Basic Word Processing – Get a Basic Windows Word Processor

Basic Word Processing

What is a basic compatible word program for a 64 bit computer running Windows 7 you ask? If you do not need bells and whistles and just something to perform simple documents then read on. You can try using Windows wordpad if that's sufficent.

Wordpad has been included in every version of Microsoft Windows including and since Windows 95.

Basic Word Processing

Also, you can check out Jarte word processor which is a free word processor that is Windows 7 64 bit compatible. Jarte has more features then the already included wordpad. These recommendations were written for a 64 bit computer running Microsoft Windows 7 but can certainly be used for 32 bit computers running other Microsoft Windows versions.

System requirements for Jarte: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Jarte works on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Temp Internet Files – Clear Microsoft Cache & Internet Files

Temp Internet Files

Are you having trouble logging into specific web sites or accessing some web sites? Has your browsing experience diminished while using Microsoft Internet explorer web browser? Deleting your temporary Internet files may fix certain issues you are having with Internet explorer.

Learn how to clear or delete your temporary internet files. You can check out a tutorial from Microsoft showing you how do I delete history. If you don't want to delete any stored passwords then you can uncheck that option before you delete all your Internet files.

Temp Internet Files

These instructions are for both Internet explorer 7 and 8. For Internet Explorer 6, 9, 10, and 11 you can browse to this How to delete the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder Microsoft support article. It has step by step instructions.

That article even has a Fix it For me option. This Microsoft web link applies to the following web browsers and operating systems:

Windows Internet Explorer 9
Windows Internet Explorer 8
Windows Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Basic
Windows 7 Starter
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Starter
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2
Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Developer Edition

Yahoo Login – Retrieve Your Lost Yahoo Account Info Quickly

Are you receiving "Invalid ID or password please try again using your full Yahoo ID" and "This ID is not yet taken are you trying to register for a new account" error messages when trying to access your Yahoo email account? Because it would not let you sign in under your assumed username and password does not mean you have to try to guess your identification or password. You can use Yahoo password helper to try to obtain your last Yahoo identification or password.

You may want to clear your web browser cache and cookies first, before you try other options. If clearing your web browser cache and cookies does not resolve your issue, there are multiple ways to retrieve your Yahoo account information. The first option requires you to enter your Yahoo identification.

Depending on how you configured your Yahoo email account, in case you forget your password, you will be prompted to reset your password via email. This option is useful if you know your Yahoo identification, but have forgotten your password. The second option that is available, if you have forgotten your Yahoo identification is that you will be asked to enter in your alternative email address or mobile phone number.

Finally, the third option is available if you think that your Yahoo account has been compromised. You will need to know your Yahoo identification and will be asked to enter it in. Hopefully, one of these three options will help you to access your Yahoo email account.

UPDATE: 06/11/2018

I get quite a few individuals asking for help with their lost Yahoo account credentials. I do NOT knowingly help hackers. Also, my website which has quite a bit of FREE information, has paid for services as well.

I have added quite a bit of information to this blog post, with some information as an information technology technician.

Yahoo corporation tends to change their password reset tool. As of the time of this update, there are three pieces of information, that you can use to potentially recover your Yahoo account identification credentials.

* sign in email address
* mobile phone number
* recovery email address

You basically have three chances or three pieces of information that can help you obtain your lost Yahoo identification. You will need access to your recovery phone number and or recovery email address. If you no longer have access to your recovery phone number or email address, then you will NOT be able to obtain your Yahoo identification credential that you use to login.

Back in the day Yahoo did NOT allow you to sign in with a mobile phone number. Now at least you can sign in with either your Yahoo identification or mobile phone number. An example would be johndoe or 1234567890.

You do NOT need to enter in your full Yahoo email address at sign in. For example you only need to enter in johndoe NOT One of these three pieces of information is necessary to use the Yahoo helper tool above.

* sign in email address or mobile phone number
* recovery phone number
* recovery email address

If you cannot proceed with that Yahoo helper tool, then you may want to read through Yahoo account help. Choose option 8 "Fix problems signing in to your Yahoo account". Another option is to try a different web browser or even different computer.

If you do NOT know your Yahoo account identification then refer to option 8 above. If you know your Yahoo account identification but forgot your password, you might able to reset it using option 2 from the link above, "Change or reset your Yahoo password". You have a better chance of accessing your Yahoo email account if at the very least you know your Yahoo identification credential.

If you are able to now access your Yahoo account, you might want to verify and or change your recovery phone number and recovery email address. Make certain that you still have access to either your recovery phone number and recovery email address. The next time that you forget or lose your Yahoo password then you can potentially quickly access your account via your recovery phone number or recovery email address.

You would refer to option 4 "Add or remove an account recovery method", via the link above. You will receive a link either via your recovery phone number or recovery email address, allowing you to recover your account. Also, you might want to make sure that you still have access to your mobile phone number that you use to sign in.

Taking these steps can potentially save you from losing access to your Yahoo account. If you change your mobile phone number, then do NOT forget to update your mobile phone number that you use to sign in to Yahoo. Finally, Yahoo tends to change their sign in process, so these tips may change in the future. does NOT knowingly help out those that want to hack into someone else's Yahoo account. If you browsed here looking for information that you could use to circumvent someone else's security, you browsed to the wrong website. I now only support email password issues through my paid services.

I do NOT provide free support to those seeking help accessing their Yahoo account. This reduces the potential for corrupt individuals in society that would use my help to circumvent someone else's security.

Arcsoft TotalMedia – How to Verify Arcsoft Backup Succeeded

Arcsoft TotalMedia

Are you having problems verifying your ArcSoft Total Media backups? When you try to confirm that a backup is successful by opening these files on your backup device, you may get a message that Windows is unable to open some NBP files. With ArcSoft total media backup, you can't just view backed up files on your external drive directly by browsing.

Q: How do I view those files I have backed up?

A: You cannot directly use or view files you have backed up by using ArcSoft Total Media Backup. These files are combined into a series of 2 gigabyte archive files used to protect them from accidental modification and or viruses. To view what files are in a specific backup, you choose "Restore" from a main menu of ArcSoft and select where your backup is stored at.

Arcsoft TotalMedia

On a following page highlight a backup that you would like to review and choose open. Click next and then choose an "Advanced Restore" option, and click next again. On a following screen you will see a menu similar to Microsoft Windows explorer where you can browse through folders and files included in your backup.

You will not be able to access or modify that file without restoring it to your computer system first. Feel free to check out further help for ArcSoft Total Media Backup from Arcsoft software support.

Startup Troubleshooting – Get Your Windows Computer to Boot

Startup Troubleshooting

Help, your computer will not boot so you tried system recovery options, but no operating system was available and you can't figure out what to do next. Whether it is a laptop or desktop computer, running Microsoft Windows, you can try selecting "Safe Mode" or "Last Known Good Configuration" after going into Windows safe mode by pressing your F8 key. You can check in your BIOS to make sure your hard drive is listed and detected by that computer, if none of those safe mode options work.

If you are unable to get into safe mode or a command prompt and if a hard drive is not listed in that BIOS I would try checking physical cables attaching that hard drive to a motherboard. It sounds like your BIOS isn't detecting your hard drive or perhaps if you have multiple hard drives they are in a wrong boot order. To get into your BIOS you can try an F2 or possibly a "delete" key.

Startup Troubleshooting

It depends on what make of computer you have to get into a BIOS. If your computer is a laptop I suggest you try to check a BIOS settings and reseat that hard drive. If your computer is a desktop I recommend checking your BIOS settings and reseating hard drive cables.

You can also take that hard drive out of that computer and configure it as a slave hard drive on another computer. Running Windows chkdsk on that hard drive just might fix it. I have been able to get Windows to boot normally after just reseating a hard drive and or cables as well as running chkdsk numerous times.

Power Point Update – Fix “no Text Converter Installed” Error

PowerPoint Update

You may receive "no text converter installed for this file type" when trying to open up a Microsoft Power Point presentation. One quick solution is to try installing any available Microsoft office updates. You can browse to an office updates Microsoft site to check, download, and install any available updates for power point.

Also, you can enable automatic updates in Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. This way any important updates, including those for Microsoft office products will be automatically be available for your particular version of windows operating system. Instructions for enabling windows automatic updates are listed below.

Enable automatic updates in Windows 8:

Open Control Panel by pressing a Windows logo key + X to see a list of commands and options, and then click Control Panel. Click System and Security. Click Windows Update.

Click Change settings, and choose or change those settings you want and remember your computer has to be on at that time you selected to install new updates.

PowerPoint Update

Enable automatic updates in Windows 7:

Close all open programs. Click Start then select Control Panel. Click System and Security, which you see when you view Control Panel by Category.

Click Windows Update. In a left hand pane, click Change Settings. Under Important Updates, select Install updates automatically.

Select any other options, and remember your computer has to be on at that time you selected to install new updates.

Enable automatic updates in Windows Vista:

Click Start, point to All Programs, and then click Windows Update. Do any of following:

If updates need to be installed, click Install updates. To start checking for updates, click Check for updates. In a Windows Update dialog box, click Change settings and then select options for how your computer receives updates from Microsoft.

Enable automatic updates in Windows XP

Click Start then select Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, and then double click System. In a System Properties dialog box, click an Automatic Updates tab.

Select those settings you want to use. Click Apply then OK. Note: In Classic view, double click System, and then click an Automatic Updates tab.

Talk Shoe – How to Connect to TalkShoe Community Call System

A Simple Request

I hope you find this page helpful. All I ask is that if the information you find on this page leads in some way to you starting your own TalkShoe show, please list "Chris Meadows" as your referrer when you sign up for the TalkShoe Cash program. It's not too late to do it even if you already have signed up, as long as you don't have a referrer listed already; just email TalkShoe support and ask them to make that change.

Connecting to TalkShoe

If you simply want to listen to a program, it is not necessary to do anything beyond clicking a green "Live Now!" icon on that program's homepage. This will open this program in streaming audio and you can listen as long as you have that page open. If you want to participate, you have several options.

Although it is helpful to do so, you do not have to register a TalkShoe account. You can participate in a text chatroom or even phone in as a "guest" to any non-adult only show. However, to participate fully, or to access adult only shows, you can create a TalkShoe account by clicking a "Sign Up" link in upper right corner of the homepage.

Fill out that application completely, and when you are finished you may choose to download a Java based "TalkShoe Live! Classic" chat client. However, you can still phone in or access a show's text chat without it thanks to a web pop up based chat client. Either a web client or the "TalkShoe Live! Classic" standalone client will allow you to listen to a program by streaming audio at same time as you type questions or responses by text.

However, this standalone client will also let you phone into a show via free Voice Over IP as long as you have a microphone or headset connected to your computer.

Phoning In

There are four ways to connect to TalkShoe by phone.

  1. Using the "TalkShoe Live! Classic" client's built-in "ShoePhone" Voice-Over-IP.
  2. Direct dialing by landline or cellular telephone to (724) 444-7444.
  3. Using an outward-dialing VOIP application to call (724) 444-7444.
  4. Connecting with a SIP Voice Over IP application to SIP: or SIP:123@

The "ShoePhone" application is easiest to use, as it automates an entire connection process so you need only click a "Connect" button and a few moments later you are talking on a show. In fact, it is just about an only method I use for my own shows anymore. However, it can still be a bit flaky sometimes, so it is good to know about other methods as backup.

Also, other methods are what you will use if you connect via a web based chat, since it does not have voice over IP capability. Using some other methods, as soon as you connect you will be asked to enter a 4 or 5 digit show number (which TalkShoe shows you on a show's homepage, in a title bar of a client screen, and on dialing instruction overlay that appears when you first load that client), and then your 10 digit PIN number (usually your phone number, unless you chose to use something else when you registered) and press #, or, if you did not register, to press 1 then # to log in as a guest. After that, you will join that show.

If a show is already in progress, you will hear a 20 second TalkShoe promo recording before you are able to access that show. Otherwise, you will hear a recording as soon as a host starts recording.


As mentioned above, ShoePhone is easiest to use. All you need to do is either click a ShoePhone "Connect" icon that appears when you first connect to a program, or click an icon in lower right corner of the "TalkShoe Live! Classic" client. You should be connected to that program within about twenty seconds.

If you wish to mute yourself, there is a "mute microphone" box to check. This only works from the "TalkShoe Live! Classic" standalone client. If you do not have it, use one of following methods.

Direct Dialing

If you are dialing in via landline or cellphone, be aware that it is a call to a Pittsburgh area number it is not toll free. Be sure that you can afford those long distance rates or cellular minutes. Also be sure that a battery on your cellular or cordless phone will not run down before you are finished chatting, and that you will be comfortable holding that phone to your ear for that long.

It is a good idea to mute yourself when you are not talking; often background noise such as computer case fans or air conditioner sounds will make their way through your phone line and could result in a host muting you manually. If your phone does not have a mute button, you can dial *6 to mute yourself manually. This will work from an ordinary telephone or from a VoIP application.

This will also add a "mute" icon to your name on the TalkShoe chat client display, so other participants will know why you are not talking. Note: This only works if you have already been unmuted by that host.

Outward Dialing VOIP

With this method, you will be using a Voice Over IP application meant to connect your computer to an ordinary phone number. Some people prefer this method because it can be used for making ordinary phone calls in addition to participating in TalkShoe. At one time, Skype offered a free calling plan; however, its free calling program ceased as of January 1, 2007. offers a free calling program but after a certain number of calls it restricts you to five minute calls only. Make sure you have a decent headset, or headphones and separate microphone. I tend to favor a separate mic, such as Logitech Desktop USB Microphone, so that I can use whatever headphones are comfortable or convenient that time.

The one drawback is that since a mic is positioned right next to my keyboard, it sounds like an avalanche whenever I type. I tend to use a mute function on my mic, my VoIP client, or TalkShoe itself. It is possible to use a microphone with speakers if you have no headphones; however, this will usually lead to other participants hearing themselves echo while you are talking, which can be very distracting.

If you must use speakers while participating in a TalkShoe program, then use a "mute" button on your VOIP application when you are not talking.


FreeCall is an outbound dialing Voice Over IP client for Windows only that allows you to make calls to regular phone numbers. It offers 300 free minutes of calling per week (which does not roll over) to a number of destinations including the United States; calls beyond that are charged at 1.3 US cents per minute (1.6 cents per minute with taxes). Users may also purchase credits for 10 Euros (about US$13) which will allow them unlimited calling for 90 days.

Although you may use other SIP Voice Over IP applications (see next section) to make calls to phone numbers through the FreeCall network, you apparently cannot make calls to SIP addresses through FreeCall so you will have to dial TalkShoe using a phone system. In order to dial, just enter 1 (724) 444-7444 (with or without spaces, hyphen, and parentheses) in a dialing box and hit enter. You will then be able to enter your show ID and PIN using a keyboard or dialpad.

Preliminary testing suggests FreeCall does not suffer from a touch tone recognition problem that Skype does (see below).

NOTE: Although this is mentioned nowhere on their site, I have since learned that after you make a certain number of phone calls through FreeCall, your account is restricted to five minute calls only unless you buy credit. Given that this seems like a rather cheap and shoddy trick to me, I am no longer able to recommend this software as I once did.


For a while, Skype was free to use for outbound calling to ordinary phone numbers; now, however, it requires buying a plan to make these calls. To call in with Skype, you must make that call to TalkShoe phone number, which requires a paid account. You cannot Skype in directly.

When using Skype, simply dial that phone number as usual. Shortly afterward you should be asked to enter your information. Note that due to known issues with Skype's touch tone generator, you may receive a dreaded "Your password is incorrect" message, in which case you will need to hang up and dial again.

A number of superstitions have grown up around use of Skype, claiming that you should "just use keypad buttons" or "click # on screen, don't press it on keyboard" in order to avoid an invalid password rejection. To best of my knowledge, none of these are valid. It just depends on a quality of connection you get whether or not Skype will accept your tones.


I have not used Raketu, so cannot provide instructions as to dialing. It should be just as straightforward as Skype. I have heard in some places that they have a free outbound calling plan like Skype once did, but haven't found any proof of this on their website.

Gizmo Project

Gizmo Project is not free to dial outbound phone numbers; you must purchase calling minutes at a rate of 1 cent per minute. Instead, Gizmo Project should be used as a SIP phone; see below.


This is a method that is recommended for use by callers outside of the United States and Canada. It routes a call completely through the Internet, and will usually provide a much higher quality audio stream than a connection that goes partly or entirely through a telephone system. Also, tone generation systems of these programs are of higher quality than Skype's, leading to much less frustration trying to log in.

A future version of text chat client will incorporate VOIP directly into this client, so eventually you will no longer need to use a separate SIP Voice over IP application unless you wish to call in without text chatting. Connecting with SIP is currently free; however, at some point TalkShoe will begin charging non-hosts $4.95 per month for its use (to offset lost revenue from ordinary phone dial-ins). Hosts will continue to get it free no matter whose show they call, and they will also be able to pay to let even non-host callers call their shows for free.

For more information on this dialing method beyond what is given here, see the TalkShoe support live

SIP how to. Note that you can use any VOIP client even if it is not listed here as long as it accepts a SIP dialing address. As with outward-dialing VOIP, make sure you have good headphones and a mic.

Gizmo Project

The Gizmo Project instant messenger can also act as a SIP phone, and is of all SIP phone apps probably an easiest to install and configure. Note that if you have a LiveJournal account, you should download Gizmo Project for LJ Talk and log into it with your LiveJournal userID and password. To dial TalkShoe with Gizmo Project, you need to enter into an address bar


and hit return. (It actually does not matter what comes before an @ sign; it can be 123@, abc@, blahblablah@, and so on; Gizmo just doesn't recognize dialing addresses that do not use an x@y formation.) After you connect, you must then use on screen dialpad to enter those numbers; Gizmo does not accept keyboard entry.

X-Lite (with VoxAlot)

X-Lite is another popular client among Australian and European users. However, to use it you must also create a free account at VOIP provider VoxAlot (or any other such provider, such as Simply create an account, configure X-Lite with your VoxAlot account settings as instructed by VoxAlot configuration guides, then click on an address bar at top of your screen and type a SIP address as given above.

You will have to type it because X-Lite will not let you paste it in. You can then enter ID and PIN using a keyboard or mouse clicking.


Note: Some following instructions refer to an older version of SJPhone. More recently, I discovered they had gone to a new version which was changed considerably from old, and I can't figure out how to make a new version work with TalkShoe. Thus, I can no longer recommend it as the primary SIP VOIP means of connecting.

This is most straight forward of SIP VOIP applications. Simply download it, install it, and check some instructions found in this configuration guide. To connect, click on an address bar at the top of the SJPhone window and enter

You may then enter your show ID and PIN by either using your keyboard or clicking an on screen display with your mouse. Note: SJPhone for Mac users have reported being unable to find a dialpad in their version of this client. If anyone Mac side can clear this up, I would appreciate it.

Free World Dialup Communicator

The Free World Dialup Communicator is another SIP dialing capable client. It seems to have a slight problem dialing TalkShoe, but should still be usable. To use it, dial SIP:123@ as above.

A call window will open, and you will hear a beep. About ten seconds of silence will pass, then a loud TalkShoe voice will say "Your passcode is not valid: 7". You will then hear a "Welcome to TalkShoe" message and can enter your show ID and PIN as usual by clicking on "Open Dialpad" crossed lines icon right underneath a "Call" menu. Once that dialpad is open, you can dial by either clicking on it or using your keyboard.


A TalkShoe employee who has experimented with multiple VoIP apps claims that this is best SIP VOIP app for Macintosh users to dial into TalkShoe. As I do not have a Macintosh capable of running this program to try it out, you are more or less on your own.


A Linux VOIP client that, like X-Lite, needs an external VOIP service provider (like VoxAlot or A Windows version can be found (warning: still in beta). I have not used it myself.

Further Help

If you need further help getting set up, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to assist you. This article was originally written on Robotech Master's TalkShoe page.

Intuit Support – How to Sync Quicken With Your Bank Account

Intuit Support

Are you trying to synchronize quicken 2010 with your current bank? However, your having difficulty making some necessary connections. If you need help activating an account for online services in Quicken 2010 then you can check out this Quicken Activate an Account For Online Services article to activate your account for online services.

Intuit Support

Once your accounts are setup in Quicken and then once you have your account(s) activated for online services then you can follow this How do I update transactions and balances from my bank? tutorial for updating transactions and balances from your financial institution(s).

Data Corrupted – How to Fix Windows Data Corruption Problem

Data Corrupted

Are you receiving a Windows program error message "Has encountered a problem and needs to close", whenever you try to open up a specific file in a specific Windows folder? I think what you are experiencing is being caused by a corrupt image file in your specific Windows folder. This crash is occurring as Windows attempts to display a thumbnail preview of this file.

To prove this, please open "Windows Explorer" and browse to "My Pictures" folder after setting "View" mode to "List" view. You can do this by selecting "My Documents" folder and clicking on "Tools" then "Folder Options" and then clicking on "View" tab. Once in this menu click a button that says "Apply to All Folders" and this will cause all sub folders under "My Documents" to display in "List Mode".

Data Corrupted

Now open "My Pictures" folder and you will see all of your image files listed by name with no thumbnail preview and hopefully it will not crash. Create a new folder and move all of those images into it. Once you complete that, change a "View" on a "My Pictures" folder back to "Thumbnails" and move those image files back into that folder one at a time. When you eventually move those corrupted image files back into that folder it should not crash again.

Now you know which of your images was causing this problem. Unfortunately, I know of no way to fix those corrupted file(s) so you may just end up having to delete that folder and recover those images from your backups if any. This previous trouble shooting procedure was tailored for corrupt Windows images but can certainly be used for other types of file formats on a Microsoft Windows computer.

Quicken Restore – Fix Quicken Online Backup is Not Activated

Quicken Restore

When you try to select Quicken backup to restore, you get this message "Quicken online backup is not activated". You are then referred to a trouble shooting web page.

To restore Quicken 2007 data from a local source you perform some following steps. Restore a Quicken data file from an external source ie. USB drive, CD, DVD. Restore Quicken data from an external source.

  1. Connect that external drive containing a data file you want to restore, or insert a disk containing a data file in that drive.
  2. Select a "File" menu and then select "Restore Backup File".
  3. Select either one of those files listed or browse my computer.
  4. If you are restoring a file over a current file, click "OK" to overwrite that current file.
  5. When you see a message that a file is restored, click "OK".
  6. Select a "File" menu and then select "OPEN" to open that restored file.

Quicken Restore