Hotmail Contacts – Quick How to Add Contacts to Your Account

Today I will show you how to quickly find and add contacts to your Microsoft Hotmail account. The menu item for contacts maybe confusing or difficult to find, as Microsoft likes to change their Hotmail web interface. Once logged into your Windows live hotmail account, you will see "Contact List" under "Related Places" which is at a lower left part of that page towards a very bottom.

Click on "Contact List" and that will take you to your contact list where you can add, remove, import, export, etc. contacts.

Hotmail Sign On

Hotmail Contacts

UPDATE: 07/08/2014

Microsoft has once again changed their interface for hotmail. In order to get to your contacts you click on a drop down arrow to right of "" and to left of "New". This drop down menu includes "People". Select "People" and you are now at your contacts. You can add, remove, edit, etc. from within "People".

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