Hunting Unlimited PC – Fix Prism 3d Engine Problem For Game

When trying to play Hunting Unlimited 2009, you may get Prism 3d engine problem pop up and you are unable to play that game. You can try updating your Directx to a most current version.

Update DirectX

To start an installation immediately, click Open or run this program from its current location. Update your version of Java to a latest version. Download and install a latest Java version.

Updating Java

Hunting Unlimited PC

Finally, you can try updating your video card drivers. Right click "My Computer" select "Properties" then select a "Hardware" tab, then click on "Device Manager" and expand "Display Adapters". Right click on your display adapter(s) and choose "Update Driver" and choose "Yes this time only" or "Yes now and every time I connect a device" in a Hardware Update Wizard.

If that doesn't fix your issue you can find a name of your graphics card and try to find a newest driver for it. Here are requirements to run Hunting Unlimited 2009:

Operating System: Windows XP or Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz or compatible
Ram: 256MB
DirectX: Direct X 9.0 (Included on CD)
Hard Drive Space: 1GB Hard Drive Space
Drives: CD-ROM
Video Card: 64 MB Direct X 9 Graphics Card
Sound Card: Direct X 9 compatible sound card
Other: Mouse and Keyboard

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