HP Printers Officejet – How to Scan From HP Officejet Printer to PC

How to scan from your HP Officejet printer to your personal computer. If you haven't done so already, please install HP Officejet Full Feature Software and Driver from your HP installation CD. If your missing that software you can download and install hp officejet software.

Once that software is successfully installed, you can follow instructions to scan documents to your computer. Use some following steps if your device is directly connected to a computer via a USB cable. When that scan is complete, a program that you have selected opens and displays that document that you have scanned.

HP Printers Officejet

To send a scan to a program on a computer from HP photo and imaging software:

On your computer, open HP photo and imaging software.

To send a scan to a program on a computer from your HP Officejet Printer device control panel:

1. Load an original on a scanner glass.
2. Press a "Scan Menu" or "Scan To" button.
3. Press arrow keys to select a program that you want to use, such as HP photo and imaging software, and then press "OK".
4. Press "START SCAN".

These instructions were for a Hewlett Packard Officejet J6480 attached to a computer running Windows XP.

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