Office 365 Install Slow – Troubleshooting Steps

Another Microsoft software problem, imagine that. Here is the original request I received for a problematic Office 365 install.

“I started reinstalling Office 365 over three hours ago. The message “We’re getting things ready” has been on the screen since then. Why is this taking so long?

I do have lots of disk space. I tried the offline approach, which did not work. Then I uninstalled Office 365 and started a reinstall.”

There can be many reasons why Microsoft Office 365 installation is slow as a turtle. Here is my original initial response:

What operating system are you using? For example Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10. You could go into “Activity Monitor” on a MAC or “Task Manager” on Windows and look for any stuck processes.

Look for and end any Microsoft one click processes. You could also try to abort the installation by closing the install window. If you are able to get it to end the installation, I would restart your computer and try the install again.

Make certain that if you are using the online installer that you have a decent Internet connection. Make certain that you don’t have any stuck processes running in the background. You can go into Task Manager and “end process” on all Microsoft Office applications.

Then you can try to open those applications. Sometimes just restarting your computer will clear stuck processes. This individual requested that I remotely connect into their computer.

However, they were not able to install the remote connection software. I have a feeling they were able to end some stuck Microsoft processes. Another possibility is that they just restarted their computer.

This is what I normally advise at the beginning of a diagnosis for a slow software install. This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. Check for any stuck or hanging processes.

If you cannot end the installation task, you could try to perform a restart. Close all other programs and then restart your computer. When it comes to office 365 installs, they are slow to begin with.

Compound that problem with slow Internet connection and you have the perfect mix for a perfect operating system storm. I have noticed over the years that the process called Microsoft One Click tends to cause problems. What I normally do is end the task on each and everyone of these Microsoft One Click processes.

You would be surprised how many of those actually spawn in the background. All it takes is one of these processes to freeze or hang and then that causes a domino effect. Another task you can try is to end the installation task itself.

I do not even think 3 hours is normal for an office 365 installation. If you are able to rectify this situation, perhaps now is the time to perform some general computer maintenance. You can run both system file check and check disk scans.

Also, you can optimize your PC by cleaning up junk temp, cache, and registry entries. Microsoft operating systems are notorious for problems and that includes Office 365 installations.

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