Xbox Live Tech Support – How to Get Notified of Xbox Live Outage

UPDATE: Scroll down to bottom of this blog post for instructions on how to get notified when ever Xbox Live has service problems and outages.

Xbox Live Service has suffered an outage with multiple services. This started occurring today around 6:56 PM Eastern, 5:56 PM Central, 4:56 PM Mountain, and 3:56 PM Pacific time. A purchase and content usage service is limited.

This affects being able to purchase downloadable items. Also, a social and gaming service is limited. This affects unlocking achievements.

Xbox live support is aware of this service problem and is working on a solution. Television, Music, and Video service is limited. This affects browsing the Xbox video and the Xbox music stores.

Xbox live support is aware of this service problem and is working on a solution. Also, affected is an in Game Name application for Xbox 360. This application is also limited at this time.

Some Xbox members might be having a difficult time launching this in Game Name application or playing game content. Xbox live support is aware of this issue and is seeking a resolution. No other Xbox live services or applications are affected at this time.

Want to become notified when these services and application are up and running? Then you can receive notification via your Microsoft account. You must provide them a ten digit telephone number and be signed in.

These service interruptions affect Xbox One, 360 and Xbox on other devices. Finally, you can always remain up to date with any current Xbox Live Service outages, via there Xbox Live Status page.

Windows 10 Requirements – Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Version

Microsoft begins selling Windows ten operating system on July 29, 2015, with an all new web browser Microsoft Edge, Cortana digital personal assistant, and the old expandable start menu was brought back. You can upgrade to Windows ten from Windows seven with service pack one and Windows 8.1 operating systems. Your computer will need a one Gigahertz processor or faster.

One gigabyte of RAM for a 32 bit version or two gigabytes of RAM for a 64 bit version is required. Disk space requirement is sixteen gigabytes of space for 32 bit version or twenty gigabytes of space for 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows ten. A graphics card needs compatibility with Direct X nine or later with WDDM 1.0 driver support.

Your computer's display will need to support 800 x 600 at a minimum. On Windows 7 service pack one and Windows 8.1 machines you will be able to run "Get Windows 10" to see if your computer is compliant to upgrade. There is a "Check my PC" feature that will scan your computer.

Your applications, files, and settings will migrate during this upgrade. However, depending on compatibility some applications and settings may not migrate. Windows Media Center will be removed depending on what specific version of Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1 you have installed.

You will need to install third party software in order to play DVD movies. Windows seven desktop gadgets will be removed. Windows ten will upgrade like for like versions of Windows.

For example if you Windows 7 Professional installed then your computer will upgrade to Windows ten Professional. For a more complete list of all system requirements check out Microsoft Windows 10 specifications page. If you buy Windows 10 now you can upgrade for free.

You must upgrade your computer to Windows ten within a year. This is a three gigabyte download and once successfully installed you get Windows ten for free on compatible devices. Check out how to upgrade to windows 10 for free.

WordPress Update – WordPress Releases 4.2.3 Security Update

WordPress released today a security vulnerability and maintenance update. WordPress 4.2.3 patches a cross site scripting hole. Users with Author or Contributor access could possibly compromise your site.

This security update is for all previous versions and is highly recommended you install this immediately. Another issue fixed with this update is where by a Subscriber could create a draft using "Quick Draft". There are twenty WordPress bug fixes included in 4.2.3 from version 4.2.

You can update your version to 4.2.3 by clicking on "Dashboard" if not already there. Then select "Updates". Finally click on "Update Now".

If your WordPress site was configured with automatic background updates, then you should already be updated to 4.2.3. Also, you can download update 4.2.3 directly from

Dell – Releases Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet Computer

Dell introduced their first tablet designed to with stand tough environments two days ago. Latitude 12 rugged is supposed to with stand water spills, dust, sand, extreme temperatures, and drops from over four feet. This is there first tablet computer designed for rugged conditions.

This tablet includes an 11.6 inch high definition touch screen. This touch screen is made out of Corning Gorilla glass. Also, a fifth generation Core M processor is included.

This tablet comes with a two cell battery with up to twelve hours of life. The Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet comes with a solid state hard drive with up to 512 Gigabytes of space.You can connect to AC wireless networks with built in Wi-Fi.

Optionally you can buy desk and or vehicle docking stations for this tablet. Another option is a keyboard cover that protects from dust and water. This tablet has dual hot swap battery compartments.

It is sold with one battery. However, you can purchase a second hot swap battery. You don't have to power down this computer to insert a second battery in case your running out of battery power.

You can purchase an optional rugged full keyboard with stand. Mobile broadband and GPS is another option. This tablet will be available for purchase by late July according to Dell.

I contacted Dell via online Chat as well as phone number 1-800-456-3355 and was not able to find out their entry level price for Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet. A Dell sales person I spoke to said he didn't know prices yet for it. He did stipulate that he thought it might ship with Windows ten operating system.

If not then this tablet will ship with Windows eight operating system. You can read Dell's official Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet press release. Also, you can check out Dell's preliminary Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet product information.

Microsoft Exchange Server – Exchange Server 2016 Preview Released

Microsoft today released Exchange Server 2016 preview. This Exchange Server 2016 preview only, is now available for download. An official version number is 15.01.0225.017.

File name for download is Exchange2016-x64-Preview.exe. This is a 1.7 gigabyte executable file. You can store email at your location or via a cloud technology. Microsoft recommends using this in a lab only and is not for production use.

This preview version of Exchange Server 2016 runs on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. .Net Framework: 4.5.2 and Microsoft edge are required. One of a following web browsers are required:

* Internet Explorer 11
* Latest Version of Apple Safari
* Latest Version of Google Chrome
* Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox

There are quite a few new features in this preview version of Exchange Server 2016. Also, there are some features that have been removed from prior versions. You can check out this Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 tech net page for more information.

If you want to cut to the chase, then you can download Exchange Server 2016.

Windows Security – Microsoft Releases Critical Update MS15-078

Yesterday, Microsoft released Critical Security Bulletin MS15-078. This important security update is available via Windows update only. There was a security vulnerability found in Microsoft Windows Font Driver.

This is a serious critical update for all versions of Microsoft Windows that are officially supported. Remote code could be executed if this update is not installed. If you do not have Windows update enabled, install updates manually, or are having problems with automatic Windows updates, you can still install this update.

Under MS15-078 security update, browse to "Affected Software" section. You will see a table of each version of Microsoft Windows operating system that is vulnerable. Each listed operating system is a hyper link to a separate download page.

Click on a red "Download" button. That MS15-078 security update should begin downloading with in thirty seconds. Once that update is downloaded to your computer, then go ahead and double click it to install.

Reboot your computer if you are prompted to. If this update will not install correctly for some reason there are some additional work around's available. Browse to "Workarounds" under "Vulnerability Information" section.

There are multiple work around's available and you will need to become familiar with Windows command prompt and or Windows registry editor. The following Microsoft operating systems are vulnerable to this security hole:

* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
* Windows Server 2008
* Windows Server 2008 R2
* Windows RT and Windows RT 8.1
* Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2

You can check out this Microsoft MS15-078 Critical Security Bulletin page for more information.

Ashley Madison – Online Married Dating Website Hacked

An Internet website was hacked recently. This website has in excess of 37,610,000 anonymous members until now. Many of these anonymous users data has been released publicly.

The Impact Team has claimed responsibility. They stole database, financial, and proprietary information from Avid Life Media, which runs Avid Life Media's chief executive officer, Noel Biderman, confirmed their website had been compromised.

Hackers divulged company server maps, employee account information, bank account information, and salary details. This comes less than two months since hackers stole millions of account information from another dating website, This hacking entity even released an extensive manifesto.

One reason they claim for this private data release, was because this website promotes adultery and infidelity. Another reason given is that they claim is not being truthful when promising their users full removal of their profile for nineteen dollars. The Impact Team claims "full delete" that promises does not scrub members data.

Also, The Impact Team has threatened Avid Life Media to release all hacked information if and another website, are not shut down. The Impact Team left a lengthy graphical message once they compromised this website. This cheating website for married people accrued over thirty seven million members mostly from Canada and United States.

CEO Noel Biderman speculates a person with connections to one of his contractor's or employees was responsible. Earlier this morning this CEO released a statement stipulating Avid Life Media has secured this website and closed any possible entry points. One wonders if this hacking entity will go through with threats and release anymore data that they had obtained.

Skype Smartphone – Skype Version 5.5 Update Enables Auto Login

Microsoft Skype released a version 5.5 update for smartphone's running Android operating systems. This new update includes automatic login. Skype will remember your login credentials so that you don't have to enter them each time.

Just tap on an arrow and Skype will sign you in. This feature can be disabled. You must be signed in to disable automatic login.

Select a menu icon then select "Settings". Under a "Privacy" section you will see an option for automatic login. Make sure that option is disabled.

You will then be prompted for your Skype password each time like before. Another new interesting feature for Skype for Android 5.5 is web link previews. When you send a web link via chat, you will see a preview of what your sending.

You can download this free update from Skype's Google Play store page. In order to run Skype version 5.5 on your Android device, you must have Android version 4.0 or later. Also, you will need to make sure your Android has an ARMv7 processor or processor capable of running ARMv7 instruction sets, in order to run Skype video.

ARMv6 processors can still run Skype for Android but video will not function. Finally, up to twenty seven megabytes of disk space is required.

Microsoft App Store – Microsoft Opens PC, Phone, Tablet Apps Store

Microsoft today opened their universal applications store for Windows PC's, Phones, and Tablets. Any one of these devices running Windows 8.1 or later will be able to access apps. For now there are separate sections for Windows and Windows Phone.

On a homepage there is a list of top free Windows applications and top paid Windows applications. Both of these lists have a "Show all" link. On a PC or Tablet you click on "Explore more apps" under a Windows apps.

On a Windows phone you simply click on "Explore more apps" under Windows Phone apps. Once you pick a main section, then Windows applications are sorted by Top free, Top paid, Best rated, and Categories. Each of these have a "Show all" link.

Each application has a description, Features, Additional Information, Version Notes, and Ratings and Reviews sections. You must sign in with your Microsoft account in order to obtain any applications., OneDrive, Office, Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, MSN, and Stores login accounts are Microsoft accounts you can use with Microsoft's universal apps store.

Microsoft opened this universal applications store in lieu of their release of Windows ten operating system later this month. You can test out Microsoft's app store now with your Windows PC, Phone, Xbox, and Tablet.

iPod Touch Generation – Apple Introduces 6th Generation iPod Touch

Apple Inc. released their sixth generation iPod Touch. This iPod comes with an eight megapixel HD camera and A8 processor. This device comes in blue, gold, pink, silver, and space gray.

The A8 processor is same one used in Apples iPhone six. The newest Apple iPod Touch starts at $199. This device includes a four inch screen. This iPod boasts three times as fast Wi-Fi than its predecessor.

This sixth generation iPod Touch comes with iOS version eight. Built in applications include:

* iMessage
* Health
* Family Sharing
* App Store
* Music App

This new Apple iTouch is available with following space and prices:

16 Gigabyte $199
32 Gigabyte $249
64 Gigabyte $299
128 Gigabyte $399

This is first iPod touch available with 128 Gigabytes of space. In order for this device to sync with Apple iTunes you will need a computer with a USB 2.0 connection. Also, you will need iTunes version 12.2 or later running on Mac OS ten version 10.7.5 or later, Windows 7, Windows 8, or later Microsoft operating systems.

An Apple ID is required for iTunes software. This device is 4.86 inches x 2.31 inches x 0.24 inches. It weighs 3.10 ounces or 88 grams. The display is four inches diagonal.

Apple's A8 processor is sixty four bit. An eight megapixel camera records in 1080 x 720p video. This device supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi?Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 connections.

Battery life is anywhere from eight hours to forty hours depending on audio and or video use. It has a built in speakerphone and microphone. You receive Apple EarPods and Lightning to USB Cable in addition to this iPod Touch.

You will be able to purchase Apple's sixth generation iTouch at Apple's online store, their retail stores, and authorized resellers. You can read Apple's press information about their sixth generation Apple iPod Touch. More technical details are located at this Apple store iPod Touch page.