HP Recovery Disc – Need HP And Compaq System Recovery Discs?

You can order system restore compact discs directly from Hewlett Packard. Hewlett Packard keeps a supply of recovery didks for a limited time. You will need either your product number or model name of your computer. You can skip to the section "Ordering recovery disks from HP".

You can also obtain instructions showing you how to create your own recovery disks. Also, Hewlett Packard recommends obtaining recovery disks for computers they no longer provide recovery disks for, from online auction sites and computer suppliers. The following page includes information for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. HP Recovery Disc are available for order online from Hewlett Packard.

If you cannot find disks for your computer, it may be because recovery disks are no longer available. The older your computer gets the less likely that recovery disks will be available. At the bottom of this page you can contact Hewlett Packard if you are NOT able to find recovery disks and or burn recovery media.

Believe it or not, you may be able to find recovery disks on Amazon.com, eBay.com, and even Craigslist.org. Make sure that you order or purchase recovery disks manufactured for your computer. This is where knowing your exact model of computer is important.

The computer model number should be printed on a sticker attached to your desktop or laptop computer. Hewlett Packard has pointed out that your model number might be listed on a sticker under the battery on laptop computers manufactured in two thousand ten or later. If all else fails it might be worth contacting Hewlett Packard.

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