Mass Effect Game – Cant Get Mass Effect to Play on Windows 7?

Can't get Mass Effect to play on Windows 7? You can download and install a most current patch for Mass Effect. If that does not resolve your issue you can try upgrading your video card driver by going into your Windows 7 control panel.

In device manager find and highlight your video display adapter or graphics adapter and then double click it or right click it and select "Properties". In a properties there should be an upgrade driver button. If you are using windows updates then a most current driver should then download via windows updates.

Another option would be to try changing a Mass Effect desktop shortcut to "Run as administrator". You right click a Mass Effect desktop shortcut and select "Properties" from that menu. Go to a "Compatability" tab in properties and check a "Run this program as an administrator" box.

Click "OK" and then try to run that program again.

Mass Effect Game

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