iTunes Problems – Quicktime Updates May Cause iTunes to Fail

Apple Quicktime updates may cause iTunes to fail. You may receive a "Need to repair or reinstall Quicktime" message after installing Quicktime update(s). Sometimes a complete removal and re installation is necessary to clear software errors and problems.

You may need to clean up your registry entries for quick time and iTunes, so that when reinstalling both programs you start out clean with the registry. Be sure to backup your registry with the utility CCleaner that I'm recommending you download and install. CCleaner is free and very reliable.

iTunes Problems

Download and install CCleaner from a following link:

CCleaner EXE

From within a CCleaner program run a registry cleaner utility. Please backup your registry when prompted. A link below has a short tutorial to show you how to run that registry cleaner utility.

This should clean out any registry settings that is not being removed for quick time and itunes.

Best Registry Cleaning

After running that registry cleaner then you can reinstall quicktime and iTunes and hopefully it will resolve your issue.

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