Microsoft – Claims it Has Patched NSA Leaked Windows Hacks

Microsoft Corporation claims that it has released security patches for breaches released by Shadow Brokers. Microsoft claims that nine of twelve exploits had already been patched. It was up to Microsoft operating system users to ensure these patches were installed.

One of these exploits was patched before Microsoft Windows Vista had ever been released for public consumption.

* EternalBlue patched by MS17-010
* EmeraldThread patched by MS10-061
* EternalChampion patched by CVE-2017-0146 & CVE-2017-0147
* ErraticGopher before Windows Vista released
* EsikmoRoll patched by MS14-068
* EternalRomance patched by MS17-010
* EducatedScholar patched by MS09-050
* EternalSynergy patched by MS17-010
* EclipsedWing patched by MS08-067
* EnglishmanDentist safe with Windows 7 or later
* EsteemAudit safe with Windows 7 or later
* ExplodingCan safe with Windows 7 or later

The last three exploits are only a problem if using versions of Microsoft windows before Windows 7. Also, versions of Microsoft Exchange server before Exchange 2010 are at risk. Versions of Microsoft exchange 2010 or later are safe from these exploits.

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