Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – Sunspider Benchmarking Tool

Are you wondering which web browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox performs better? SunSpider 1.0.2 javascript benchmarking tool might give you some insight. Although, this web browser benchmarking tool is no longer maintained, you can still use it.

This test tool was designed to compare different web browsers. SunSpider 1.0.2 runs multiple passes of each test. This test can take a minute or more.

Five passes of each test are ran. To run this Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox benchmarking tool, click on “Start Now!” at bottom of their web page. You will be taken to a progress page that counts down until completion.

A results page will open where you can click on “Run Again” to perform another test. There will be a Uniform Resource Locator with your results for later viewing. Also, you can compare more than one test run by copying and pasting a previous results URL into a box.

I just had to run this test twice. The first time no results were output. Here are my test results from this SunSpider 1.0.2 javascript benchmarking tool.

I am using Google Chrome web browser version 61 on a desktop computer running Windows 10 Professional x64 bit.

RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total: 535.6ms +/- 0.9%

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3d: 83.7ms +/- 3.6%
cube: 24.6ms +/- 2.4%
morph: 23.5ms +/- 2.2%
raytrace: 35.6ms +/- 7.2%

access: 60.1ms +/- 1.0%
binary-trees: 6.9ms +/- 3.3%
fannkuch: 27.0ms +/- 2.2%
nbody: 10.0ms +/- 3.4%
nsieve: 16.2ms +/- 2.8%

bitops: 27.6ms +/- 2.8%
3bit-bits-in-byte: 4.1ms +/- 5.5%
bits-in-byte: 8.9ms +/- 4.6%
bitwise-and: 5.0ms +/- 0.0%
nsieve-bits: 9.6ms +/- 3.8%

controlflow: 7.9ms +/- 5.1%
recursive: 7.9ms +/- 5.1%

crypto: 58.6ms +/- 2.8%
aes: 23.3ms +/- 6.5%
md5: 15.4ms +/- 6.3%
sha1: 19.9ms +/- 2.0%

date: 52.6ms +/- 1.3%
format-tofte: 31.2ms +/- 2.4%
format-xparb: 21.4ms +/- 2.3%

math: 66.7ms +/- 2.3%
cordic: 14.1ms +/- 11.3%
partial-sums: 43.2ms +/- 5.3%
spectral-norm: 9.4ms +/- 3.9%

regexp: 11.3ms +/- 3.1%
dna: 11.3ms +/- 3.1%

string: 167.1ms +/- 1.3%
base64: 25.0ms +/- 2.3%
fasta: 34.6ms +/- 1.7%
tagcloud: 49.6ms +/- 2.2%
unpack-code: 33.7ms +/- 2.7%
validate-input: 24.2ms +/- 3.1%

These test results statistics are in milliseconds. Besides testing and comparing different web browsers, you can compare and test different versions of the same web browser. Happy web surfing or is that serfing?

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