Namecheap Email Forwarding – For Shared Web Hosting Tutorial

Recently, I started another business venture to supplement my income. Instead of creating a brand new domain for my business, I decided to use a subdomain of I did not necessarily want to create a separate email account for this business.

Namecheap has a feature with their shared hosting, that allows you to create an email forwarder. For example you can have all emails directed towards get fowarded to This tutorial is for NameCheap customers whom are using shared web hosting.

You want to log into your NameCheap cPanel account for your shared hosting account. Scroll down until you see "Email". Click on "Forwarders".

You want to create an email account forwarder. This is not necessarily an email alias per se. However, this is exactly what I wanted for my new business venture.

Click on "Add Forwarder" under "Create an Email Account Forwarder". Under "Address to Forward" enter in the email alias address, so to speak, that you want mail forwarded to. Using the example from above, you would enter in "abuse".

Choose from a drop down list under "Domain, what domain you want to use. If you only have one domain with NameCheap, then you won't need to select a different domain. In a "Forward to Email Address" box, enter in the email address you want emails forwarded to.

Using example above, you would enter in Down below click on "Add Forwarder". You have no created an email forwarder, which acts similar to an alias.

All emails sent to will get forwarded to This can become conveniant for you for multiple reasons. I choose this route instead of purchasing a separate domain.

Also, this saves me hassle of creating a separate email account and having to monitor another email inbox.

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