LP to MP3 Software – How to Get Roxio Easy LP to MP3 Working

You are trying to use Roxio easy LP to MP3. You have a head phone input on you stereo connected to line in on your Windows XP computer. A "capture from" indicates correct sound card. "Input" shows only line volume, stereo mix, and one or 2 other options, none of those options is "line in".

When you start to record you don't see any recording level at all. You have tried both LPs and cassette tapes using a connection from your head phones on stereo to line-in on that computer. The "capture from" has a correct sound card, RealTek HD Audio Input, only "input" options are "CD Volume, MIC Volume, Line Volume and Stereo Mix" and line-in does not appear as an option.

When you play an LP with volume cranked up, and then hit "record", no recording level appears. A quick thing to try is to use your stereo's line out or audio out. Also, not to sound condescending but are you using a cable kit that came with Roxio LP?

LP to MP3 Software

Also, did you hook it up according to some installation instructions? Using a line out from stereo to line in on your computer sound card should work. You can also try a blue digital audio input jack on your sound card if it has one.

Another place to look is in your Windows sound properties. Go to "Start" then select "Control Panel". In control panel go into "Sound and Audio Devices" then click "Advanced" button.

In advanced make sure that a mute box is NOT checked for "Line In". Also, make sure that volume adjustment is not too low or set all way down. If volume is low or muted for line in then obviously it won't record anything.

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