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Another computer problem in the world order. This time it dealt with a Macintosh computer. Macintosh computer’s are no where near perfection.

Here is the original initial response:

“What is the BEST protection for my Mac? Tried MacKeeper. Seemed to work ok, then tried Malwarebytes.

It moved all of MacKeeper to quarantine. Computer runs very slow now.”

I never discuss what is BEST for a computer. This to me is flawed logic. Often times programs purport to be the best and then will create problems with your computer.

It is very likely that either MalwareBytes or MacKeeper fucked up this computer instead of optimizing it. I NEVER use that garbage and junk ware called MalwareBytes. I am NOT familiar with MacKeeper.

This individual requested that I remotely connect to their computer and fix this mess. I downloaded and installed my preferred Mac optimization software on this Macintosh computer. I ran two or three cleaner passes.

Since this was a Macintosh operating system, I did NOT need to worry about registry entries. Immediately, I could tell a difference in the performance of this Macintosh. I asked this individual to test there Macintosh.

They told me that there Macintosh computer was no longer slow. As a computer repair technician for many years, I always make certain that I allow my clients to test their computer before I call it a day. You may be wondering what application I used that fixed this slow Macintosh computer?

I have been using this software for over a decade on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, and Microsoft Windows 10. I very rarely have any problems with this software. In all these years I have NOT had one computer fucked up by this software.

However, I know better than to ever endorse any type of operating system or software program ever again. This software could turn into a nightmare with just one update. For now you may want to download and use my preferred Mac optimization software.

I would run a “Run Cleaner” scan as many times as possible until no objects are found. I never change any of the default settings. I do NOT think there is a portable version available for the Macintosh as of this blog post creation.

However, all you have to do is download the .dmg file and drag it to your “Applications” folder. Then look for the “Cleaner” tab on the left hand side. Make sure that that tab is highlighted.

Click on it if not selected. I never change any of the default settings. You can click on “Analyze” or “Run Cleaner”.

I never waste time analyzing first and cut to the chase by clicking on “Run Cleaner”. That is all you need to do. This program will find junk files, temporary files, etc. that might be slowing down your Macintosh computer.

I have used this program for years on Microsoft operating systems, now I have had good success using this toll on Apple Macintosh based operating systems.

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