Office 365 Business Applications – Installation

I received a software installation request pertaining to Microsoft Office 365 Business applications. Here is the original initial request I had received:

“I need to upgrade to Office 365 Business to get new features such as the Accessibility Checker. I am currently using Microsoft Office 2011. Do I need to delete those applications before I download 365?”

Here is my original initial response:

No, you do not need to remove Office 2011 if you do not want to. When you install Office 365 make sure to choose a different installation folder, otherwise it will attempt to upgrade office 2011 or ask you to remove it. If you want to keep both versions you can.

For example if you have Microsoft Office currently installed in the following folder, then choose a different installation folder when you install Office 365 Business applications.

C:\Programs File\Microsoft\Office2011

Now you want to install the newer version of Microsoft Office in a different folder. For example:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Office365

This will preserve your older version of Microsoft Office. Also, this will allow you to use multiple versions of Microsoft Office. If you do not specify a different installation folder it may default to your existing one and install on top of the older Microsoft Office 2011.

Just make certain they are installed in different folders. If you no longer want to keep and use office 2011, I would remove it first and then install Microsoft Office 365. You can log into the office 365 portal and install it from the link below.

You can install multiple versions of Microsoft Office using these same tips. You can even install individual Microsoft Applications from different Microsoft Office distributions into different separate folders. If you decided you want to remove Microsoft Office 2011 and just install a new version of Microsoft Office 365, then I would recommend removing Microsoft Office 2011 first.

Then I would recommend that you use a PC optimization tool to clean up junk files, folders, and registry entries left behind by Microsoft Office 2011. Finally, you would then perform a fresh installation of Microsoft Office 365 business applications. I cannot over emphasize the use of a PC optimization tool, as especially on Microsoft operating systems, software applications do not cleanup after themselves.

Besides, now would be a good time to perform some computer business since you are already installing software. Installing Microsoft Office 365 is actually quite easy from the official Microsoft Office 365 portal. All you need to do is login with your Microsoft Office account.

For example you can login with,,,,, etcetera. Then you can access your account information. From within this portal you can download and install Microsoft Office 365.

I would definitely backup this download in case you need to install Microsoft Office 365 business applications again. Also, you definitely want to save your Microsoft Office 365 license key. Depending on your Internet speed, it can take awhile to download and install Microsoft Office 365.

These instructions were written for a Microsoft operating system. However, you can use these same tips for installing multiple versions of Microsoft Office 365 business applications on Apple Macintosh operating systems.

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