Computer Security Programs – Need Help Installing Defender Pro 15?

You are trying to install Defender Pro fifteen in one on your computer. You have Windows XP 32 bit and have uninstalled AVG anti-virus and disabled Microsoft Windows firewall. You keep getting a message that Defender Pro cannot be installed on your operating system.

You uninstalled AVG and disabled Microsoft Windows firewall. You can try booting that computer into Windows safe mode and then installing that application. Power on that computer and immediately start tapping and F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens.

Select “Windows safe mode with networking” from that menu. Once logged into your Windows desktop then try to install Defender Pro. Also, make sure to check that you didn’t run out of disk space.

If so, then you will want to clean up your computer by removing any unnecessary program files, temp files, Internet cache, etc.

Stock Photo From – How to Use ClickArt 400,000 Images CD

You purchased ClickArt 400,000. Do you have to download a disc on your computer or can you use a disc without downloading that program? When you start that disc it tells you to download it which you have done but to download you have to be on the Internet obviously.

Can’t you just insert that disc in a disc slot and pull art, fonts, etc. without being on the Internet? To select images that are included on a ClickArt 400,000 CD, please click on an “All Art & Photos” tab of that ClickArt 400,000 Art Gallery. When you select an image, if that image is not already installed on a hard drive, you will be instructed to insert a CD which contains a selected graphic.

To select images that have been imported into a ClickArt 400,000 Art Gallery, please click on a “My Art & Photos” tab of that ClickArt 400,000 Art Gallery. When you select an image, that image will be accessed from that hard drive of your computer.

Windows Check System – How to Fix a System 32 Windows Error

Your second computer is a desktop with Windows XP home edition. At a moment you are not able to
do anything and you do not have an original operating system CD.

It shows a system 32 windows error. How are you to get that desktop working? A computer you are on now is a laptop with Windows 7.

You need to get that desktop Dell computer working again. Can you help? You tried booting from a friends Windows professional CD?

You can try booting that computer into safe mode. Power on that computer and immediately start tapping an F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens. Select “Last known good configuration” from that menu.

If windows still does not boot normally, you can go back into that advanced boot options menu and this time select “Safe mode with command prompt”. Type in “sfc /scannow” without quotes. Hopefully, that will fix your issue.

You can borrow a friends Windows XP disc to reinstall windows as long as you have a COA Certificate of Authenticity sticker with a product registration key. Make sure you get a proper Windows XP CD to install with that matches a version of XP with that COA sticker ie. XP Home Edition if that sticker says Home Edition or XP Professional if that sticker says XP Professional.

Support Asus Motherboard – Get Warranty Support For Your ASUS PC

Just prior to last Christmas you purchased via PC CaseGear a new Asus N53SV SX712V with a twenty four month warranty. Someone accidently tried to put her headphones jack into a Universal Serial Bus port, and that machine just stopped working. A jack was not forced, or stuck and was taken straight out.

What is a process to have it fixed under a warranty? You can try taking out that laptop’s battery and also unplugging an AC adapter. Press a power button for sixty seconds to drain any excess electricity buildup.

Plug in that AC adapter and see if it powers on correctly. Once in awhile plugging in devices can cause an electric short. If your still having problems, and your Asus computer is under warranty, then you can browse to this get started with ASUS support web page.

Data Recovery Professional – Is Your Dell Hard Drive Failing?

You have Windows XP Home with service pack 3 running on a Dell tower since 2007. Operating system will not boot up due to “Unmountable_boot_volume” error. When attempting to boot up in safe mode using original Windows XP service pack 1 CD a same error appears including a following message ***STOP: 0x000000ED (0x8B047C30, 0xC0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).

Where can you get help in recovering from this error? You cannot boot system in safe mode even with original Microsoft CD. If you haven’t already, can you check and even reseat the IDE cable that is connecting your hard drive to your motherboard.

Are you able to boot into Recovery Console off that Windows XP CD? You can try booting into “Enable VGA mode” via that F8 advanced boot options menu. If successfully boots into a Windows desktop, then you can remove video drivers in “Add/Remove” programs.

Reboot your computer and if it boots normally you can then reinstall video drivers. You can try to boot into Recovery Console off your Windows XP CD. From there I can walk you through some steps to resolve your issue.

If you press F12 as soon you power on that computer a boot menu should open, where you can choose your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive to boot from. There could be a hardware problem with that hard drive. If it was just corrupt Windows files Recovery Console would normally work.

You can boot back into that F12 menu and look for a “Diagnostics” option. There should be some tests you can run to test your hard drive. You have a failing hard drive with most likely a hardware problem.

I recommend taking it to a data recovery place or computer repair shop to see if they can get any data off of it. I think your computer is probably fine, you just have a failing hard drive. I would recommend taking it to a place that offers free shipping or no charge unless they can get data recovered.

I would take it to a place that specializes in data recovery if your serious about getting any data recovered. You can contact Dell at 1-800-WWW-DELL or visit this Dell hard drive data recovery web page.

Can t Install Any AntiVirus – Get Help Installing AVG Free Version

You are trying to help a friend download and install AVG antivirus software. They are not very computer literate and you are to some degree. They click an AVG download link and checks “Run” and then gets a window that opens asking him for proxy server information.

You are stuck as what to do. They can surf the web and get their web based e-mail without any trouble. Also, they can download and open attachments to their web mail.

Unfortunately, you are not at his computer and trying to help them from long distance. They are running Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit version with webmail. Your friend can try to download AVG free full version.

Have them select “Save File” to their desktop instead of “Run”. Have them download that full version of AVG Free Anti-Virus. That full version download is an offline installer.

Installing Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 7 – Troubleshooting

You have a desktop Hewlett Packard computer. It had Microsoft Windows Vista installed, you went to download Windows 7 to upgrade, and it totally crashed that computer. You have gone through all steps to try to get this thing working, including getting a fix it disc from Compuserve, it won’t even go into safe mode, etc.

Keeps telling you there are no Windows files and you have done everything you can think of. You have tried boot discs, F8, F5, F10, R, recovery of all kinds, back up discs that don’t work, which tells you it is a NTFS system. A disc drive works, a hard drive seems fine to you, except you can’t find Windows files.

You could try a chkdsk /f /r. Also, it sounds like perhaps your system configuration is corrupt. I would run a chkdsk /p or chkdsk /f if you haven’t done so already.

Did you download Microsoft’s anytime download upgrade to Windows 7? Did you try to upgrade to Windows 7 with a disc or a download? Not being condescending but make sure you have a DVD drive to read that disc if it is a Windows 7 DVD disc.

Make sure your BIOS is set to boot off your DVD drive or that you choose that DVD drive from a system menu to boot from. Make sure your Windows 7 disc is in drive and select that device. Hopefully, it will try to continue that installation.

I recommend installing a new copy of Windows 7 if you don’t need any data at all off that hard drive.

Manage Multiple Windows – How to Dual Boot With an IBM UltraBay

You have a Thinkpad T410. You use a second drive in an ultrabay to boot from and run applications that you do not want to run on an internal hard drive. Can you run Windows 7 in a 32 bit format on an internal drive and as a 64 bit format on an ultra bay drive without any issues?

You are currently running a 32 bit application of Windows 7 on both drives. You want to know if it is safe to install a 64 bit version of Windows 7 on a drive in an ultra bay before you try it. Yes it is as long as you take out your main drive before installing Windows 7 64 bit on your ultrabay hard drive.

Here is how to set it up. Remove a main hard drive from a mainbay. Install a second hard drive in that ultrabay.

Install an operating system in this case Windows 7 64 bit on that ultrabay drive. Put that mainbay drive back into a main slot. Now when booting up, if you do nothing it will boot to a mainbay.

When booting up, you can press an F12 key, it will bring up a boot menu, giving you a choice of which drive to boot into. Then at anytime, you may remove that ultrabay drive to use an optical drive, or ultrabay battery without having to make any adjustments to that system.

Start up Office – Are Your Start Menus Missing in Windows 7?

Your Microsoft Office 2010 isn’t working well can someone help with this please? Your computer is experiencing a number of very strange events. You have a problem activating sub menus.

When you click on speakers, it brings up speakers, but when you move a mouse it disappears. If you are referring to your “Start” and “All Programs” menu submenus in Windows 7, you might have some malware or you might need to run some system scans. That’s not normal obviously.

I recomend you download and run a FREE SuperAntiSpyware scan. Make sure SuperAntiSpwyare is updated before you begin that scan. You may need to run this spyware scan in Windows safe mode with networking.

If after removing any objects and rebooting your machine you still have a problem with your menus, then please perform chkdsk and sfc scans. In a windows command prompt type in “chkdsk /f /r” without quotes.

Type Y at a volume is in use message. A chkdsk scan will be scheduled at next reboot. Reboot your computer and a chkdsk scan should begin.

If chkdsk scan does not fix your issue, then please perform a sfc scan. Type in “sfc /scannow” into a windows command prompt. You might be prompted for your Windows 7 installation disc.

On Windows 7 you open a “Command Prompt” window by clicking a “Start button”. In a search box, type “Command Prompt”, and then, in a list of results, click “Command Prompt”. You might need to right click command prompt after typing it in a search box, and select “Run as administrator”.

If it is a problem with your “Start” then “Programs and Features” menu then it is a Windows problem. Were you able to start a chkdsk scan? You want to perform a chkdsk scan with administrator rights.

Type in “chkdsk /f /r” without quotes into a command prompt with administrator rights. Type Y at a volume is in use message. Reboot that computer and a chkdsk scan should begin.

Best Production Software – Unable to Insert Symbols Into X4 File?

Suddenly, you can no longer insert symbols into your Wordperfect documents. Whether you click “insert symbol” or use Control W, no symbol dialogue box opens. Instead, a cursor disappears from that document.

If you click back on that document with your mouse, that cursor reappears. You tried repairing that program. You tried uninstalling and reinstalling that program.

Neither fixed a problem. You are using WordPerfect X4 on a Windows 7 platform. What can you do to remedy this problem?

Close all open programs so you can see an entire desktop. Open WordPerfect, then press Ctrl + W to open a symbols dialog. If it fails to appear, that dialog probably is hidden off screen.

Now, press in sequence, don’t hold any keys down while pressing other keys, these three keys:

Alt, Spacebar, m. This should select a hidden dialog, even though it remains hidden. Now, take your hand off your mouse, you need to use keys and press an UpArrow key several times or a LeftArrow key several times. One or an other or both should move that dialog back onscreen where you can see its outline.

Click Enter or click your mouse on a desktop; this should make it completely visible. You can now drag it around and or resize it. If successful, Windows should remember to keep it on screen and not hide it.