OutlookExpress Email – Unable to View Images in Your Message

OutlookExpress Email

In Outlook Express your unable to see images in your messages unless you view that email on line. You can try deleting your Temporary Internet files. Depending on a version of Internet Explorer you have installed you:

  • Close all instances of Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Internet Explorer, and Windows Explorer.
  • Go to “Start” then “Control Panel” then go into “Internet Options”.
  • Select “General” tab.
  • Click “Delete Files” button.

Hopefully, you will be able to see images in Outlook Express again. If that does not fix your issue you can try completely deleting temporary internet files and index.dat file by:

  • Log on as Administrator and delete the desired <username> folder(s) and reboot.
  • You can also press “Ctrl-Alt-Del” twice at a Welcome screen to bring up an Administrator account.

“C:Documents and Settings/usernameLocal Settings/Temporary Internet Files”

OutlookExpress Email

“Username” is an account or profile that you suspect is corrupt. Remember to delete that folder (Content.IE5) not just contents. A new “Content.IE5” and a set of random named sub-folders and index.dat will be created on restart.

You can not delete these folders from your own account. Hopefully, you will be able to view images. Another fix is to delete a “History” folder and “index.dat” file:

Log on as Administrator and delete the desired <username> folder and reboot.

“C:Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\HISTORY”.

You can view detailed instructions for those fixes above and a few other troubleshooting steps for clearing browser cache.

HP USB Printer – Get Your HP Printer Recognized by Windows

Is your HP USB printer not always recognized by your computer? If you reboot that computer and restart your printer it is usually, but not always recognized. Also, when you try to scan using a scan to button, you get a message “no scan options”.

You can first run HP Update from HP Solutions Center. Let that program install any and all updates for your HP printer. Once any update(s) are installed please try to use your scanner.

Also, try rebooting your computer to make sure those update(s) fixed your issue with that printer not always being recognized. If updating software doesn’t fix that issue then please make sure that you don’t have any hidden HP devices in Windows device manager. Also, check to make sure that you don’t have any HP devices in device manager with missing drivers.

HP USB Printer

Go to “Start” then select “Control Panel. In control panel double click on “System” then choose a “Hardware” tab. In hardware select “Device Manager” tab. Select a “View” menu option and then choose “Show Hidden Devices”.

If there are any HP device(s) with a red x then right click on that device and select “Enable”. If there are any HP device(s) with a yellow exclamation point then right click them and select properties. Go through those properties tabs to look for any errors.

Hopefully, running HP Update and or making sure all hidden devices are enabled will solve your problem(s).

Programs Installed – Quick Tips on How to Find Your Programs

Programs Installed

Can’t find a Windows program that you installed? These quick tips show you how to quickly find a program you just recently installed. The tips were tailored for Windows Vista, but can certainly be used as a basis for your current version of Windows ie. Windows XP and Windows 7.

In Vista go to “Start” then “All Programs” and look for Quicken 2010 Deluxe. If you still cannot find Quicken or having problems finding it, by browsing a programs menu, then you can use a windows search feature. Click on “Start” button then in a “Start Search” box type in Quicken.

This should show you all programs installed by name of Quicken. If you can’t find it in your list of programs or by searching then open up windows explorer or double click my computer. To open up “Windows Explorer”, go to “Start” then select “Computer”.

Programs Installed

In windows explorer look for your local “C:” drive icon. Double click your C: drive and then browse and click on “Program Files”. Expand program files and you should see a Quicken deluxe folder under program files.

Your quicken deluxe should be in a folder similar to C:Program Files\Quicken Deluxe. Browse to a Quicken sub folder under “Program Files”. Look for an executable by a name similar to “quicken.exe” or “qw.exe”.

Double click an .exe file and you should be able to open up Quicken that way. You can also get to your list of program files by double clicking on your “My Computer” icon on your desktop. Then follow same directions above to get to your quicken program executable file.

Telephone Sound – How to Make Your Phone Ring With MagicJack

Telephone Sound

Does your phone that is plugged into your Magic Jack device not ring? If your still having this problem of your phone not ringing, can you please check to make sure that “Do Not Disturb” is not enabled in some magic jack settings. In your magic jack soft screen click on “Menu”.

A drop down menu will appear. Look for a “Do Not Disturb” menu option with a check mark. If it does have a check mark click that option again to make that check mark disappear.

Hopefully, your phone will start ringing. If that doesn’t fix that issue, another place to look is in “Device Manager” in windows “Control Panel” to make sure that Magic Jack sound driver installed correctly. Go to “Start” then select “Control Panel”.

In control panel go into “Device Manager”. Look for “Internet Phone by Tiger Jet” listed under “Sounds and Games”. There should not be any problems with this driver.

Telephone Sound

If a red X or yellow exclamation point is next to Internet Phone by Tiger Jet, then there is a problem with a sound driver for magic jack. A red x means that that driver is disabled. Right click on Internet Phone by Tiger Jet and select enable.

Hopefully, your phone will start ringing. A yellow exclamation mark means there is a problem with a driver. Reinstall that sound driver by right clicking on “Internet Phone by Tiger Jet” and then selecting “Delete”.

While still in device manager there is a refresh icon on a menu. Click on a refresh icon and windows will find that magic jack sound device again. Windows will either reinstall that Internet Phone by Tiger Jet driver via windows updates.

If you have that enabled or you will be asked for your magic jack install CD. You can also try plugging that Magic Jack into another USB port and see if it works fine now.

Camcorder as Webcam – How to Use Your Camcorder as a Webcam

Camcorder as Webcam

Would you like to use your camcorder as a webcam? Yes, you can use your camcorder as a webcam with software like digital video driver. To use your camcorder as webcam you need to download the digital video driver. You just hook up your camcorder to your computer via a fire wire port, also known as an IEEE 1394 cable first.

Then you want to install digital video driver software, once that camcorder is hooked up with a fire wire cable. Once all that is completed then you should be able to use programs like MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype, etc. that have an ability to use webcams with them. You can check to make sure that Microsoft Windows installed a driver for your camcorder when you hook it up by going to “Start” then “Control Panel” then “Device Manager”.

In Microsoft Windows device manager, your camcorder should be listed some where under “Cameras”. If you do not have an IEEE 1394 Firewire port on your camcorder, then you can try to use a USB port if available. If you hook up your camcorder to your personal computer using a USB port on your camera, and with a USB cable to that USB connection on your computer, then windows should automatically detect and install a USB camera driver.

Once that driver installs successfully, then no other software is required. Please test it out in Yahoo Messenger, Skype or whatever program you would like to use. Video quality will not be as good as using a firewire connection, but you will be able to use your camcorder as a webcam.

There is a FREE trial version of this software available. This allows you to test drive this software first. Also, this digital video driver software supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.

Mcafee Fix – Resolve Computer is Not Fully Protected Message

Are you receiving a Mcafee message stating that your computer is not fully protected? Does clicking on “fix” not resolve your issue? Make sure that automatic updates is enabled in Mcafee.

Click on “Start” then “Programs” then “Network Associates” then “Virus Scan Console”. Find “Auto Update” in a list of Descriptions. Right click on “Auto Update”, and click on “Properties”.

Mcafee Fix

Click on a “Schedule” tab. Verify that “Enable” box is checked: if an Enable box is not checked then click on a box to turn it on. Verify that software is set up to run daily: if a Daily button is not on then click on a button to turn it on.

Verify that updates are running at your preferred time: if they are not then click on your preferred time or click on “Enable Randomization” to allow updates at random times. If you have updated your Virus Scan configuration then click on OK to save your changes. Hopefully, that will fix your not fully protected Mcafee problem.

Quickbooks Error – How to Resolve Quickbooks H202 Error

Are you getting Quickbooks error H202 when switching to multi-user mode? When trying to switch to multi-user mode on one of your workstations, you are getting error H202. This program will not switch over to multi-user mode.

As a result, you can only get one person in a Quickbooks file at a time. Please download and run this Quickbooks network diagnostic tool on a computer that has your company files shared. Hopefully, that tool will be able to diagnose and tell you what exactly needs to be done to fix your issue.

If that tool does not help you then I have provided a troubleshooting link for a H202 error your’re receiving from quickbook support.

Quickbooks Error

Dell Replacement – How to Send Your Dell Hardware For Repair

Need to know how to quickly send back your Dell hardware to be repaired? You will need to contact Dell directly and tell them your situation. Verify your hardware is under warranty with your service tag.

They will most likely ship you out a box and return shipping label so that you can return your failing hardware into their depot service. Once they verify you have failing hardware, they will then ship you back new replacement hardware. You can check out this web page with Dell phone numbers for technical support information.

I recommend calling them at their #800 tech support line to get your hardware replaced as fast as possible.

Dell Replacement

Secondary Hard Drive – How to Install a Second SATA Drive

How to install a secondary SATA hard drive. If both your hard drives are SATA then what you will do is use a SATA cable numbered “1” for your primary hard drive. Use SATA cable numbered “2” for your secondary drive old.

SATA cables are marked with numbers. Try to boot your computer up with your drives set this way and it should work. If that computer does not boot or boots off a wrong drive go into a BIOS and make sure a boot order is correct.

Secondary Hard Drive

Your new 1.5 TB SATA drive should be listed first with your older drive listed second. Check out an adding a hard drive hp page that shows you how to add an additional hard drive to your HP system, so that you have both hard drives configured correctly. If all goes will this will allow you to boot off your new 1.5 TB drive and be able to access some data off your old secondary drive.

If you want to be able to switch back and forth and boot off each hard drive then that will require more diligence and is beyond a scope of this article. These instructions were written for an HP Media Center M7250N desktop PC with a new secondary 1.5 terabyte hard drive, but can certainly be used as basis points for adding a secondary SATA hard drive into other PC’s.

Thunderbird Upgrades – How to Fix Master Password Problem

Thunderbird Upgrades

Have you just upgraded your Thunderbird email software? To your horror, a first thing you may have seen upon restarting that program is that all your email messages and mail boxes have disappeared. Thunderbird needs to convert its database to a new format.

Some time later that program may have asked for your master password. You don’t remember ever using a master password and you usually typed individual passwords for each of your accounts. Perhaps you used a master password a long time ago and forgot about it. So what now you ask and how can you retrieve this master password?

You can try removing that master password by typing a following command without quotes into a windows run box “C:path to thunderbirdthunderbird.exe -chrome chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul”. Click on “Start” then select “Run” and then type in something similar to C:\Program Files\..thunderbird.exe -chrome chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul. An exact command to type into a “Run” box is an exact path to your thunderbird.exe file on your computer.

Thunderbird Upgrades

Another option is to delete a C:\Documents and Settings\User\ApplicationData\Thunderbird\Profiles.default/key3.db file from your thunderbird windows profile, which should prompt you to reset that master password when opening up this program. In above path “user” is your windows user name that you are currently logged into that has that password issue. You could also use Windows system restore point.

Restore it to a point before you upgraded thunderbird. This time you could go through thunderbird settings to disable a use of a master password and then try upgrading it again without a master password set.