Google Chrome – New Tab Redirect Allows You to Provide Page URL

One of those annoyances I consider with Google Chrome web browser is that web browsers new tab feature. When opening a new tab in Google Chrome you get a list of up to past eight surfed websites. There is no way to customize this.

Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer allow you to configure a specific uniform resource locator or blank page. I found an extension called New Tab Redirect authored by Jim Schubert. This Google Chrome extension allows you to customize a new tab page.

To install this extension you right click a drop down menu in upper right hand corner of Google Chrome and then select "More tools". In more tools you then select "Extensions". In extensions type in "New Tab Redirect".

Click on a blue "Add to Chrome" button to install this extension. Once installed a welcome page opens. Click on an "Options" link. In options you can either choose "One click save.." from a list of "Popular Pages" or "Chrome pages".

Another option I prefer is to use the top "Redirect URL" field. Type in your preferred website in this box and then click on "Save". Now when you open up a new tab in Google Chrome you will be sent to whatever website you typed into "Redirect URL".

Finally, you can type in "about:blank" without quotes into this box and then a blank page will open up when you choose a new tab.

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