Pioneer Computer DVD – How to Burn With Your Pioneer Writer

Pioneer CDRW/DVDRW software was installed on your computer and won’t let you burn any files. You’ve tried to uninstall it, but your D: drive goes away as well. How do you get audio files burned on your drive?

Please install Roxio Creator. It should have DVD burning software. Well once you install that software and if it does have burning software it might have a utility that installs where you can drag and drop files using Windows explorer or through my computer from you C: hard drive to your DVD drive and it will burn them.

So yes you can burn most files once you have that burning software installed.

Powerpoint Keyboard Shortcuts – Go to Specific Slide Quickly

You use Microsoft power point version two thousand seven. Can you assign a key stroke to a slide so any time you want to show that slide you can hit a designated key? If this is possible how do you set this up?

You haven’t been able to find answer in power point help. You can enter that specific slide number and then press your enter key. It should take you directly to that specific slide.

You can try pressing your “P” key. It might just go to a previous slide after pressing 6 + ENTER for example, which would have taken you to slide 6.

Inspiron Battery – How to Tell if Your Dell Battery is Dead

You recently purchased a new battery for your Dell Inspiron 1501. Before an old battery died, you got this message before a Windows logo came up. “The AC adapter type cannot be determined. This will prevent optimal system performance.

Please check AC adapter connect properly, remove AC adapter and plug it in again”. You just started getting that message with your new battery. Is something else wrong?

There is a known issue with some of Dell adapters when a little metal pin gets bent or broken and a computer can no longer identify that adapter. If you can verify that that pin is bent or broken that would cause that error message and as long as it charges your battery and works then you can ignore that message. If you can’t verify a bent or broken pin it might be some Dell software or a faulty AC Adapter.

You can remove Dell Quickset software and see if after rebooting your computer that message disappears. It could be that software indicator is wrong or a bent or broken pin on your AC adapter. You could test it with a Volt meter or take it into a computer shop to test it.

Email Using – Possible Quick Fix to Access Your Email Again

You know some Internet lines were affected because of a weather storm, but you have not been able to access your e-mail all day long. Even now you are still unable to access your e-mail, yet you have been able to access the web, Facebook, etc. You have shut down your computer a few times.

You disconnected and re-connected your Internet modem. You can try clearing your DNS cache. In a command prompt type in “ipconfig /flushdns” without quotes.

Sometimes on Windows computers a local DNS cache is not flushed properly. This cache is supposed to get cleared when shutting down your Windows based operating system ie. Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight, Ten. Manually flushing your cache can potentially fix an issue where you cannot access certain Internet protocols.

Vaios – How to Remove Welcome Launcher on Sony VAIO Computer

You are upgrading Microsoft Windows Vista to Microsoft Windows seven. Microsoft tells you to delete Sony VAIO “Welcome Launcher”. How can you accomplish this task?

Remove “VAIO Startup Assistant” selecting “Programs and Features” from within “Control Panel”. After uninstalling VAIO Startup Assistant, and rebooting your computer, Windows seven should no longer report any compatibility issues. You should then be able to upgrade to Microsoft Windows seven.

External Hard Drive Media Player – Play AVI FLV WMW With Seagate

You just bought a Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ Media Player. Specifications say it will play FLV and AVI but yours did not play those formats. You used a software program WinAVI Video Converter 10.5 to convert to WMV, but a machine did not also play these WMV videos.

However, it did play WMV files you downloaded directly from YouTube. What should you do to make it play FLV, AVI and converted WMV? I would install a FreeAgent Theater+ Firmware Update and FreeAgent Theater Sync software. If that doesn’t resolve your issue I can try to find some conversion software that will convert playable videos as other people have this issue as well.

You install that firmware software on to your media player. Sync software is installed on your Vista computer. Both of those links have installation instructions.

You will need a USB memory stick to perform firmware upgrade. If you don’t have one then you won’t be able to upgrade device firmware. You can install Theater Sync software on Vista first and see if that helps first.

That firmware update is more complicated to perform. You can download this free video converter software.

Windows Updates Security – Install Windows Updates Securely

Your computer crashed so you had to revert it back to when you bought it. That was Windows Millenium edition. Then you updated it with your Windows XP software, but now you need all updates including Windows XP service pack 2 as well as about ten other updates.

It says that it will take about one hour and ten minutes. However, you don’t currently have any security system in your computer. So you don’t want to try and download updates over the Internet because you will probably get a virus.

You were thinking of using another computer and trying to download onto a disk and then put them onto you computer. You are not sure if that will work because you don’t know where they have to go. You have also tried to download virus protection because it is missing important parts of current software.

Can you help with any ideas? Click your “Start” button, click “Run”, type “Firewall.cpl”, and then click OK. On a General tab, click On recommended.

Click OK. Well as long as you don’t surf to any other sites you could be OK with just enabling Windows built in firewall. If your concerned about that you can try downloading and installing Avast free home edition anti-virus software.

A105 Satellite – Tips to Improve Your Slow Toshiba A105-S4334

Your Toshiba Satellite A105-S4334 seems to run very slowly. You have removed a battery and are only using an AC adapter. A blue LED power indicator light on your computer seems to dim.

You cleaned out your hard drive. Defragmenter did not recommend running a defragmentation session. You can check to make sure your laptop fan is spinning.

Also, you can check if that fan has dust blocking a fan vent. Your computer might be overheating and powering off. If your laptop fan is not spinning and running that is your problem.

It might be a good idea to blow it out with canned air or with compressed air. I assume you have anti virus software installed. You could perform a full system scan with MalwareBytes and CCleaner.

It could be your memory too. You might want to reseat your memory and hard drive. You just take out memory module(s) and hard drive and then reinstall them. I recommend blowing out your laptop fan too, even if you can’t see large dust particles.

I’ve seen computers run much better after just having their fans cleaned with compressed air or canned air.

Adobe Form – How to Fill in Vista Compatible Form on Windows 7

You need to fill out and submit an Adobe nine PDF form that is only compatible with Windows Vista and you have installed Windows 7. Can you use, download, or install Windows Vista just long enough to fill out that form without losing any of your Windows 7 files? You need to know if you can opt to use more than one operating system on a same computer or find an alternate solution?

You can try running Adobe Reader nine in Vista compatibility mode. Right click Adobe reader nine desktop icon or your “Start”, “Programs”, then “Adobe Reader nine” menu item. Select “Properties” then click compatibility mode tab.

In a compatibility mode drop down list, choose any Vista choices available. Click OK and then try running Adobe reader. Hopefully, it will let you enter responses into that PDF form now.

Install Net Framework – How to Fix Your .NET Framework 4 Error

You just installed Windows 7 home premium and when it finished you got this message, “To run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the .Net Framework: v4.0.30319”. You don’t know if this is something you might have uninstalled or if this is something you need. Can you help me out?

Well you went to control panel and you found a program Microsoft.Net Framework 4 client profile. You repaired that thinking that might be necessary. You tried to reinstall Windows 7 and you came up with same problem.

Please browse to Microsoft Windows updates site. Download and install all updates available. .Net framework might be included.

If it is not then download and run Microsoft .NET Framework 4 web installer. Click on a “Download” button and then click it to start that download. To start an installation immediately, click “Run”.

Hopefully, this will install .Net framework and clear that error message. No you don’t need to reinstall Windows 7. Please reboot your computer and see if you no longer receive that message.

If you still receive that message after rebooting, then go into control panel and perform a repair on .Net framework if that option is available. If a repair does not fix your issue or that option is unavailable, then please boot your computer into Windows safe mode last known good configuration. After your BIOS splash screen and before Windows 7 tries to boot press your F8 key until an advanced boot options window opens.

Select “Last known good configuration” and see if that clears that .Net error.