Keyboards Keys – Are You Seeing #’s When Typing on Keyboard?

Keyboards Keys

Why are you getting numbers appearing on screen when you type letters on your computer keyboard? Try pressing a FN key with a Num Lock, a Shift key & Num Lock, CTRL Key & Num Lock, ALT key & NUM Lock. Do k, l, m, and n key have numbers printed on those keys themselves? If you have an IBM Thinkpad there is a key that will turn on numbers lock on, and it may have been pressed by accident.

You may have numlock turned on accidentally. If it's an external keyboard and not laptop keyboard, you can unplug it and plug it back in. If it's a USB external keyboard you can try plugging it into a different USB port.

If you have a laptop press a scroll lock key. Try holding down a FN function key while pressing a scroll lock key. Hopefully, your numlock key is no longer locked.

Keyboards Keys

Faceboook – Want to Remove Your Facebook Account Permanently?


You used to sign on Facebook but got rid of it. Now it shows back up some how showing you to sign on using Facebook. Somebody thinks you still have an account.

So what can you do about this? Somebody sees that you have been on Facebook when you have not been signed in quite a while. Facebook won't remove or deactivate your account unless you request it.


You can check out Facebook's how do I delete my account page to either deactivate your account temporarily or submit a delete request. Even if you haven't logged into your account for a while, people will still be able to see your Facebook profile. According to Facebook, some items that are not stored within your account will remain ie. messages you sent to somebody else.

Quicken Restore – How to Restore Quicken Data From Old Version

Quicken Restore

You backed up your quicken 2000 on Windows 98 second edition and tried to restore it to new Quicken 2010 Deluxe on Windows XP. Quicken 2005 was on that XP computer and you removed that software. 2010 shows QDATA BACKUP-1.1.06QDF.

An ERROR message appears saying Authentication of convert-stub.dll failed because it could not find required file. Please reinstall Quicken to convert your data file. Reinstallation does not help.

Now what do you do? You can first try to update your version of Quicken 2010. Go to a Help menu in Quicken and have that program download and install any updates.

Quicken Restore

Also, you might need to perform some file cleanup ie. delete duplicates in memorized transaction list if thats necessary. Another option would be to remove Quicken 2010 Deluxe and then reinstall your version of Quicken 2005 if possible. Then try to convert that backup data into a 2005 version.

If successful you would then create another backup using Quicken 2005. Obviously you would save that backup and reinstall Quicken 2010 deluxe and try to restore that backup data from a Quicken 2005 backup file. Can you try to make sure all files of your old data set QDF, QEL, QPH, etc. are copied to that folder where your Quicken installation expects final files to become located.

Then double click on that .qdf file. Quicken should launch and offer to convert that data. You could also download an intermediate trial copy of Quicken in order to just convert a backup that will be recognised by Quicken 2010.

I found trial versions for Quicken 2001, 2002, and 2008 via some following links. Quicken allows downloads of older trials for this purpose.

Quicken 1999, 2000 and 2003 trials

Quicken 2008 Trials

Toshiba Gigashot – Need Apps and Manual For K80HE Camcorder?

Toshiba Gigashot

You have just purchased a Toshiba Gigashot GSC K80HE camcorder second hand, it came boxed but without any owners manual, discs and application software, how can you download or obtain them? There is little information on this camcorder that is probably not very old, and yet quite a good and high end product. So far I have only been able to find a possible hardware driver for your camcorder.

If you haven't tried or haven't been able to get that camera to work with your computer you could try installing a driver utility. Original software that would have been shipped with that camcorder is ACDSEE and PowerProducer. If you can't find free versions of that above software you might be able to purchase them.

I haven't found a remote yet. An only manual I've been able to track down is a specification chart. I can certainly assist you with trying to sync that camcorder with Windows XP and try to find some free software for you if you don't want to pay for factory software that shipped with that camera.

I'm not sure why Toshiba has limited information on this camcorder. I think they originally shipped out two CD's. One CD had a quick start guide and user manual.

Toshiba Gigashot

Second CD had Cyberlink PowerProducer and ACDSEE video software. You can download and try out a Free 30 day trial of Cyberlink PowerProducer 6.0. You can download and try out a Free 30 day trial of ACDsee Pro 8.0.

To download a manual for your GSC-K80HE browse to this Toshiba missing your manual page. Choose "Options" for Product type. Choose "Digital Imaging" for family.

Choose "Digital Video Cameras" for Product series. Choose "Gigashot K Series" for Model. Choose English for language and then click on Search.

Age of Empires III PC – Fix Computer Level Stuck at Zero

Age of Empires III PC

On Age of Empires III, a computer level in multiplayer is stuck at zero and how do you fix this? Please verify what version of that game you are running by clicking on a "Help and Tools" button from main game menu and then an "About" button. That game version will be listed at top of that screen.

You can then download and install patch 1.14 from this age of empires 3 game updates page. If that patch doesn't resolve this issue you can try to run that game in Windows compatability mode. Not all programs are supported and run correctly on Windows 7.

Age of Empires III PC

Running it in Vista compatability mode might fix your problem. You can check out how to run programs in compatability mode on Windows 7. You will need to find what that age of empires 3 .exe executable file is, to configure it to run in a different mode.

I would try running it in Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) to test and work your way back to see if it fixes your problem.

Computer Keeps Shutting Off – Fix Vista Unexpected Power Down

Computer Keeps Shutting Off

Could this be a reason why your computer is shutting off unexpectedly?

Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power PM Task Category: None Level: Critical Keywords: (2) User: SYSTEM Computer: Owner-PC Description: The last sleep transition was unsuccessful. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, failed, or lost power during the sleep transition. Event Xml:

You've tried a MSCONFIG option using selective startup and nothing changed. You could try to use System Restore Point to revert any changes made to your Vista computer. Also, checking your BIOS to make sure its not set to power off when in hibernation or sleep mode.

You can try entering your computers BIOS by hitting either an ESC, F1, or DELETE key when that computer first powers on. If your using a laptop, make sure you have your AC adapter plugged in or if that battery gets drained enough a default BIOS and operating system sleep settings will cause that computer to shut down. You could also try to update your video card drivers to their latest release from a manufacturer.

Computer Keeps Shutting Off

Making sure that you have Vista Service Pack 2 is recommended. One other tip is to make sure you didn't disable a Vista hibernation file when using Vistas system cleanup utility. Please check out this how to restore Windows XP to a previous state article for instructions on system restore.

Also, you can read how to obtain the latest Vista service pack article that will show you how to obtain Vista service pack 2. This Disk Cleanup Tool article explains how to make sure hibernation wasn't affected when running disk cleanup.

Multiple Antivirus – Do You Need Multiple AntiVirus Programs?

Multiple Antivirus

Gupdate.exe, what is this and how do you fix it? Would that cause your IE to hang first three times you try to log on? Or is it unrelated?

That is a Google update program. Is it causing problems with your computer? Are you wanting to remove that program?

It shouldn't because Google updater just updates programs like Google chrome, Earth, Picasa, etc. that you might have installed on your computer. You can always go into task manager when Interent Explorer is hanging by pressing your CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys at same time and then clicking on task manager. In task manager you can look to see if any processes are taking up too much CPU time.

Multiple Antivirus

You could check this way to see if gupdate.exe is hogging your system resources. You might want to clean up your temporary internet files. Has internet explorer just recently started to hang?

No, it started a while ago and then got better but you have both AVG and Comcast Antivirus programs running and you are wondering if that is what is causing this problem. You just saw that gupdate.exe in an event log as informational that it could not find something it needed. Yes, I think having two anti virus programs running at same time is causing your problem.

They will take up valuable processing time and will walk over each other so to speak. I recommend removing one of them and hopefully that will improve your computer's performance.

iPod Multiple Computers – How to Use iPod With Multiple PC’s

iPod Multiple Computers

You have an iPod and an iTouch. Your iPod used to become updated on a different computer. How do I enable that new computer to update that iPod as well as an iTouch you ask?

Right now your songs on it show up "greyed out" and you can't edit or move them around. You have iTunes on this computer but can only update your iTouch on it. If you are transferring that iPod from one computer to another that runs same operating system ie. from Windows to Windows then it shouldn't be too tough a process.

iPod Multiple Computers

If you are trying to transfer that iPod from different operating systems ie. from Windows to Mac then that will be more difficult. I'm not exactly sure if you just want to move that device and sync or transfer files from that iPod to that different computer, so please read Apple's using iPod with multiple computers article. You can manually add items to your Apple iPod and or iTouch.

If you can't manually add items to your Apple device, then there are some additional steps required. Hopefully, you are now able to use your ipod with multiple computers.

LCD Display Problem – Is Your Laptop LCD Screen Not Working?

LCD Display Problem

Is your laptop's screen pixels broken up like a bad signal? You shut off and tried to restart that laptop and screen is green with pixels looking messed up like a bad TV reception on satellite TV. You can hardly see desktop icons or wallpaper.

You can try powering off that laptop and reseating a battery. Power it back on. You can also try to use that laptop without a battery and just an AC Adapter.

If there is no display with that laptop's LCD and when you hook up to an external monitor to a VGA connection, then you might want to make sure you didn't accidentally turn down LCD brightness. Make sure you didn't accidentally hit a function key that would turn off that display entirely or put that laptop into a different mode ie. a sleep mode. Does that screen look similar or same when hooking it up to an external monitor?

If you didn't accidentally change any LCD settings then it might be a hardware issue with that laptops video card. If your computer is fairly new, HP/Compaq should repair or replace it with their depot service. It sounds like to me either that LCD screen, LCD inverter board, or Video Card is malfunctioning.

LCD Display Problem

I usually hook up laptops directly to an external monitor to troubleshoot quickest. Make sure when hooking up to an external monitor to use a FN function key with correct key on that laptop keyboard to make a video display show up on your monitor and not that laptops LCD. If that picture on that external monitor looks normal then it is a problem with your laptop LCD.

If a picture on that external monitor is terrible or non existant then it is an issue with your video card or video drivers. You can check out this notebook display problems page from Compaq. Ok great you can at least use an external monitor for now.

That laptop video card is fine then. Can you follow some troubleshooting steps from following laptop repair help article. Your laptops video card is fine so just worry about those steps about your laptop screen.

If it resembles any of sections where that LCD screen needed replacement, then I'm afraid you need that lcd screen and or inverter replaced on your laptop. At least it works on an external monitor for now. These tips were written for a Compaq Presario C762NR Notebook PC, but can certainly be used as a basis to troubleshoot laptop LCD problems on other brands and model notebooks and laptop computers.

Microsoft 7 – Can’t Connect to Wireless Network on Windows 7?

Microsoft 7

Have you just upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium? Can't connect to your wireless network now? You managed wireless networks to make sure that your network key was correct.

That wireless network is showing up, just not connecting. You can try to connect to your wireless network without a hidden SSID. Windows 7 has trouble connecting at first.

Try to either broadcast your SSID, or if you really want to keep that SSID non-broadcasting then try this:

Turn on Broadcasting, discover a network, enter your key paraphrase and connect. Next, turn off that SSID broadcast. You might want to change security from WPA to WEP or whatever you have set.

Microsoft 7

You could also set it to not secured for testing. Try to connect to it without security first then change that security mode and then finally create even a new password for it. Turn on broadcasting, discover that network, enter your key paraphrase and connect.

Next, turn off that SSID broadcast. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please let me know what error messages you are receiving if any. You could also try a different wireless channel.

Resetting your wireless router after making any changes is also recommended.