Mail Windows Live – How to Reset Windows Live Mail Password

Mail Windows Live

You can not sign in to Windows Live mail with a password given to you. You need another password so that you can open your old e-mail. You may have lost all your e-mail addresses with Windows Live mail.

You can try to sign in to your mail windows live account via a web based interface. If you still have your wrong password then click on a "Can't Access Your Account?" link. Hopefully, you will be able to reset your password and then be able to access your windows live email account from your desktop client.

You will have three options to choose from:

* I forgot my password
* I know my password, but can't sign in
* I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

You will need to select one of these options and then click "Next". A first option is "I forgot my password". To get back into your account they can help you reset your password and security info.

First, you will need to enter your Microsoft account and some captcha characters shown. Then you will click "Next" to proceed. A second option you can select is "I know my password, but can't sign in".

Mail Windows Live

Make sure to enter in your exact email address ie. and then click "Next". You will need to enter your Microsoft account and some captcha characters shown and click "Next". A third option you can select is "I think someone else is using my Microsoft account".

You can optionally select from a drop down list a reason you think someone is using your account. Either click "Next" or select an optional reason and then click "Next".

Options available are:

* Someone else is sending email from my account
* I see unusual sign-ins on my recent activity page
* Someone told me that my account has been hacked
* Purchases are showing up on my account that I did not authorize
* Other (please explain)

Once again you will need to enter your Microsoft account and some captcha characters shown. Hopefully, you will now be able to access your windows live mail account.

Canon Pixma IP1600 Inkjet Printer – Get Printing on Windows 7

You have a Canon Pima IP 1600. You received a new computer and can not find the CD-ROM to load that printer for use. Can you download what you need to use your printer again?

You do not know exactly what you have to download to get your old printer to work with your new computer. You can not find that CD-ROM disc for your Canon Pixma IP 1600 printer. That Microsoft Windows 7 printer driver for your Canon Pixma 1600 printer is provided by Windows update.

Simply connect your printer to your computer, and then power that printer on. A driver will be installed automatically as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. You can also download and install some utilities for Canon Pixma IP1600 Software depending on your printer model.

Have you downloaded and installed supporting software for your printer? If not you can download that Canon supporting software. Choose "Printers" obviously under 1 "Select Category" then "PIXMA iP Series" under 2 "Select product type". Choose your exact printer model under 3 "Select model".

You may receive an error in that printer box after installing that software. Also, it popped up saying printer not activated with an error code -20. You can try rebooting your computer into Windows safe mode.

After your computer BIOS displays press your F8 key then in that menu please choose "Safe mode with networking support". See if that error still exists. If it clears up then please reboot that computer in normal mode and see if you are still receiving that error message.

You could also make sure to log into Windows 7 with an administrator account so that those drivers get properly installed and then log back in with a normal user account. These instructions were written for a Canon Pima IP 1600 inkjet printer connected to a computer running Microsoft Windows 7.

Western Digital 320GB HDD – Get Your WD Smartware Working

You tried to update firmware and software for your Western Digital 320 gigabytes Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive. That drive was installed, but to your knowledge, not registered by a consultant. That hard drive was purchased and installed on a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

You did not see any instructions on how to proceed until you finished, when you found and printed out those software update instructions, including a variety of warnings of which you were not aware of. You can no longer access Smartware at all. To the best of your knowledge you have no installation disk or files which would allow you to reinstall that program.

You might have the correct firmware and software for that model of portable hard drive you purchased. It is recommended that you reinstall both firmware and Microsoft Windows 7 software. Basically, you install that firmware first and then the Smartware software second.

You can view more detailed instructions at Western Digital's Smartware software update page. You can download a Smartware firmware update 2.003 and Windows Smartware software update release Please follow their instructions and hopefully after reinstalling both firmware and software it will work this time.

This fix was written for a Western Digital 320 gigabyte passport essential portable hard drive connected to a computer with Microsoft Windows 7, but can certainly be used to troubleshoot other Western Digital external hard drives connected to other versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

S500 Scansnap – Get Your ScanSnap S510 Scanner to Work Again

S500 Scansnap

You cannot get your ScanSnap S510 to go online. You have a blue button with a white S in system tray but it has a red circle and a red line through it. You have turned power on and off, rebooted that computer but nothing helps.

You can try connecting that scanner to a different USB port. It's recommended to power off that computer first and then unplug that device from an existing USB port and plug it into a different USB port. Hopefully, when you power on that computer, Windows XP will find that device again and it will work properly.

S500 Scansnap

You can go into Windows device manager by going to System Properties and then a Hardware tab and make sure there isn't any problems with that device driver for your scanner. If there is a yellow exclamation point then you will need to reload that driver. If there is a red x then you will need to re enable that device by right clicking and select enable.

Once in device manager and you see no problems with a device driver, you can try highlighting and deleting that scanner device by right clicking and selecting "delete". There is a "Scan for hardware changes" icon in a device manager window. If you click that icon Windows will scan and find that scanner again and will try to reinstall a device driver. You could also try to update that scanner driver from within device manager instead.

Trying to update that device driver or reinstall that driver might be a quickest way to fix your problem.

Hotmail Thunderbird – Import Live Mail Contacts to Thunderbird

Hotmail Thunderbird

Are you currently using Windows live for email service and want to export your address book to Thunderbird mail? You have Windows 7 for an operating system. You are not happy with your current email service because of default mail problems.

You have downloaded and saved the Thunderbird email software. Your question is will your address book if you run that download installer transfer or does that wizard tell you how to get it transferred? Yes you should be able import your address book from Windows live mail to Thunderbird.

Hotmail Thunderbird

First, you will want to export your Windows live mail contacts into a .csv file. Either during that install process of Thunderbird it will ask you to try to import contacts or once you have that program installed you can go to "Tools" then "Import". You will import the .csv file you created in first step.

These tips were written for a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium with Windows live mail installed but can certainly be a basis for other versions of Microsoft Windows.

Blackberry Address Book – Unable to Download Your Contacts?

Blackberry Address Book

Need help downloading your Blackberry contacts? You tried following BlackBerry desktop manager software and downloaded your contacts per those directions. Some of your contacts did not download at all.

Of ones that did, their contact info i.e. phone numbers did not download. You also tried to copy my contacts to a disk and was just going to take that disk and your phone to Verizon and ask them to fix it, but copying them to a disk did not work at all. You tried again to download through Blackberry desktop manager provided by Verizon in that box that your Curve BlackBerry came in and received same problem.

Blackberry Address Book

You can try installing a recent version of Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Also, depending on how many contacts you have and want to preserve don't upgrade that software on an actual device unless your not worried about keeping those contacts. You may need to remove an older version and then install a newer version of that desktop manager.

You might be able to just run an installer for a newer version and it will uprade that existing version. Hopefully, after just uprading that desktop manager software, you will be able to download all your contacts successfully. These instructions were written for a BlackBerry Curve 8530 with a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, but certainly can be used as a basis for a MAC operating system and other versions of Microsoft windows.

Problem Outlook – Unable to Open Your Microsoft Outlook Inbox?

Problem Outlook

Having trouble opening your Microsoft Outlook inbox or deleted items? When you try to open your inbox an error message says there are no items in there but it has received emails. To fix it you downloaded a free scanpst.exe program and it worked for a while but now your inbox will not open again.

You can try repairing Microsoft Outlook by going to add remove programs. Click "Start" then "Run" then type "appwiz.cpl" without quotes and click "Ok". Find MS Office then click "Change" then select repair from here.

Hopefully, it will fix your problem. If not, are you able to enter both your inbox and deleted items folders? Does it cause Outlook to freeze when you do?

Scanpst.exe basically scans any .pst archive files that you have created. Do you by chance have auto archive enabled? Also, are you downloading your email from your internet provider or employer and then saving it on your local machine or do you have Outlook configured to keep the messages on the server?

Problem Outlook

Can you tell me if when you ran scanpst.exe the first time if it told you that it found any errors? I'm trying to narrow down whether it's an issue with corrupted data or if that install of Microsoft Outlook on your computer is damaged. Check out three quick potential solutions for your problem.

Solution 1

Try some following steps and check if it helps. Try opening outlook in safe mode by holding a ctrl key and then click on your Outlook icon. If it works try disabling any Add-Ins that may be causing problem(s).

Solution 2

Try scanning and repairing those data files in Outlook. If it is an exchange server account run Scanost.exe and if it is a pop account try Scanpst.exe. Please check out how to scan and repair Corrupted Outlook data files.

Solution 3

Try creating a new profile in Outlook and re-configure your email account. Please check out information on how to create a new Outlook Profile in Microsoft Outlook 2007. These tips were written for a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista with Outlook 2007 email client, but can certainly be used as a basis point for other Microsoft versions of Windows and Outlook.

File Status – Need to Check Status of Refund For Turbo Tax?

File Status

Have you filed your state and or federal taxes with Turbo Tax and are looking for status of your return(s)? If you haven't received your refund yet, you may want to check status now. You will need to verify status of your refund with your social security number.

You can check your efile status three ways. You can check status via Turbo Tax software installed on your computer, through a check your efile status web page, or via phone. A social security number and zip code are required to obtain your electronic file status online.

If your return was accepted meaning received more than 21 calendar days ago, you can receive a status via telephone. Call the Interrnal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040, but prepare yourself for potentially long wait times. You can obtain more information on which option you choose to check your return status by visiting Turbo Tax's federal and state taxes web page.

File Status

Outlook Appointments – Appointments Missing From Your PDA?

Outlook Appointments

Have you just noticed that all of your appointments and calendar events have been deleted from Outlook prior to a current month? Are you using a Blackberry or other PDA device and this has not happened before? Your archive calendar is also empty.

Are you also missing addresses from your address book? You can try to search for any and all .pst files on your computer. Outlook .pst files are archive files.

Also, make sure that you don't have "Delete expired items" checked in your Outlook configuration settings. You can also set Outlook to automatically auto archive your events. Basically, archived items are stored in a compressed archive .pst file.

Outlook Appointments

You can't read those entries on fly, but you can restore those archived events when needed. It's also recommended to backup your archive .pst files if that information is important enough to you. You can check your "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook.

Also, please check your sync settings on your Blackberry. By default some handhelds will delete appointments after 60 days old or whatever their default setting is. I think this is what makes most sense right now. Even if you can't recover your past appointments, please make sure you check out your Blackberry settings and change them to forever or enable Auto Archive in Outlook.

I'm afraid if they are not archived or in deleted items than it might not be possible. If you configure your Blackberry and or Outlook to save or archive your items, as well as backup your archive file, if you create one, then in future you will be able to restore your items. These tips were written for a computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, Outlook email client, and Blackberry Storm PDA but can certainly be used as a basis for other windows computers with Outlook installed and synced with other personal digital assistants.

Pro CS – Having Trouble With Adobe Creative Suite 3 Program?

Pro CS

Having trouble with your Adobe Creative Suite 3 web premium contribute program? Everything was working well with contribute to edit your site(s). Have you recently added two setups in a contribute program to connect for editing?

Then you edited a few times successfully but then weird things started happening. When you click on that connector to your website, contribute closes down on you completely. It fades and then you get a dialogue box that says that program has stopped working and shuts down.

You tried clicking on a website connector, which diverts automatically to wrong site. This way it let you edit, but then when you tried to publish your edited page it shuts down same way. You even tried reinstalling the Adobe Creative Suite 3 program.

Pro CS

You can try to find support on Adobe's Community. If you no longer have Creative Suite 3 Web Premium files you can download them from this Adobe Download CS3 products page. Hopefully, you can find a resolution on Adobe's community help forum.

Another possible solution was trying to only use one connection profile. Try to only configure one connection profile to your university site for testing. You can also try clearing any Internet cache or any cache associated with Adobe CS3.