Computer Recycling Albuquerque

Do you have used computer and or electronic equipment you no longer desire? This computer recycling Albuquerque service is an entirely FREE venture. I provide this service to business, non-profit, and residential customers.

I can travel to your location, if you have multiple items. Government laws are making it more and more difficult to properly dispose of with computers and electronics.

Many corporations refresh their information technology equipment every few years. Disposing of computers and electronics is both environmentally detrimental and possibly illegal in your city. However, many recycling organizations now charge to recycle computer equipment and electronics.

They will charge you either by the pound, per visit, or per item. Perhaps these organizations are only in it for the money? Computer recycling Denver should be affordable for all segments of society, which means there is no reason why it cannot be a free service.

Anet Computers computer recycling Albuquerque FREE service includes:

* Pick up of Your Computer and Electronics Equipment
* Absolutely no Charge or Fees
* Avoid Illegally Disposing Your Computer and Electronic Equipment
* Save Time and Potentially Money

Equipment I currently accept:

* Desktop Computers
* Laptops, Netbooks, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, and Tablets
* LCD Monitors and LCD Televisions
* Networking Equipment
* DVD Players
* Printers
* Keyboards, Mice, Peripherals, etc.
* Smartphones

Equipment I do NOT Accept:

Old Style CRT Tube Televisions
Old Style CRT Tube Computer Monitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recycle computer and electronics?
I think it is productive for the environment and a better option then just disposing of this equipment in land fills.

How can you recycle computer and electronic equipment for free?
You might be surprised about the demand for pre-owned equipment. I attempt to recommission as many items as possible. This allows me to receive compensation.

What happens to the items you recycle?
I attempt to prepare the items for sale as pre-owned. Any items not reusable are then parted out to larger equipment recycle centers.

Why do you NOT accept tube style computer monitors and televisions?
There really is no demand for these types of electronics. Not only that not many larger recycling centers will accept them in full or parted out.

Computer and electronics should be disposed of properly. There are many types of metal in this equipment. There are many different ways that this equipment can be dealt with.

Computer and electronic equipment, if still functional can be put to productive uses. Excess parts or equipment that no longer functions can be melted down and used again. Larger recycling centers have resources to properly dispose of and reuse metals.

However, plastics found in computer and electronic equipment can be a different story. Obviously, they can be used again if functional. There is not much if any demand for excess plastics.

Do you have used computer equipment you no longer use? Call, email, or text Aaron to get them removed for FREE. I cover the entire Albuquerque metropolitan area.