PC TuneUp – Maintain and Get Your Computer Running Like New Again

Computer Tune Up

Is your computer running slowly? You may need to just tune up your machine. There are numerous software tools available to remove adware, malware, spyware, viruses, etc.

Adaware, Combofix, SuperAntiSpyware, and MalwareBytes are just a few free tools available for download on the Internet. Also, you may need to cleanup temporary files, unused program files, and registry entries. Many programs don't completely remove themselves when using their uninstallers.

Fortunately, free programs like Ccleaner and Revo are available to completely cleanup and remove your software programs. Sometimes, running system scans is also necessary. Chkdsk, defrag, and system file check scannow are common Windows system tools.

It is possible to get your computer running like new again, without reloading your Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows can degrade over time. If your computer no longer runs with out of box performance, then you might want to have your computer tuned up.

Virus Removal – Do You Have a Computer That is Running Strange?

Is your computer running slow or acting strange? You might have adware, malware, spyware, and or viruses on your computer. Virus removal can become a tedious process, if your computer is already infected.

Adware, malware, and spyware can still adversely affect your computer's performance even if you have up to date anti-virus software running. Fortunately, there are free effective tools available on the Internet such as Adaware, Combofix, MalwareBytes, SuperAntispyware etc. There is still a possibility your computer is virus infected.

A few free virus scanners such as AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, etc. are available. However, if your computer has become highly infected, you may need to have your computer cleaned by a computer professional. If your computer is running strange or slow, then you may want to have it serviced.

Adobe go Live – Quick Tips For Publishing to Your Web Server

You have Adobe GoLive CS. Your hard drive on your previous computer crashed. Is there a way of accessing your website for alterations etc. on your new computer? You set up your site again with images as well as pages as before and tried to connect with no luck.

With a "Select Publish Server", you have tried filling in a server directory and your not sure what to put. You have filled in your username & password without a problem. Your web hosting providor has sent you an email with nameserver information that may be an answer.

Are you trying to administer your web site with Adobe Go Live on JustHost.com? You can try to access your site using Cpanel. If you forgot your Cpanel and Billing logins you can click on "Forgotten Your Password?" link. You have done that, but a problem seems connecting using a Select Publish Server in GO Live.

You want to publish files to a public_html folder. With Cpanel JustHost support states you can connect with just your domain name YourDomain.com. Chapter sixteen of this Adobe GoLive manual covers publishing to a web server.

Try using YourDomain.com as your ftp server. Correct format for ftp should look like this:


ATT Connection Manager – Fix ATT Communications Software Quickly

When trying to load AT&T Communications Software 6.10.025 for a Quicksilver, drivers start to load your computer freezes up. A MS Window pops up with Sierra Wireless Drvinst App; name: Drvinst64.exc; Event: APPCRASH. This happens using a data phone, CD or download.

Also, you downloaded a newer version 7.2.610, it loaded successfully, but would not see a data phone. You are running Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. A Quicksilver data phone works fine on your Cradlepoint router.

You have tried loading that software many times, uninstalling AT&T Communications Manager each time that it stops running. What model number is your Quicksilver data phone? If it worked before you could try doing a system restore.

No you won't lose any data by performing a system restore. Have you tried completely removing that software and reinstalling it from your CD? You can boot into Windows Vista safe mode to try a repair of that software or uninstall it.

System restore only restores system files to a previous date. Your not reinstalling Vista, your just restoring vista to a previous state that AT&T Communications software worked. Open System Restore by clicking a Start button.

Clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking System Tools, and then clicking System Restore. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type that password or provide confirmation. You then pick a date in the past when you think your quicksilver worked with your laptop.

GigaPocket – Are You Unable to Reinstall Your GigaPocket Software?

You can not install a GigaPocket application after replacing your hard disk. You have some application recovery CD's. However, GigaPocket will not initialize and start.

An error message tells you that a "data base may be damaged". What's a fix you ask? Your computer is a Sony with original video card installed to a cable converter.

You have reinstalled a GigaPocket application. You may receive "(GP666) Cannot launch Giga Pocket because the Giga Pocket database might be damaged" error message.

You can browse with Windows explorer to see if there is a C:\GigaPocket directory. If that directory exists, please rename it or delete it and try starting GigaPocket. It should be recreated when starting GigaPocket software and might fix your issue.

Another issue that may cause this error is if you have a second hard drive where your video files for GigaPocket are located and this program is looking for them on your C: drive. You can use Windows disk manager to make sure that program files are located on C: and video files are located on D:.

In Windows, check if your drive shows in "Disk Management". To get to disk management, right click "My Computer" and choose "Manage". Disk management is on the left under "Storage".

Right click a drive, that you want to assign a drive letter to, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click Change. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, click the drive letter that you want to use, and then click OK.

Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the drive letter change. It is recommended to assign C: and D: as your hard drive letter assignments. Assigning C: and F: as hard drive letters and then having D: as an optical drive could cause issues as GigaPocket may look for program files on C: and video files on D:.

Shopping Cart For WordPress – Looking For a Free WordPress Cart?

Are you looking for a free shopping cart for WordPress? I have tried eShop, WP eCommerce, etc. which all had problems or were not user friendly. Recently, I searched again for a free shopping cart for Worpress.

This time I found JigoShop. Jigoshop was easy to install, user friendly, and had just the features I was looking for. You can sell downloads, real tangible products, and virtual products.

I use PayPal as my online merchant of choice. This was easy to configure in Jigoshop. This shopping cart uses plugins, widgets, and shortcodes.

I have a shopping cart widget enabled on one of my WordPress sites. Also, I use shortcodes on pages to list featured products. Jigoshop includes a related items feature bulit in.

This shopping cart takes care of inventory for you. You can set a specific inventory amount. If you don't want to change inventory amount but want to list a product as "out of stock", then you just have to uncheck that option for a product.

There is even a setting to turn on or off back orders. Do you still want to display Google ads on your product pages? Well Google ads still show up on each products page with currently installed theme.

This by far was easiest and most functional free shopping cart for WordPress I have found so far. A free shopping cart like this might be what your looking for to sell basic downloadable, virtual, and tangible products. If your looking for a free WordPress shopping cart that works out of the box, so to speak, you might want to try JigoShop.

Yahoo Small Business – How to Access Your Web Hosting Control Panel

Has the server for your domain MyDomain.com been upgraded to handle necessary changes in WordPress upgrades? How do you access a control panel for MyDomain.com? Are you trying to access your Yahoo.com small business hosting package?

You need to know what kind of hosting plan you have. Are you using their site solution, site builder, or another Yahoo or third party site building tool? Depending on your hosting package you purchased I will be able to help you find how to use an admin panel if it comes with one.

Also, I assume you contacted Yahoo with their #800 number? Either way I will try to help you find out where you can check status of your web site upgrade and how to access the control panel. You should have been given a username and password for your yahoo small business starter package.

Can you please try to login by browsing to Yahoo web hosting and clicking on " Customer Sign-In" link. This Yahoo web hosting help page shows you how to access your control panel.

PC Wireless Keyboard – How to Get Your Keyboard Working Again

You have a PC with Windows XP operating system. A wireless keyboard & mouse. As nearly as you can tell everything is working, except you cannot get input from your keyboard to show up on your screen.

You tried changing batteries in your keyboard and tried to re-sync keyboard. You can try removing it's driver from device manager in control panel. Click your "Start" button then select "Control Panel".

Choose "System" then "Hardware". Click a "Device Manager" button. You can right click keyboard and select "Uninstall".

Once keyboard is uninstalled then you can click on a "Scan for hardware changes" icon in device manager. Windows should reload a driver for your keyboard. Make sure to uninstall your wireless keyboard device.

There should be a "Scan for hardware changes" icon towards top of that Device Manager window. It looks like a small computer monitor with an hour glass. If re-installing your driver doesn't fix your issue, I recommend performing a Windows XP system restore.

Also, make sure your wireless keyboard is not disabled or has any errors with it in device manager. A red x next to that keyboard would indicate it is disabled. You can re-enable it by right clicking it and select "Enable" from a small menu.

If there is a yellow exclamation point next to that wireless keyboard then that indicates a problem with it.

External Hard Drive Backup – How to Get Your Simpletech Working

You have an older version of SimpleTech external hard drive. It has recently stopped working. It turns on and you can hear it connect to your computer, however, you cannot use it to back up you files, nor can you access anything that's on it through windows explorer.

Is it dead, you ask? Or can it be revived? Your set up to do an automatic back up through Norton.

Every time you try to run back up, a screen says its "starting" for 15-30 minutes, then tells you it cannot find a disk. Meanwhile, both red and blue lights are on your simpletech. You haven't done anything other than try to run back up and now contacting for support.

If you haven't already try to hook up your external hard drive to a different USB port on your computer. In Windows, check if your drive shows in "Disk Management". To get to disk management, right click "My Computer" and choose "Manage".

Disk management is on the left under "Storage". On bottom half of a screen you will see listings like Disk 0. An external drive would show as a disk other than 0.

Generally, disk 1 or 2, but that can change depending on what else is installed on your system. If your drive is listed and has a drive letter assigned, minimize this window and check in "My Computer" for that letter. If it is there, that is your external drive.

If a letter is not there or is assigned to another drive, like a network drive, you will need to manually set a drive letter. Bring disk management back up and right click on a capacity of your drive. Choose "Change Drive Letter and Path".

Choose "Change" and select an available letter from a drop box. Once assigned a drive should be in "My Computer" with a letter you have selected. If that drive is listed as "Unknown" or "Unallocated" then that drive is not properly formatted for use with this computer.

If your drive was used with a Mac or another non Windows device it may be using an incompatible format. This can be changed, but a process will erase all data on that drive. If a drive shows "Unknown", right click on a word "Unknown" and choose "Initialize".

Click through accepting some defaults. Your drive should now be labeled "Unallocated". If that drive shows as "Unallocated", right click on a word "Unallocated" and choose "New Simple Volume".

Keep clicking next, accepting default settings, until you get to finish. Clicking finish will begin a format process. A format will generally take 10 to 15 minutes, depending on drive size.

When a format is complete your drive will be under "My Computer" labeled "New Volume". You can right click on that drive and choose rename if you would like a different label.

Text Message Reminders – Need Help Installing MemJog PC Software?

You can not install Memjog program on your desktop computer. Your using Windows XP, and are using Firefox. Also, you need a desktop icon for Memjog.

I tried going to Memjog.net to try to find some support, but that website is no longer functional. I assume this is a web site you are trying to download and install software from? Are you trying to use their free version or paid version?

Make sure you are logged into that computer with administrator rights. You can right click on an installation file for Memjog and select "Run as administrator". Enter your administrator password.

If you no longer have that program on your computer, you can download it from this Memjog SourceForge page. Once that file is downloaded to your desktop, double click it to start an installation. If it will not install, right click that file and ten select "Run as administrator" and enter your administrator password.

Also, if you accidentally removed that program from your computer recently you can try to perform a Windows XP system restore to a date before you removed that software. Click "Start", point to "All Programs", point to "Accessories", point to "System Tools", and then click "System Restore". On a Welcome screen, click "Restore my computer to an earlier time", and then click "Next".

On a "Select a Restore Point" page, select a date from a calendar that shows a point you'd like to restore to, and then click "Next".