Mytopia – Fix Your Mytopia Games Problem With Flash Player 10

You have Internet explorer 8, flash player 10.1, and running Windows Vista. A few weeks ago Mytopia games application suddenly disappeared from most peoples screen. Some people are receiving it and others had it briefly.

Could it be a problem with your browser Internet explorer, or flash player? Even some people on Windows 7 are experiencing same problems. You are on your PC and installed Google chrome.

Unfortunately, it seems to be some kind of problem on Mytopia’s end. Looks like users on different web sites are receiving a same error message. It might be a problem with Mytopia’s games and a new Adobe flash player 10 version, but I really don’t know.

You can try to download and install Adobe flash player 9 from an Adobe archived flash player versions page. Click on a “Flash Player 9” link. Make sure to completely remove Adobe flash player 10 first before installing an older flash player 9 version.

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