Microsoft 7 – Can’t Connect to Wireless Network on Windows 7?

Have you just upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium? Can't connect to your wireless network now? You managed wireless networks to make sure that your network key was correct.

That wireless network is showing up, just not connecting. You can try to connect to your wireless network without a hidden SSID. Windows 7 has trouble connecting at first.

Try to either broadcast your SSID, or if you really want to keep that SSID non-broadcasting then try this:

Turn on Broadcasting, discover a network, enter your key paraphrase and connect. Next, turn off that SSID broadcast. You might want to change security from WPA to WEP or whatever you have set.

Microsoft 7

You could also set it to not secured for testing. Try to connect to it without security first then change that security mode and then finally create even a new password for it. Turn on broadcasting, discover that network, enter your key paraphrase and connect.

Next, turn off that SSID broadcast. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please let me know what error messages you are receiving if any. You could also try a different wireless channel.

Resetting your wireless router after making any changes is also recommended.

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