LP to MP3 Software – How to Get Roxio Easy LP to MP3 Working

LP to MP3 Software

You are trying to use Roxio easy LP to MP3. You have a head phone input on you stereo connected to line in on your Windows XP computer. A "capture from" indicates correct sound card. "Input" shows only line volume, stereo mix, and one or 2 other options, none of those options is "line in".

When you start to record you don't see any recording level at all. You have tried both LPs and cassette tapes using a connection from your head phones on stereo to line-in on that computer. The "capture from" has a correct sound card, RealTek HD Audio Input, only "input" options are "CD Volume, MIC Volume, Line Volume and Stereo Mix" and line-in does not appear as an option.

When you play an LP with volume cranked up, and then hit "record", no recording level appears. A quick thing to try is to use your stereo's line out or audio out. Also, not to sound condescending but are you using a cable kit that came with Roxio LP?

LP to MP3 Software

Also, did you hook it up according to some installation instructions? Using a line out from stereo to line in on your computer sound card should work. You can also try a blue digital audio input jack on your sound card if it has one.

Another place to look is in your Windows sound properties. Go to "Start" then select "Control Panel". In control panel go into "Sound and Audio Devices" then click "Advanced" button.

In advanced make sure that a mute box is NOT checked for "Line In". Also, make sure that volume adjustment is not too low or set all way down. If volume is low or muted for line in then obviously it won't record anything.

Windows Data Transfer – How to Transfer Data on a Corrupt PC

Windows Data Transfer

You have a computer running Windows XP. You want to transfer all your files to an external drive to allow an upgrade to Windows 7. This machine won't connect anymore to a network with another machine and won't go online and it will not recognize either a thumb drive nor an external drive both of which are USB items.

However, a mouse and keyboard are both USB items also and they both work. This started all at once and you have checked out both a thumb drive and an external drive which work on all those other machines. If there isn't a reasonable fix for this problem, you can swap hard drives with another reserve machine.

What is best way to handle this issue you ask? If your just trying to get your data off that computer then try booting it into Windows safe mode. You can also try booting it into "Safe mode with networking support" if you need network access.

Windows Data Transfer

Try removing any unnecessary USB devices when you boot it into safe mode. Try one device at a time ie. your thumb drive first and then your external drive. Hopefully, in safe mode you will be able to copy data over to your external drive.

You can also try selecting "Last known good configuration" from Windows safe mode advanced options menu. That may fix your problems. These instructions were written for a Compac Evo running Windows XP.

Ipade – Get Your iPad And iTouch Syncing With Outlook Again


You recently purchased an iPad and started syncing with Outlook, along with your iPhone. Some where recently it stopped syncing new items between those devices. You have rebooted all those devices and tried disabling any add-ons.

You can reset your sync history, disable 3rd party Outlook add ins, sync content in a new or different Windows user account, and reinstall Apple mobile device support and iTunes. First two solutions are fairly quick, while latter two are more time consuming. They are all worth trying until your problem is resolved.

You can view a iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Troubleshooting contact and calendar syncing via USB on Windows article from Apple that has instructions to perform all solutions I provided. You can try a following configuration.

For Calendar content:

  • In iTunes, select an option "Do not sync events older than 30 days."
    • Select a iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the left-hand column in iTunes.
    • Click the Info tab.
    • Scroll down to Calendars and select that option.
  • If the sync is successful, the issue is with an event older than 30 days.
  • Try reducing the number of days to see if the issue is resolved. If you reduce the time frame to 1 day and the issue persists, you know the issue is with an event in the future.

Check to make sure iTunes Outlook addin is enabled and any 3rd party add-ins you may have installed for your calendar. Also, check to make sure you don't have multiple calendars inadvertantly setup in Outlook. You can try to restore your computer to settings before you started having this problem.

A Windows 7 system restore might fix your issue. Click your "Start" button and in "Search" box, type "system restore". Click System Restore in list of results.


Try to pick a date before your problem started occurring. Yes it will revert back changes made to Windows since then. That is a point of doing a system restore.

You can restore Windows to a state before you began having a problem and then make any necessary changes that hopefully won't produce your problem. Yes it's up to you, but you can certainly uninstall and reinstall iTunes. Please read a removing and reinstalling iTunes on Windows 7 article from Apple support that has proper instructions.

Make sure to remove all software associated with iTunes as specified in that article. Downloading iTunes newest version and installing is recommended. Also, there maybe a problem with message class property on your calendar items.

A some Outlook calendar events might not sync article from Apple has instructions. An Outlook plugin may have renamed your Outlook calendar entries message class property which will cause them not to sync. You can try a following possible fix.

Export your entire Calendar to a .pst file. In Outlook go to "File" then choose "Export". Then change a view in Calendar to "View All" and delete all items.

Test with one appointment. If a sync works with test appointment then import all items back in to your calendar again. In Outlook go to "File" then select "Import" and move all items to an existing calendar or seperate calendar.

Also, it has been suggested that your problem may have to do with recurring appointments that have no specified end date. They stated that adding an end date would fix your problem. If you have a recurring appointment or appointments that you have created in your calendar.

Open each individual appointment and set it's end date to a future year. Test by syncing. There might be a rogue calendar appointment causing your problem.

If you decide to rebuild your calendar, and you don't have that many appointments you might want to import them one at a time until you find your culprit appointment. You could also try importing batches at a time until you find a batch of appointments that won't sync. Creating a new calendar and starting a new, while making sure you back up your appointments if you need them might be your best bet.

DCR TRV280 Camcorder – Get Your Camcorder Recognized Again

Sony DCR TRV280 Camcorder

You are trying to download a video from your Sony Handicam DCR-TRV280. You have a picture package that came with that camera installed but you can't get it to recognize that camera.
You would want to install your software first before hooking up your camera to your computer.

Basically, you install your software that came on CD-ROM and possibly DirectX if it asks to install that too. You would then reboot your computer after software installation completes and is successful. Once your computer reboots into Windows then you would hook up your camcorder to your computer via it's USB cable.

Then try to run ImageMixer and see if it will detect your camcorder. You may need to remove your camcorder software and then reinstall it before hooking up your camera properly to get it to work. You can view a DCR-TRV280 manual on Sony's support web site if you don't have one, that has installation instructions with pictures.

Sony DCR TRV280 Camcorder

You can skip to page 74 of that manual for instructions. Click on "Camera Operations Guide" link to view a pdf manual. Try removing ImageMixer from your computer, reinstalling it, then hooking up your camcorder. It might be necessary to start from scratch.

If ImageMixer prompted you to install Flash Player, test to make sure it installed correctly. Make sure you are logged into your Windows 2000 computer with administrator rights or your administrator account. Also, you can try moving your Camcorder to a different USB port on your computer with ImageMixer software installed.

Even if you don't start from scratch by reinstalling your software, Windows should detect your Camcorder again and should see it as a different device on a different port, which may fix your issue.

Disable DVD – How to Quickly Fix Your Disabled DVD in Windows

Disable DVD

Before, you could reboot, a message comes up as "Windows was not able to enable this device". A dvd in question is working fine as you have used your old drive to boot your computer and fully able to have full use of that drive. You can go to Windows XP device manager to make sure there are no problems with your DVD device driver.

Go to "Start" then select "Control Panel. In control panel select "System" then click on a "Hardware" tab. In hardware click on "Device Manager" button. In Device Manager select your DVD player.

If there is a yellow exclamation point then uninstall and reinstall that device. Click an uninstall icon at top of device manager. Then with "Scan for hardware changes" icon, reinstall it. If there is a red X then right click and select "Enable Device".

Disable DVD

Eudora Email Software – Fix Your Missing or Corrupt Mail

Eudora Email Software

You have Eudora paid mode. It has repeatedly locked up your system, and their support has been unable to solve this problem. At this point, repeated hard rebooting your system has caused Eudora to stop functioning.

When you start Eudora, all those messages in an inbox show a question mark in a status column. It gave you an error message on one of your other inboxes with a .mbx file, so you deleted that box. Is there some way you can get Eudora to perform a database integrity check or something?

You deleted that errant mailbox and compacted some other mailboxes. You can check out this missing mail / corrupt mail article for Eudora support. It was for a specific error but I think this symptom is similar to yours.

Make sure to backup your existing mailbox files first, as those instructions specify.

Eudora Email Software

Premiere Pro 2.0 – Fix Your Adobe Frozen Time Line Problem

Premiere Pro 2

You own Adobe premiere pro 2. Your time line is frozen and will not play even though you have cleanly reinstalled and repaired. You have adequate memory, your system has been defragged and your project settings are correct.

Any suggestions, you ask? You can try Windows XP system restore if you haven't already. Basically, you pick a past date before you were having problems with your Adobe Premiere 2.0, to restore Windows XP to. You can check out how to restore Windows XP to a previous state article from Microsoft.

Another option I recommend is to download and install CCleaner. Use CCleaner for cleaning your PC and registry cleaning. Once you run both clean and registry scans with Ccleaner, then try to reinstall Adobe Premiere 2.0.

Premiere Pro 2

Seagate Hard Drives External – How to Get Your Device Installed

Seagate Hard Drives External

You have a new Seagate expansion external hard drive which you purchased so that you could install Windows 7. Now that you have Windows 7 installed you can't seem to get that device to become recognized so that you can restore your programs to your computer. You have gone into disk manager and it shows an unidentified unit without any properties or set up software.

According to an How to use an external drive without any special software page for that particular model, you don't need to install any software. You can just drag and drop files to and from your external hard drive. Windows 7 should detect that hard drive and install those drivers for it.

Please try to reinstall that driver for it. Click on your "Start" button then select "Control Panel". In control panel select "System and Security". Choose "Device Manager" from within system and security.

Seagate Hard Drives External

Look for your Seagate device under "Disk drives". Right click on it and choose "Uninstall". As long as your Windows 7 computer is connected to the Internet you will be able to reinstall that driver for it. There should be a small computer with magnifying glass icon called "Scan for new hardware".

Click on that icon and Windows should attempt to detect your external hard drive again. As long as Windows updates is enabled it should reinstall your driver for it. Also, you might want to reboot your computer after a driver installs.

Keyboards Keys – Are You Seeing #’s When Typing on Keyboard?

Keyboards Keys

Why are you getting numbers appearing on screen when you type letters on your computer keyboard? Try pressing a FN key with a Num Lock, a Shift key & Num Lock, CTRL Key & Num Lock, ALT key & NUM Lock. Do k, l, m, and n key have numbers printed on those keys themselves? If you have an IBM Thinkpad there is a key that will turn on numbers lock on, and it may have been pressed by accident.

You may have numlock turned on accidentally. If it's an external keyboard and not laptop keyboard, you can unplug it and plug it back in. If it's a USB external keyboard you can try plugging it into a different USB port.

If you have a laptop press a scroll lock key. Try holding down a FN function key while pressing a scroll lock key. Hopefully, your numlock key is no longer locked.

Keyboards Keys

Faceboook – Want to Remove Your Facebook Account Permanently?


You used to sign on Facebook but got rid of it. Now it shows back up some how showing you to sign on using Facebook. Somebody thinks you still have an account.

So what can you do about this? Somebody sees that you have been on Facebook when you have not been signed in quite a while. Facebook won't remove or deactivate your account unless you request it.


You can check out Facebook's how do I delete my account page to either deactivate your account temporarily or submit a delete request. Even if you haven't logged into your account for a while, people will still be able to see your Facebook profile. According to Facebook, some items that are not stored within your account will remain ie. messages you sent to somebody else.