon R9 200
* AMD Radeon HD 7700 & HD 7900

The following laptop video cards are compatible with this software:

* AMD Radeon R9 M300
* AMD Radeon R7 M200
* AMD Radeon R7 M300
* AMD Radeon R5 M200
* AMD Radeon R5 M300
* AMD Radeon HD 8500M & HD 8900M
* AMD Radeon R9 M200
* AMD Radeon HD 7700M & HD 7900M

These AMD video card drivers for Radeon video grapchis cards support Windows 7 x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit with service pack one, and Windows 10 x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit operating systems.

Popular Music Streaming Services – Groove Music Discontinued

Popular Music Streaming Services

Microsoft Corporation has decided to discontinue their popular music streaming services Groove Music Pass. This streaming music service will cease operations on December thirty first two thousand seventeen. Microsoft has partnered with Spotify music streaming service.

You might be able to get a FREE sixty day Spotify premium account. You will still be able to use your Groove Music Pass until the end of this year. If your subscription extends beyond December thirty first two thousand seventeen, then Microsoft claims they will disperse a prorated refund to you.

You may receive a Microsoft gift card instead. As far as the Groove Music player in Windows 10 goes, this application will NOT get retired. You just will not be able to stream or play music via Groove Music Pass.

You will still be able to play local music that you downloaded and purchased. Microsoft is going to release an update to Groove Music player on Windows 10, that will allow you to migrate your music to Spotify. This will allow you to move your music content and playlists over to Spotify.

Microsoft claims that they will allow you to migrate your Groove Music Pass content over to Spotify as late as January thirty first two thousand eighteen. It is recommended that you make sure your Microsoft security updates are current on Windows 10. Also, you want to make sure that you have most current version of the Groove Music application.

Microsoft claims that you will be able to migrate your music over to Spotify on any Windows 10 device and or an Xbox one. If you are currently using popular music streaming services Groove Music Pass on an older operating system or Xbox, you must migrate using either a Windows 10 or Xbox One device. In closing Microsoft is discontinuing their Groove Music Pass service as of the end of two thousand seventeen.

Video Game Streaming Sites – Barred by Nintendo

Nintendo Company Limited has decided to update their Creators Program. For quite some time, Nintendo allowed video game streaming sites to live stream their games. This allowed Nintendo to receive more exposure for their games.

However, more recently Nintendo Company Limited started behaving like other fascist billion dollar corporations. They turned into a control freak. They then required that content creators on video platforms such as Twitch.tv, Youtube, etc. to split their ad revenue with Nintendo.

As if this fucking corporation does not make enough money off of their video games, consoles, accessories, etc. As greedy as they were, most gamers went along with this compromise. You see I am also a Youtube partner program content creator.

I receive fifty five percent of the ad revenue on my videos I create for Youtube. Youtube keeps the other forty five percent. This was a potential raw deal for gamers on Youtube, Twitch, etc. since they then had to share their fifty five percent of ad revenue with Nintendo.

In the past few days, Nintendo sent an email to all their creators program members stipulating they are now barred completely from streaming any Nintendo games on Youtube. At one time Nintendo barred any person from keeping ad revenues when streaming their video games. Their creators program was supposed to become a compromise, but perhaps was a way for Nintendo to shut down all video gamers from earning money, I don't know.

Any account now registered in Nintendo's creators program that uses video game streaming sites, will not receive the additional ten percent ad revenue that Nintendo Company Limited promised. You will not be able to live stream Nintendo video game content using your Nintendo creators program account.

However, in a strange twist Nintendo claims that you will be allowed to stream their copyright content, but you must not use a Youtube channel, that is registered to Nintendo's creators program. In essence you are losing ten percent of your ad revenue now. Perhaps this was all by design so that Nintendo as greedy and controlling as they are can recoup that ten percent ad revenue.

“If you plan to broadcast content on YouTube Live, you have a couple of options. First, you can broadcast content on YouTube Live from a channel that is not registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. Or, you can cancel your channel's registration to the Nintendo Creators Program and instead, register your videos containing Nintendo’s IP to the program separately.

Videos which had previously been registered through your channel would need to be reregistered individually.”

Currently, Youtube channels that were registered in Nintendo's creators program received seventy percent of ad revenue. Individual videos that were registered in this creators program received sixty percent of ad revenue. In essence this basically bars you from livestreaming Nintendo video game content.

Adding insult to injury, you will lose some of your ad revenue. Also, Nintendo claims that you can still upload individual videos. That takes out the whole purpose of live streaming.

Nintendo Company Limited will NOT allow you to livestream at all, not even content that is NOT monetized. You may be able to upload pre-recorded video content with copyrighted Nintendo video games that you include commentary with. However, I would definately read their updated Creators Program terms.

I would hate to see you get a copyright strike on Youtube, which is one of the largest video game streaming sites.

Most Recent MAC OS – High Sierra 10.13 Available

MACos High Sierra

Apple Incorporated has released their newest operating system. This time MACintosh operating system 10.13 will not get a new name. This latest operating system from Apple is called High Sierra.

This operating system is 4.8 gigabytes in size. You will need to have MACintosh operating system 10.7.5 or later in order to upgrade. This most recent MAC OS includes Apple File System.

Apple File System supports flash technology and x64 bit architecture. High Efficiency Video Encoding is included in MAC OS 10.13. This compresses video up to forty percent more than H.264.

This operating system includes Metal two. Developers wil be able to program virtual reality for the first time on a MACintosh operating system. There are some new features in the Photos application.

Apple Safari 11 web browser has some new features as well. By default auto play videos will not load. However, you can allow specific website(s) to auto play in settings.

You can upgrade most MACintosh's built in two thousand nine or later. You are recommended to back up your data before you upgrade to 10.13. This operating system upgrade is entirely free.

Your MAC will need 14.3 gigabytes of available storage to upgrade. You may need to remove some files if you get any disk space error message(s). You will need an Apple ID to upgrade from within your existing MAC operating system.

In Apple's official most recent MAC OS information about this operating system upgrade they claim that you need Apple MAC OS Lion 10.7.5 or newer. However, they also stipulate that you need OS 10.8 to perform this upgrade. Not sure why this discrepancy exists.

Also, you can download this upgrade from their Apple Store page for High Sierra. The following Apple MAC's are compatible with High Sierra 10.13:

* MacBook manufactured late 2009 or later
* MacBook Pro manufactured mid 2010 or later
* MacBook Air manufactured late 2010 or later
* Mac mini manufactured mid 2010 or later
* iMac manufactured late 2009 or later
* Mac Pro manufactured mid 2010 or later

Manage Wifi Networks – in Microsoft Windows With NetSetMan

Netsetman Windows Wifi Manager

I do not like the integrated Microsoft wireless connection manager. For one thing this wireless connection manager does NOT display different wireless routers with the same Service Set IDentifier. For example Comcast Xfinity uses the same Service Set IDentifier for their hotspots.

Also, I have noticed on other operating systems that many times a built in wireless network manager is slower compared to third party tools. I prefer to manage wifi networks in Microsoft windows operating systems with NetSetMan. This tool allows me to view all wireless routers, including those with the same broadcast Service Set IDentifier.

I have noticed a littlet bit of a speed increase as well. It could be that Microsoft's built in wifi manager is bloated, uses up more system resources, etc. NetSetMan is entirely FREE and is a quick simple installation.

Also, NetSetMan GmbH has created a professional version you can purchase. This manage wifi networks application supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit versions of Microsoft windows are supported. This non commercial freeware is just four megabytes in size.

Microsoft windows generally connects you to the wireless access point with best signal. However, your shit out of luck if you want to connect to a specific wireless router with same Service Set IDentifier. NetSetMan displays each wireless router individually even if they have the same broadcast service set identifier.

You can view a wireless router's Media Access Control address by hovering over a router. You can right click and then copy that media access control address to your clipboard. This allows you to connect to a specific wireless router.

First you must create a wireless profile in NetSetMan. Now you want to choose "Connect by MAC address...". Then you can type in or copy and paste the media access control address into this field.

You can enter in an optional description. Now you click on "OK" to save your settings. Now you should be able to connect to that specific wireless router as long as that media access control address is entered in correctly.

This option is only available in the professional version. I have been using NetSetMan to manage wifi networks on Microsoft windows operating systems for over a year now, with no problems.

PC Performance Tools – CCleaner Had Malware Hidden in Software

Security research group Talos Intelligence found malware hidden in PC performance tools product CCleaner by Piriform. In all honesty, I am a CCleaner affiliate and plan on still selling this software in the future. Hackers were able to hide malware inside CCleaner and obviously distribute it over the Internet.

This is a good time to remind you of always making sure you obtain software on the Internet from legitimate sources. CCleaner version 5.33 distributed by Avast Software became infected with malware. This malware infected version of CCleaner 5.33 was available for download between August fifteen two thousand seventeen and September twelve two thousand fifteen.

Avast Software just recently acquired Piriform Limited, the makers of CCleaner. In keeping with my transparancy, I am an Avast anti-virus affiliate as well. This version of CCleaner 5.33 and any installers on Piriform's website have been removed.

An external hacker if you want to call them that, compromised CCleaners software distribution channel in order to inject their nefarious code also known as malware. If you are infected by this malware or if you think you are, then the solution is to roll back your system before August fifteen two thousand seventeen, reinstall your operating system, or remove CCleaner 5.33 with a anti-malware application. My computer systems are not affected by this because I use CCleaner portable.

PC performance tools CCleaner portable does NOT install any files, folders, registry entries on your computer, hence the name portable. I am not aware that CCleaner portable version 5.33 included malware. You can use Microsoft windows system restore to try to restore your computer back to before August fifteen two thousand fifteen.

According to Talos Intillegence some anti-virus software might also detect this malware and remove it. Although this legitimate software was distributed by legitimate sources, nothing is perfect in computing. These culprits were able to bypass signed digital certificates.

Also, this is a good time to remind you to always keep a backup copy of your important data. You can actually backup your entire operating system. Also, you can try using Microsoft windows system restore.

However, backing up your entire system is recommended over relying on system restore.