Text Message Reminders – Need Help Installing MemJog PC Software?

You can not install Memjog program on your desktop computer. Your using Windows XP, and are using Firefox. Also, you need a desktop icon for Memjog.

I tried going to Memjog.net to try to find some support, but that website is no longer functional. I assume this is a web site you are trying to download and install software from? Are you trying to use their free version or paid version?

Make sure you are logged into that computer with administrator rights. You can right click on an installation file for Memjog and select "Run as administrator". Enter your administrator password.

If you no longer have that program on your computer, you can download it from this Memjog SourceForge page. Once that file is downloaded to your desktop, double click it to start an installation. If it will not install, right click that file and ten select "Run as administrator" and enter your administrator password.

Also, if you accidentally removed that program from your computer recently you can try to perform a Windows XP system restore to a date before you removed that software. Click "Start", point to "All Programs", point to "Accessories", point to "System Tools", and then click "System Restore". On a Welcome screen, click "Restore my computer to an earlier time", and then click "Next".

On a "Select a Restore Point" page, select a date from a calendar that shows a point you'd like to restore to, and then click "Next".

Gmail POP3 – How to Access Horde Mail Within Your Gmail Account

Today I will be walking you through step by step process of configuring your Horde web mail settings for use within your Gmail account. If you haven't already once in Gmail go to "Settings" then click on "Accounts and Import" tab. Click on "Add POP3 mail account you own" if you want to just check your Horde mail within your Gmail account.

Follow some prompts by entering your full email address ie. johndoe@domain.com. Enter your Horde username. You may need to use your full email address ie. johndoe@domain.com as your username, including @ symbol and domain.

Enter your Horde password. Select a check next to "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server" if you don't want to download your Horde email into your Gmail account. Enter your correct "POP Server" mail server ie. mail.domain.com.

Select a correct port number for mail server ie. 110. Default port 110 should work, but try any of some other ports in a drop down list if you know all other email settings are correct. Click "Add Account".

Also, you can send email as your Horde email account via Gmail. Select "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as" radio button for this option or select "No (you can change this later)". Click on "Next Step".

Enter information about your other email address such as "Name" and reply to "Email address:". Click on "Next Step". Select "Send mail through your SMTP server?" settings.

You can choose to send email through Gmail or through your domain SMTP servers. You will need to enter your "SMTP Server" ie. smtp.domain.com, username, password, and port number, if you choose to send email through your domain SMTP server. Click on "Next Step".

You will be asked to verify your email address if you wish to send your johndoe@domain.com email through Gmail. Click on "Send Verification" to have the Gmail system send you instructions via email for a verification process. You are now setup to receive and send your Horde email via your Gmail account.

These instructions were created for use with accessing your Horde email account within Gmail, but can certainly be used as a basis for other types of webmail accounts.

Keyboard Problems Laptop – Quick Tips to Help Resolve Your Problem

A keyboard on your HP Pavilion is not working. Below are a list of potentially easy fixes. You are running Windows Vista and have rebooted your machine.

You can try removing it's driver from device manager in control panel. Go to System then hardware. Choose "Device Manager" button.

You can right click keyboard and select "Uninstall". Once keyboard is uninstalled then you can click on a "Scan for hardware changes" icon in device manager. Windows should reload a driver for your keyboard.

So you have two HID devices listed under keyboard and one PS 2? Don't remove that PS 2 one, but remove one of those HID devices one at a time. After removing one of them please use a "Scan for hardware changes" icon in device manager.

Windows should detect your keyboard and install a driver. Can you remove that other HID device and click "Scan for hardware changes". Do you have a PS 2 keyboard hooked up to that laptop?

Does it work? Can you try unhooking that PS 2 keyboard and remove all 3 devices under and scan for hardware changes. Well try to remove all three device drivers and then click scan for hardware changes.

If that doesn't fix it then maybe a system restore will fix your problem. When was a last time your laptop keyboard worked? That keyboard should work with a standard Microsoft windows driver.

Another option is to perform a Windows system restore. Basically, you pick a date before you were having problems with your keyboard and restore Windows to that point. These tips were written for a computer running Windows Vista, but certainly can be used as a basis for other Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Trend Micro Antivirus – How to Re-enable Base Filter Engine

You just got this message "Your Personal Firewall has shut down". After restarting windows and "Trendmicro Internet Security" software a same message persists. How do you restart a "base filter engine"?

You have rebooted, restored back one month, turned Trend micro on and off. Can you please verify and set specific Trend Micro services to automatic. Are you using Trend products for both firewall and anti-virus?

Click on your Windows "Start" button. Click "Run" and then type in a run box "SERVICES.MSC". When a services window appears, look for "Trend Micro Proxy Service", "Unauthorized Change Prevention Service" and "Personal Firewall".

Double click on a startup type: select “AUTOMATIC”, click "apply" then OK. Set only those services that you see to Automatic, and also try to start them. You can try to manually start them and see if they do or if they error out.

In services you should be able to start those services that you set to automatic. Start them up and then try to update Trend. If you still get errors you can reboot your computer and see if that resolves them.

If not, what version of Trend are you using ie. 2008, 2009, 2010, etc.? You can set "unauthorized change prevention service" to automatic too. Do you get those errors when you just try to enter Trend Micro?

I recommend rebooting your computer now that those services are set to automatic and also running a repair on Trend software if possible via Add/Remove programs in control panel when you have time.

How to Fix Computer – Tips to Resolve Your Freezing Computer

Your computer needs rebooting after a couple of approaches and landings using Microsoft Flight Simulator ninety eight, or a few hands of solitaire, etc. in usually about twenty minutes. It just gets slower and eventually freezes. Your computer is running Windows XP operating system.

You contributed to its demise by fiddling with a couple of data codes in DOS. Then you compounded errors by uninstalling Norton Anti Virus and installing Avast. Then it began to grind to a stunning halt every few minutes.

You can only receive a few e-mails and respond to some before it gives up. Looking at cars for sale on AutoTrader.com is a nightmare. You look at a car's enlarged specifications with several photographs and all you get is about four cars and your computer freezes and you have to reboot.

There are a few things you can try. I suggest running a chkdsk scan, running a Malwarebytes scan, and cleaning your personal computer and registry with Ccleaner. Boot your computer into safe mode with networking by hitting your F8 key after the BIOS screen flashes and before Microsoft Windows tries to boot and then selecting “Safe mode with Networking”.

Once in safe mode please download and install MalwareBytes to get rid of malware. Please update, then run a scan for viruses, malware, and adware with that program. Another program I recommend is to download and install CCleaner.

Use Ccleaner for cleaning your personal computer and registry cleaning. Finally, go to "Start" then select "Run" and type in cmd into a run box. In a black command prompt window type in: chkdsk c: /f /r.

A chkdsk scan might take awhile. Type Y at prompt to schedule a chkdsk at next reboot. Reboot your computer and chkdsk should start it's scan. Another scan you run is a system file check scan.

Type sfc /scannow in a command prompt window. You may become prompted for your Windows installation media.

Start a Computer in Safe Mode – Get Your Windows PC to Boot

You cannot boot up your Hewlett Packard Pavilion computer. It worked this morning, but when you tried to boot up this afternoon, it would not work. What you noticed is that boot manager is noted as missing.

You have a Windows seven repair disk, but it would not fix anything at all. You tried using a repair disk, system restore, and Microsoft system repair. What can you do about this problem?

You can try to boot into any Windows safe mode options. Often times booting into Windows safe mode last known good configuration fixes a non booting Windows computer. To get into Windows safe mode, keep tapping an F8 function key after your computer BIOS splash screen displays and before Windows attempts to boot.

An advanced boot options menu should open. Select "Last known good configuration" from this menu.

Pioneer Computer DVD – How to Burn With Your Pioneer Writer

Pioneer CDRW/DVDRW software was installed on your computer and won't let you burn any files. You've tried to uninstall it, but your D: drive goes away as well. How do you get audio files burned on your drive?

Please install Roxio Creator. It should have DVD burning software. Well once you install that software and if it does have burning software it might have a utility that installs where you can drag and drop files using Windows explorer or through my computer from you C: hard drive to your DVD drive and it will burn them.

So yes you can burn most files once you have that burning software installed.

Powerpoint Keyboard Shortcuts – Go to Specific Slide Quickly

You use Microsoft power point version two thousand seven. Can you assign a key stroke to a slide so any time you want to show that slide you can hit a designated key? If this is possible how do you set this up?

You haven't been able to find answer in power point help. You can enter that specific slide number and then press your enter key. It should take you directly to that specific slide.

You can try pressing your "P" key. It might just go to a previous slide after pressing 6 + ENTER for example, which would have taken you to slide 6.

Inspiron Battery – How to Tell if Your Dell Battery is Dead

You recently purchased a new battery for your Dell Inspiron 1501. Before an old battery died, you got this message before a Windows logo came up. "The AC adapter type cannot be determined. This will prevent optimal system performance.

Please check AC adapter connect properly, remove AC adapter and plug it in again". You just started getting that message with your new battery. Is something else wrong?

There is a known issue with some of Dell adapters when a little metal pin gets bent or broken and a computer can no longer identify that adapter. If you can verify that that pin is bent or broken that would cause that error message and as long as it charges your battery and works then you can ignore that message. If you can't verify a bent or broken pin it might be some Dell software or a faulty AC Adapter.

You can remove Dell Quickset software and see if after rebooting your computer that message disappears. It could be that software indicator is wrong or a bent or broken pin on your AC adapter. You could test it with a Volt meter or take it into a computer shop to test it.

Email Using – Possible Quick Fix to Access Your Email Again

You know some Internet lines were affected because of a weather storm, but you have not been able to access your e-mail all day long. Even now you are still unable to access your e-mail, yet you have been able to access the web, Facebook, etc. You have shut down your computer a few times.

You disconnected and re-connected your Internet modem. You can try clearing your DNS cache. In a command prompt type in "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes.

Sometimes on Windows computers a local DNS cache is not flushed properly. This cache is supposed to get cleared when shutting down your Windows based operating system ie. Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight, Ten. Manually flushing your cache can potentially fix an issue where you cannot access certain Internet protocols.