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I received a viewer question, on my Anet Computer Youtube channel, pertaining to Open Web Analytics, which is a FREE website visitor tracking software.

Does this work on single page apps?


Open source analytics software called open web analytics is similar to Google analytics. Since I am not a developer I was not able to find a definitive answer. Single page applications are defined as a single Hyper Text Markup Language page, that loads only once.

This page gets updated as a user interacts with it. Ajax and Hyper Text Markup Language 5 are used with applications that will dynamically update during user interaction. These applications use JavaScript on the client side.

These types of pages are supposed to emulate a desktop application. They don't require you to refresh that page you are viewing. I found one part of Open Web Analytics documentation that perhaps a developer would understand as possibly allowing single page apps support.

Sets a Custom Variables that will be recorded with each tracking event. Variables can set for a single page or persisted and set on all requests made in the current and/or future visits.

Again, I am not a web developer so I could be completely off track. Google analytics supports single page applications sort of. You have to use another piece of software called autotrack.

I noticed that open source analytics software open web analytics has not been update since February of two thousand fourteen. I no longer use this software since I do not use a virtual private server anymore. When I used it to track website visitors to my website, I was satisfied.

I have used Google analytics before. However, Google analytics to me is too resource intensive. That is one main reason why I switched.

This is one of those cases where a user would need to contact Open Web Analytics support team directly.

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