Fix my Computer – Now by an Online Support Technician

Do you still need help with your computer problem? You can request chat, email, or remote technical support now. Choose how you want your computer issue resolved.

I support Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. Also, I support both personal computers and Apple Macintosh hardware.

Email Computer Support

This is the least expensive of my support services. For a very nominal $5 fee, I can help you solve your most common computer problems via email. This type of service is productive for a more specific problem.

Perhaps just one piece of software has a problem. Maybe you are NOT able to install a software update. Perhaps you want to accomplish a certain task, but do NOT know if this is possible.

You want an answer to your computer related inquiry. I will personally respond to your request, research your request, and respond via email with my response. This is great if you just want an answer to one of your computer related questions.

This type of service is NOT conducive to more serious issues, such as a computer that is NOT booting or functioning properly. Also, I can perform the research for you. For example you just purchased a new printer and need to download the drivers for it.

The following questions can be answered via computer email support:

Hardware and Software Drivers
Hardware Advice
Hardware Specifications Research
Less Serious Computer Issues
General Computer Tips
Software Advice
Isolated Computer Issue
Missing Drivers
Missing Software
Missing Printer Drivers
Hardware Compatibility
Software Compatibility

This type of support does NOT come with a money back guarantee. Your $5 answer deposit is NON refundable. does NOT guarantee that your most common computer problem will be fixed.

With modern hardware, software, and operating systems, there are too many variables involved. Each individual situation can be different. With multiple decades of support experience, I will do my best to try to solve your most common computer problem via email support.

Chat Computer Support

If email computer support is too limited in scope, then you may want more personal chat support. Your $10 computer chat support deposit is NON refundable. You will get access to a private chat conversation with me.

I will have a one on one chat conversation helping you solve your most common computer problem. This could potentially lead to a quicker resolution versus email computer support. For just $10 I will provide private chat computer support.

This is an excellent option if you are computer proficient but need technical expertise. The following computer related questions can be answered and some of your most common computer problems can be solved:

Software Issues
Computer Not Booting
Computer Not Powering on
Slow and Sluggish Computer
Manual Install of Windows Updates
Formatting USB Flash Drives & External Hard Drives
Manual Install of Macintosh Updates
Web Browser Issues
PC Optimization
Scanning For Malware, Spyware, & Viruses
Operating System Scans
Operating System Installation

This type of computer chat support does NOT come with a money back guarantee. Modern computer hardware, software, and operating systems can be extremely volatile. My knowledge, expertise, and time is extremely valuable. does NOT guarantee that your computer issue will be resolved. There are too many variables involved and each individual situation can be different. With multiple decades of support experience, I will do my best to try to solve your most common computer problem via chat support.

Remote Computer Support

If you are located in an area with a reliable Internet connection, I can potentially fix your computer problem remotely. Have you found yourself wishing that someone would just fix my computer? Your wish is my command.

You no longer need to wait to get your most common computer problem fixed. Believe it or not, many computer problems can be fixed remotely. This can potentially save you time and money.

Why wait until next week to get your most common computer problem resolved? The following computer services can be performed by an online computer support technician:

Malware, Spyware, & Virus Removal
Data Backups
Data Recovery
Software Installation
Software Troubleshooting
Software Removal
Operating System Upgrade and Updates
Computer Hardware Diagnostics
Software Upgrades and Updates
Computer Maintenance Scans
PC Tune up
Macintosh, Linux, and Microsoft Windows Operating System Problems

Schedule a service request today to have your computer problem fixed. If you still need help after watching one of my YouTube videos, or reading one of my most common computer problems blog post and would rather NOT receive remote technical support, then you can still receive computer support. Submit your question and potentially get a technical support answer that will fix your problem.

Receiving remote technical support is as easy as powering on your computer and connecting it to the Internet. With your permission I will remotely connect and begin the computer troubleshooting process. You can sit back and relax as I fix your computer problem.

You can communicate with me via real time chat. Also, you will still have access to your computer and can intervene at any moment. You can watch and learn as your computer problem gets fixed.

All you need is a broadband, DSL, or greater Internet connection. You can receive computer support for just a one time fix. What are you waiting for then?

Get your computer problem fixed now. NO contracts, NO commitments, and NO account setup fees. With flat rate pricing, you do NOT need to worry about time constraints.

With just a low minimum charge of $25, you can get many computer problems fixed for just $60 total. Get immediate support or schedule a remote service call. Your $25 remote support deposit is NON refundable.

My knowledge, expertise, and time is valuable. Thus I need to receive some sort of compensation. However, the remaining $35 charge will be waived and you will NOT be charged, if I cannot fix your most common computer problem remotely. guarantees to fix your computer problem remotely or you are NOT charged the $35 repair fee.