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Are you looking for inexpensive business and or residential bring your own VOIP phone service? VOIP which stands for voice over internet protocol, is a fast growing telephone technology. Basically, you dial and receive telephone calls over your existing Internet connection.

This can be an excellent alternative to expensive analog mobile and land line telephone services. While there are many VOIP service providers available, many require contracts and might be as expensive as cell phone or plain old telephone service. With our pay as you go billing, there is no monthly fee.

Rates are currently as low as just .012 per minute for the lower 48 United States. You read that correctly, just over one cent per minute. You can keep your existing phone number as well.

Calls to Canada are even lower. Amazingly, you can call between the lower 48 United States and Canada for less then one cent per minute. Does .006 cent per minute sound like a deal?

There are no setup fees and long term commitments with a pay as you go plan. Basically, you can make calls with any device that allows IAX2 or SIP connections. Androids, PC'S, Asterisk boxes, etc. just to name a few possibilities.

What is a VOIP

Also, we provide a monthly plan* that has same features and per minute rates. However, you receive 3,500 total free incoming minutes per month for a low $6.95 fee. No long term commitments, contracts, overage charges and setup fees.

If you go over your 3,500 Free monthly minutes, you get charged our low pay as you go per minute call rates. Keep your existing phone number with a month to month plan. What are you waiting for?

With such low rates available and a free account signup, to test drive our service. Interested in more information? Check out a bring your own device voice over internet protocol frequently asked questions.

Also, find out about all currently available features.

* Anet Computers monthly bring your own device VOIP service requires some technical understanding of VOIP and SIP. Keeping your existing phone number will depend on number portability for your current phone number. This service is not designed for outbound services for telemarketers such as automated dial programs, call centers and collection agencies.

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