Mozilla Foundation – Ends Support For Firefox on Vista and XP

Mozilla Foundation officially announced end of support for their Firefox web browser on December twenty third two thousand sixteen. Approximately, in March of two thousand seventeen, Mozilla will move Vista and XP Firefox users to their extended support release. This is designed for large organizations instead of individual users.

Firefox version fifty two will be last web browser that Mozilla will support on Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. This final version will include security updates but no new features. This final version for Vista and XP is scheduled for September of two thousand seventeen.

Some time next summer Mozilla claims they will announce a final end date. For now, enterprise customers should plan towards September two thousand seventeen being end of support for Mozilla Firefox web browser on Vista and XP platforms. In March of two thousand seventeen Firefox on Vista and XP will automatically update to Mozilla Firefox extended support release.

Mozilla claims that Microsoft Vista and XP are more difficult to maintain their web browser on. Mozilla joins Microsoft and Google who have ended browser support on Vista and XP. Mozilla foundation will still support their Firefox web browser on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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