Cinelerra GG – Not Launching After Installation Fix

Another computer problem in the world order. This time it dealt with a free and open source application called Cinelerra GG, that I installed on MX Linux. Cinelerra allows you to edit video, create videos, create video documentaries, etc.

I installed Cinelerra on a quad core desktop computer with MX Linux distribution. However, the first time I tried launching this application from the program menu, nothing happened. Further investigation of mine did not lead to a solution.

I tried launching Cinelerra GG via the command line with this simple command:


Cinelerra still would not open. However, by running it in a command line terminal, an error message was displayed on screen. The file was missing.

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I tried installing this missing library file with the following command:

apt-get install

Unfortunately, apt-get could not find this file. This type of fiasco is nothing new in Linux. Especially, if you use a derivation Linux distribution like MX Linux.

MX Linux is a Debian derivation distribution based on Debian Linux. It by no means is exactly the same as Debian, Ubuntu, etc. I could not find this exact Linux library file in any Internet searches.

Finally, I used and found the correct library file. However, it was named differently. The correct Linux library file to install is:


The correct command to run is:

apt-get install libva-drm1

This library file successfully installed without adding any additional repository. Cinelerra then successfully launched. These instructions were written for MX Linux 18.3 installed on a quad core computer. However, you can use these instructions as a basis point for other possible Linux distributions.

Initially, I had to enable the IGN repository in MX Linux, in order to install Cinelerra GG program. These are the types of problems that can arise when using a non standard so to speak Linux distribution.